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Are you usually willing to help people, even if it means totally inconveniencing yourself?

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18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Wednesday 6/30/04 - 7:38:16 PM EST (GMT-5)
The mods find the f-cking BEST pictures for these kind of questions. The one on the left is priceless.
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Wednesday 6/30/04 - 7:48:52 PM EST (GMT-5)
The mods don't find MY pictures, I do
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Wednesday 6/30/04 - 7:49:37 PM EST (GMT-5)
Kiki, you have to tell me...what did you type in to Google Image to get those?!
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Wednesday 6/30/04 - 7:50:23 PM EST (GMT-5)
I do. Most of the time.
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Wednesday 6/30/04 - 7:52:50 PM EST (GMT-5)
As long as the inconveniences are not too inconvenient
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Wednesday 6/30/04 - 8:37:18 PM EST (GMT-5)
Hmm I don't remember what I did for that one - maybe just 'helping others' or something? People always like my pictures on stuff
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Sunday 7/4/04 - 10:09:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
Depends on who I'm helping
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Sunday 7/4/04 - 10:14:48 PM EST (GMT-5)
yeah, i gotta say i do. Sometimes it really causes problems, too. And people lose respect for me because of it. What's up with that?
18 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Thursday 8/19/04 - 3:09:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
i got bad grades in school last year because i didnt do my homework because i was so busy helping other people with theirs. does that answer your question?
18 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Thursday 8/26/04 - 9:27:00 AM EST (GMT-5)
yes, i do that often, and many times it has been a waste of time.
18 yrs ago - Thursday 9/2/04 - 9:11:27 AM EST (GMT-5)
Unfortunately, I do. But I don't how people would stop disrespecting you for doing so. How it affects me is that I completely stress out how I'm going to tend to my own problems, as well as, be attentive and do other peoples poo for them...And sometimes it sucks because when you're everyone elses pillar of stength, when you need someone to be your strength, there is no one there but the people leaning on you.
18 yrs ago - Thursday 9/2/04 - 10:32:53 AM EST (GMT-5)
Nah, I mind my own business.
18 yrs ago - Thursday 9/2/04 - 10:38:19 AM EST (GMT-5)
Nearly always, but I choose to so I won't/can't complain.
18 yrs ago - Thursday 9/2/04 - 10:39:41 AM EST (GMT-5)
What, you mean like waking up a 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning to pick up my brother from clubbing or something, or basically say yes to any request unless it bothers me morally?
18 yrs ago - Wednesday 9/8/04 - 2:20:45 PM EST (GMT-5)
yes most of the time
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 11/16/04 - 3:57:08 PM EST (GMT-5)
Depends on the inconveniences, but most of the time if someone's asking me to go out of my way and I don't feel it's necessary, no no no.
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 11/16/04 - 3:59:12 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah, I usually go out of my way to help people. Certain people.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 6:30:13 PM EST (GMT-5)
yes i help others alot
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 8:32:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
My only rule is not to lie, which means I often neglect to disclose the truth. So for example if a friend wants a lift somewhere and I can't be bothered, I will say I can't do it. I simply neglect to tell them that the reason behind this is that I am too lazy. However, if they probe and discover I have no reason not to help them then I have to do it. I can't lie and tell them I have other plans if I don't.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 8:40:27 PM EST (GMT-5)
Unless I have a very crucial reason why I can't, I usually do.

I even went in the middle of the night before a big exam to drive my brothers friend to a hospital since his toe was badly bruised and he was getting worried about it, couldn't walk or afford a taxi but didn't think it was vital enough to call an ambulance.

17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 8:45:45 PM EST (GMT-5)
Usually that's the way I am. Its just my nature. Maybe that's why I work 6-7 days a week from 6-9 o'clock.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 8:58:18 PM EST (GMT-5)
Not if it TOTALLY inconveniences me. Hell no. I mean, if a friend needs me to bail them out or pick them up from the police station really early in the morning, yeah. But if someone wants me to drive like three hours out of my way to pick them up, f*ck no.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 9:00:20 PM EST (GMT-5)
Helping others with no benefits for oneself completely opposes human nature, and no one truly does it, no matter how it may appear. If a guy spends hours helping a woman with something she fails to do, he hopes to have his c*ck in her mouth later that night. If someone is helping a friend, he or she merely wishes to improve the friendship to favor him or herself. Helping out the poor? The dying? Only done to make one feel better about oneself personally, and ideally to gain some recognition as well. If you were to be completely inconveniencing yourself, as the question states, you would not do it. Here's an example to prove it. If there was a dying woman and you could somehow save her from her fate, but if you were to do so, she would later accuse you of rape or attempted murder, would you help? No, because the consequences that would come to you later would be very displeasing. Although you would probably only face some trouble for saving her life, any of you would refuse to do so.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 9:11:57 PM EST (GMT-5)
I help people because it makes me feel good, sure. But also because I have empathy (not psychic, just the power to imagine yourself in other peoples positions). And to me, empathy is one of the core elements of compassion and conscience.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 12/19/04 - 9:17:41 PM EST (GMT-5)
Of course that means I am less sympathetic to people whose mindsets are so alien to me that I can't put myself in their shoes, like the very religious, the very shy, the criminally insane, or the insane in general.

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