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Which of my favorite Sublime songs are you?
Hey, ho... let`s go.
personality test

1You`re at a party. What`s the first kind of music you put in?
Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, maybe The Grateful Dead. Some kind of modern blues.
Peter Tosh, Bob Marley.
What`s it matter? I can`t even hear the music with all the shots I`m doing and the beer pong I`m playing.
... huh? What dude? *cough*
I don`t care about music. I`m trying to score.
2Who`s your musical idol?
Mike Patton
Peter Tosh
Bradley Nowell
Jerry Garcia
R. Kelly
3What did you do last weekend?
Honestly... I don`t remember!
I fell in love.
You really don`t want to hear about it. It`s too gross.
I took a girl for a ride, baby, yeaaaah.
Well, I`ll tell you this much, I burned alot of incense and I smelled like patchoulli.
4Are you intoxicated right now? If so, what are you on?
I don`t really know. I`m weird, but am I this weird usually?
You name it and I`m under the influence of it!
... what dude? Cough, cough.
Beer, wine, hard liquor and/or mouthwash and cough syrup.
I`m under the spell of a woman I`ve never seen before. I also have a plastic smile.
5What`s your take on sex?
I like other people`s girl/boyfriend. I like it when they have dirty crazy intercourse with me and then I tell their signifigant other about how much of a skank their girl/boyfriend is.
Tight mini short and a short mini skirt...
I like my girls/boys to have alot of class and mystery. They have to make me want them.
Someone I can share Jah`s love with. One love.
Any random person I pick up in a bar is fine, thanks.

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