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425 hits Rate me! Share Favorite | Flag 17 years ago by botan_870

Would you rather be stranded at sea on a small rowboat with only one flare or with only one paddle?

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17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Saturday 3/26/05 - 10:14:31 PM EST (GMT-5)
One flare. Maybe someone will see me.
17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Saturday 3/26/05 - 10:19:16 PM EST (GMT-5)
the paddle, maybe I could knock something over the head and eat it if nobody found me
17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Sunday 3/27/05 - 4:52:12 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'd rather have a paddle because at least I could try to get somewhere and maybe I could fend off an animal with me.
17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Thursday 3/31/05 - 5:26:25 PM EST (GMT-5)
A flare, used carefully. Anything living out at sea would probably eat the paddle
17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Thursday 3/31/05 - 5:34:59 PM EST (GMT-5)
A paddle. Knowing me, I'd somehow manage to ruin the flare.
17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Thursday 3/31/05 - 5:37:27 PM EST (GMT-5)
Flare..... cuz you aren't going to do much with a paddle in the ocean...and if it came down to it you could kill yourself with the flare
17 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Saturday 4/9/05 - 10:20:45 PM EST (GMT-5)
A paddle, you would have some chance of getting somehwere, even if slim.
17 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Friday 4/22/05 - 12:02:39 PM EST (GMT-5)
what if they dont see my flare? Id take the paddle
17 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Saturday 5/7/05 - 4:23:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'd probably manage to ruin the flare too, so the paddle it is.
17 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Monday 5/30/05 - 2:20:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
.....Why is it so hard to get stranded on amotorboat with endless amounts of fuel, a cell phone, and a special chip in your body somewhere that can track you down?
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Wednesday 6/29/05 - 1:16:12 PM EST (GMT-5)
On 4/22/2005 12:02:40 PM manderkin182 wrote:
what if they dont see my flare? Id take the paddle

better yet, where ya goin with that one paddle? your in the middle of the ocean...your only chance may be that flare...

17 yrs ago - Friday 7/22/05 - 4:51:23 AM EST (GMT-5)
Be kinda hard to paddle in the Sea, well depends which Sea I guess but the Flare would prove more useful me thinks.
17 yrs ago - Friday 7/22/05 - 5:02:47 AM EST (GMT-5)
paddle. i would paddle my way to some island and then light a big bomb fire and that would be my 'flare'.
17 yrs ago - Friday 7/22/05 - 5:03:26 AM EST (GMT-5)
I'd stick the flare down my throat and pull the trigger. Experimentation is the only way to learn.
17 yrs ago - Friday 7/22/05 - 5:12:42 AM EST (GMT-5)
Excellent answer, Jungle.
17 yrs ago - Sunday 7/31/05 - 1:54:51 AM EST (GMT-5)
17 yrs ago - Sunday 7/31/05 - 11:04:38 AM EST (GMT-5)
A paddle.. atleast I could try and do something myself.
17 yrs ago - Sunday 7/31/05 - 11:06:59 AM EST (GMT-5)
Using my expert sea skills, I would use the flare to kill a shark and eat the meat so I wouldn't die and then cut the body in half with my bare hands and use each half as a paddle!

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