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1,100 hits Rate me! Share Favorite | Flag 18 years ago by AussieMike

Are homophobic men less likely to buy an SUV now that one is being used on the TV show `Queer Eye For The Straight Guy`?

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18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Saturday 3/6/04 - 2:45:31 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yes. TV rules my life.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Sunday 3/7/04 - 10:05:58 PM EST (GMT-5)
That seems highly doubtful.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Sunday 3/7/04 - 10:07:11 PM EST (GMT-5)
If that stuck in their minds while they were buying the car, then yes.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 3/15/04 - 12:11:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
Brian on Queer as Folk has had one since the first season. I doubt most people are that homophobic, but if it gets them not to buy a gas-guzzler, than there is a reason for the phobia after all.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 3/15/04 - 12:21:24 PM EST (GMT-5)
How else will they compensate for their small d!cks?
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 3/15/04 - 12:22:05 PM EST (GMT-5)
If they are that homophobic, they have some real issues working there.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 3/15/04 - 10:21:53 PM EST (GMT-5)
They probably don't even know about the SUV if they are that homophobic.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 3/15/04 - 10:25:51 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah, they'd have to watch it to know.

However, I like this question. Is this another case like the word "queer", originally used as an insult, now used by homosexuals as a term they prefer and take pride in? SUVs are usally considered manly and rugged, will this get homosexual people to appropriate the image of the SUV for themselves, and turn men off from it?

Hmmm. Interesting.

18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 3/15/04 - 11:29:04 PM EST (GMT-5)
That's stupid. Hmm...will they shave their heads since those fags have hair? Ack! They are also wearing pants! And shirts! Who let the gays have clothes? Although they did take the rainbow...
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Tuesday 3/16/04 - 7:41:22 PM EST (GMT-5)
YoSassy...I think they just needed a large car, and they would not be caught dead in a van or minivan...
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Tuesday 4/13/04 - 12:05:49 AM EST (GMT-5)
Why would a homophobe watch "queer eye" in the first place...TV is such a waste anyways.
18 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Tuesday 4/13/04 - 12:15:09 AM EST (GMT-5)
you never know
18 yrs ago - Friday 6/18/04 - 10:57:57 PM EST (GMT-5)
i doubt it,but homophobes suck anyways.
18 yrs ago - Thursday 6/24/04 - 12:39:33 PM EST (GMT-5)
I would think that most homophobic guys don't watch that show, and therefore wouldn't have a clue as to the vehicle they use.
18 yrs ago - Thursday 6/24/04 - 1:52:04 PM EST (GMT-5)
Maybe, if the Fab Five were to stand around and talk about how it has a hemi, and really make it sound gay.
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Monday 8/30/04 - 4:00:53 PM EST (GMT-5)
Some homophobic men find out about what vehicle they use by reading questions like this
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 8/31/04 - 9:55:42 AM EST (GMT-5)
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 8/31/04 - 9:57:05 AM EST (GMT-5)
Please. IF a man did that, he has major issues.
17 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 8/31/04 - 10:02:29 AM EST (GMT-5)
I hope not, that would be pathetic.
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 9/7/04 - 2:45:10 PM EST (GMT-5)
It's highly unlikely that many homophobic men watch 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' at all, let alone take note of the fact that they are driving an SUV and from there immediately label all SUV's as 'gay.'
17 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Saturday 11/27/04 - 11:41:57 AM EST (GMT-5)
17 yrs ago, 5 mos ago - Saturday 1/15/05 - 8:28:05 AM EST (GMT-5)
HAHA, blatantly.
17 yrs ago, 5 mos ago - Thursday 1/27/05 - 3:00:49 AM EST (GMT-5)
1) homophobic men is redundant. 2) and i think Caddy would sue the Queer Eye crew for decline in SUV sales.
17 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Monday 2/7/05 - 12:54:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
yes, unless they burn the seats where the gays sit on

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