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When you go out to eat with a group of people, are you the one that offers to finish what everyone else can`t?

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17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Saturday 4/23/05 - 8:20:23 PM EST (GMT-5)
No, no, I rarely can finish my own...
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Saturday 4/23/05 - 8:24:32 PM EST (GMT-5)
i food, definitely yes :)
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Saturday 4/23/05 - 8:39:57 PM EST (GMT-5)
you need help with those french fries?? let me give you a hand there..
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Sunday 4/24/05 - 6:24:33 PM EST (GMT-5)
No, I stick to my own plate...that's all.
17 yrs ago - Monday 4/25/05 - 6:06:57 AM EST (GMT-5)
Well if we're taling McDonalds or Hungry Jacks then I'll finish the chips if the kids can't (a very rare occurence I might add). But if we're talking a proper restaurant, then no, that's just rude and piggy.
17 yrs ago - Monday 4/25/05 - 6:07:22 AM EST (GMT-5)
No i don't ever do that, i think that would be quite a strange thing to do.
17 yrs ago - Thursday 4/28/05 - 1:38:09 AM EST (GMT-5)
Nope, People usually offer me their left-overs because I used to eat a lot. Now its just my main meal and a dessert (but not always) but the people still tend to do that.... They must think I am a garbage disposal*tear*
16 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Friday 6/3/05 - 12:58:14 AM EST (GMT-5)
NO NO NO!!! i find that rude and nasty! any one who does that is a "PIG" in my book.
16 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Friday 6/3/05 - 1:05:18 AM EST (GMT-5)
I cannot eat something after someone else has eaten any part of it. My father, on the other hand, is the one who eats whatever everyone else has left.
16 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Friday 6/10/05 - 4:50:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'm the one who everyone else picks the food off of.
16 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Friday 7/8/05 - 1:44:20 AM EST (GMT-5)
I'm the vegetarian who hangs out with all the carnivores. No leftover steak for me.
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 8/2/05 - 8:22:15 AM EST (GMT-5)
I like to finish people's fries, but other than that, I don't finish people's food.
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Saturday 8/13/05 - 8:30:29 PM EST (GMT-5)
that's really gross... way too much bacteria

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