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Which character from the Boondock Saints are you?
Several outcomes.
personality test

1You are at your favorite club or bar. All of a sudden a major fight breaks out between a buddy of yours and some strangers. What do you do?
Stay out of it. You love your bud, but the strangers will get their's some day.
Think of a tactical way to take the strangers out.
Don't hesitate for a second and immediately attack the strangers.
Panic for a brief moment then take whatever action you think will help most.
You don't have to do much to stop the fight, you are highly respected there. Even by strangers.
2You recently found out about a murder that occurred just a few houses down the street from you. What, if anything, do you do to protect yourself at night?
You do everything possible to protect yourself. Alarm systems, bat by bed, guard dogs...
You warn neighbors and your housemate(s) and start locking your doors at night.
You become on edge, but aren't frightened. You are ready to fight if needed.
You are afraid for your life. You are jumpy and find protection from your housemate(s).
You hardly worry about it. Odds are slim that they will visit your house.
3Your best bud is planning a major heist and won't stop bothering you about it, saying it's absolutely important and they need you. What do you do?
You think about it for a while, but decline their offer.
You agree on one certain condition, you get to make the plans.
You jump at the opportunity. These moments rarely come and you only live once.
You are doubtful at first but after much persuasion you agree.
You realize they will probably need your talent and you accept their offer.
4You accept a request to terminate someone. How do you carry out the plans?
You become creative and enjoy planning it out more than actually carrying it out.
You think strategically and carry it out quickly.
You hardly think about it and carry it out swiftly but with power.
You are nervous at first but work up the courage to do it in a "going out with a bang" manner.
You can easily carry out the plan, better than most. A few minutes later you are relaxing at home.
5A major hit is coming up soon, but to keep out of the public eye you must hide yourself out for a few days. Where do you hide?
A hotel. You tend to blend in well.
Anywhere as long as you're by yourself. You are better at hiding out alone.
No where. Although you are blunt with missions you keep yourself well hidden in plain sight.
A buddy's. You need the comfort of someone else to calm your nerves.
Everywhere and anywhere. You have the capability of easily concealing yourself.

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