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Are you allergic to latex or any other kind of rubber or plastic?

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14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Friday 3/21/08 - 11:10:55 AM EST (GMT-5)
No, thank god. I'd rather draw blood without gloves on than use non-latex ones.
14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Friday 3/21/08 - 11:33:44 AM EST (GMT-5)
Im not but my sister is... poor thing.
14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Friday 3/21/08 - 8:21:56 PM EST (GMT-5)
No, but I know a girl that is. She has to buy special condoms. It's a wonder she doesn't have more kids than she does.
14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Friday 3/21/08 - 9:41:43 PM EST (GMT-5)
No. I need them for work, fortunately I don't have an allergy from it.
14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Saturday 3/22/08 - 3:38:05 PM EST (GMT-5)
i'm allergic to latex
it's not fun when i do come across it.
i break out really bad, i can't breathe.
but, psyndrone, the 2 people most prone to a latex allergy are people with Spina Bifida (me being one of them), and Nurses.
people become allergic to latex if they're around it to much. it's like pollen.
14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Saturday 3/22/08 - 11:05:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
No, not that I know of.
14 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Thursday 3/27/08 - 8:57:43 PM EST (GMT-5)
I don't think I am allergic to latex or any other plastic.. I seem to be allergic to any metal that is not silver or gold though.

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