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Release Date: Friday, October 28 2011
Stars: Rhys Ifans , Vanessa Redgrave , David Thewlis , Sebastian Armesto , Rafe Spall , Joely Richardson , Edward Hogg
Genre(s): Drama

"Anonymous" story, characters and photos © Columbia Pictures

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10 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Monday 10/24/11 - 4:57:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
Looks sorta good.
10 yrs ago, 5 mos ago - Tuesday 2/21/12 - 12:24:16 AM EST (GMT-5)
It's a fascinating premise, and I really enjoyed parts of it. That said, it probably would've been better as an essay than a film. There was so much temporal jumping that it made Inception feel easy to keep up with. There was just a bit too much political backstabbing for my tastes. I got bored with it after awhile.

Fun idea....fun film in parts...it just doesn't all add up to a good experience, IMHO.
10 yrs ago, 5 mos ago - Tuesday 2/21/12 - 9:37:21 AM EST (GMT-5)
I'm not interested in movies based on theories which are absolute claptrap.

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