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Dining room open - The local McDonald`s has an open dining room. So I a... 1 WobblyCat WobblyCat 12 mins ago
The site is now secure... mostly - I have finally gotten around to taking... 16 buddy 3 mehs 5 hrs ago
Pack your bags we’ll leave tonight. - I’m referring to that s... 371 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 6 hrs ago
Covid is a poo mouth bitch - There`s going to be a day of reckoning for ... 38 Emillyy Boredofu 12 hrs ago
Waffle House - I haven`t been able to eat recently, as I just don`t feel... 2 HunnyDew HunnyDew 16 hrs ago
hello - I am getting better so it seems. I am down to 84 pounds. I am s... 5 tulip BMR 8 days ago
nostaglia - i remember my account being disabled for being under 18 good ... 1 ninjahague ninjahague 9 days ago
anyone have any experience with psoriasis or other skin conditions? - The... 6 Cali_Brad CuckingFunt 9 days ago
i have just been invited to make my first vaccination appointment - Happ... 45 Boredofu CowDung 11 days ago
I lost my DS Stylus - Dear youthink I committed arson three days ago and... 29 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 11 days ago
YT Advertising? - I refuse to believe that YT has lost all potential, eve... 21 Emillyy WobblyCat 11 days ago
My parents never took me to Disneyland and that's why I was a heroin addict 9 Chowaniec Cali_Brad 12 days ago
Last post 1 day ago? Wow what happened to this place - Its a friggin ghos... 30 Cali_Brad Cali_Brad 12 days ago
Hi. It's been X days - You know that scene in the last Matrix movie where... 152 EhFahQ EhFahQ 13 days ago
Whow... So this is me now PFFT!!! (2021) - Whow!!! I was on my Deviantart... 3 Gallade Boredofu 13 days ago
I am the emo anime girl in chains blingee - I like blondes. I don`t care ... 13 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 23 days ago
Deli Boy - What are the benefits of dating the Deli boy in a small, small... 7 HunnyDew HunnyDew 24 days ago
Mobile - This site is one of a few that looks better mobile. Most mobile... 5 WobblyCat amaqdrinker 25 days ago
Easter parties - I don`t think I can do this...I`m really bad at just be... 5 HunnyDew HunnyDew 1 mo ago
Jury Duty (PLUS MY ART!) (Reposted like 50 times my bad) - About a month ... 14 HunnyDew WobblyCat 1 mo ago
I'm back - Hey its been way too long lol how are you guys?... 10 Emogirl1314 WobblyCat 1 mo ago
List of the past three months hallucinations - -22, just the number 22 ... 16 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 1 mo ago
Passover and Easter - It`s been a relaxing week so far. Lots of walking c... 9 KuckingFunt DoucheyDog 1 mo ago
I don't like grubhub - 1. Grub is a retarded slang for food. Like it mean... 16 KuckingFunt DoucheyDog 1 mo ago
Green and white? Something like concrete? - FROM THE WHITE FLAME CLOUDS ... 5 1-800vertigo ltenny 1 mo ago

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