A new study confirms what women say they've known all along: Men, no matter how unattractive, think they’ve got a chance with a runway model...

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Men: Do you think you could date just about any woman, even if she looked like a model?
A new study confirms what women say they've known all along: Men, no matter how unattractive, think they’ve got a chance with a runway model...


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14 yrs ago - Saturday 9/13/08 - 6:03:52 PM EST (GMT-5)
No, there are a lot of girls that are out of my league. From what I've seen some of the prettiest girls will date a guy even if he isn't that good looking but it doesn't really work that way with guys.
14 yrs ago - Sunday 9/14/08 - 12:16:15 AM EST (GMT-5)
No. My dating history leaves the word "disastrous" as a woefully inadequate. A model? No chance...
14 yrs ago - Sunday 9/14/08 - 6:07:42 PM EST (GMT-5)
no women ever resisted me. Ever.
14 yrs ago - Monday 9/15/08 - 11:49:44 AM EST (GMT-5)
I dunno.

I guess I never really bought into the whole concept of people being in different leagues.

So, she's prettier than me. If she likes me as a person and I like her, and she finds something about me attractive and I find something about her attractive, then it can happen.
14 yrs ago - Tuesday 9/16/08 - 2:45:01 PM EST (GMT-5)
13 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Wednesday 2/4/09 - 12:28:31 PM EST (GMT-5)
I have no way in hell to date a beautiful woman, and I mean the model looking type...they'll all too good for me and they have such high standards. They're probably whores too.
13 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Wednesday 2/4/09 - 12:45:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
HAHA no.

Even though this insanely pretty chick had a crush on me a few years ago, I know I'm not attractive enough to get any kind of girl I want...
13 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Wednesday 2/4/09 - 1:04:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
I believe that I can get any woman I want, and I don't a supermodel. Think about it; sure, they're hot and all that, but consider all the men they've had. Not to mention their stance on relationships is probably skewed. I'd settle for a pretty girl, but not a supermodel.
13 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Wednesday 2/4/09 - 1:17:53 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah, it's not fair actually... there seems to be a lot of good looking girls with, erm... not so good looking guys these days.

But guys won't really want to look at a girl who is any less than good looking... ugh.
13 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Tuesday 5/12/09 - 4:38:47 AM EST (GMT-5)
I don't know. I think I am good looking and can get most girls.
13 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Thursday 6/18/09 - 12:15:54 PM EST (GMT-5)
no women are every bit as shallow as men when it comes to looks and only see the surface at first, if you cant get past that youre not getting the chaqnce to impress her with your skillz. Im an average looking dog so not likely.

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