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Do you hate cigarettes?

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5 months ago - Saturday 4/16/22 - 7:29:48 PM EST (GMT-5)
No but really.

How significantly has one decision affected my life?
5 months ago - Saturday 4/16/22 - 7:52:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
And how has it affected my life?

I’m doing real things. I believe I’m doing real things.

Would a smoker really want to sit in a cubicle managing paperwork? Right now I’m scavenging. I’m collecting valuable information.

But will I be unable to stand up with cigarettes? Will they keep me filtering data? Is that the only valuable skill set a smoker offers? Can you manage within the data? Not above it?
5 months ago - Saturday 4/16/22 - 8:13:12 PM EST (GMT-5)
They annoy me!
5 months ago - Sunday 4/17/22 - 7:14:52 AM EST (GMT-5)
Smoking is cool.
5 months ago - Sunday 4/17/22 - 12:32:45 PM EST (GMT-5)
No it’s not. It’s self destructive. It’s a waste of minutes. It keeps you in a rut most of the time. You’re usually more comfortable with the rut but it’s a rut none the less.
5 months ago - Sunday 4/17/22 - 1:42:40 PM EST (GMT-5)
What could be cooler?
5 months ago - Sunday 4/17/22 - 2:16:58 PM EST (GMT-5)
If you know you’re in a rut it helps pass the time.

Otherwise it causes a lot of unnecessary social friction.
5 months ago - Thursday 4/21/22 - 5:34:48 PM EST (GMT-5)
i wouldn't say i hate them but they are definitely a drain on your health and your wallet. i did smoke them occasionally but not enough to significantly affect my health. i know better now.
3 months ago - Tuesday 6/7/22 - 6:02:01 PM EST (GMT-5)
I actually prefer the smell of cigarettes to the smell of pot.
I don't smoke either.
3 months ago - Saturday 6/18/22 - 11:22:29 AM EST (GMT-5)
smoking saved my life
3 months ago - Saturday 6/18/22 - 11:36:29 AM EST (GMT-5)
I smoked for 20+ years and loved it. Then 3 years ago I was going to be on a long flight and decided to try hypnosis, thinking it would lessen the urge during the flight. Completely removed the urge, and i was totally surprised. Still took hard work to manage my time. Haven’t smoked since and now the smell makes me feel like I’m choking.
3 months ago - Sunday 6/19/22 - 10:07:41 AM EST (GMT-5)
Good for you.

A guy at my office did the hypnosis thing as well- - seems to be a good way to go.
3 months ago - Sunday 6/19/22 - 12:21:43 PM EST (GMT-5)
I was truly surprised it worked. Not that I didn’t have to work pretty hard after filling the time and occupying my hands, but it removed the urge. First time I’d ever heard of it was Explodo. He said it works for him on here a hundred years ago
3 months ago - Friday 6/24/22 - 1:08:39 AM EST (GMT-5)
I'm a whiny brat and hate them.
3 months ago - Sunday 6/26/22 - 4:03:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Sunday 4/17/22 - 7:14:52 AM Mat wrote:
Smoking is cool.

All of those beagles can’t be wrong.
2 months ago - Sunday 7/31/22 - 12:32:19 PM EST (GMT-5)
Don't smoke anymore, so yes, I suppose.

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