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Better licorice: Twizzlers or the original Redvine? - Both are gross. My ... 24 trashycashie Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Do you think only white people can be racist? - Yes, especially if they h... 21 Electric Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Do you prefer to be stressed or bored? - Bored by far ! ... 21 princesss Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Would you be more likely to be labeled as a jock or a nerd? - I`m a nerd.... 39 Electric Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Fried or barbequed : how do you prefer your chicken ? - Barbecued, thoug... 16 travbowman Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Do you want EhFahQ to stay on YT? - Of course, what would it be like with... 40 BluPineRidge Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Is your BMI within a healthy weight range? - Yeah...I`m not doing that. ... 46 HaroldtheBat Iluvkoth2 2 mos ago
Catholic or Protestant? - Buddhist. But I`m from a Catholic famil... 20 Sean_Chaos amaqdrinker 2 mos ago
If a topic is enough within the rules to be discussed in Generals, shouldn't it also be considered enough within the rules to be made into a Question? 38 Electric Itcho 2 mos ago
Have you ever seen a bat? - Yes! I adore bats. I routinely see one fly by... 21 Frostgale amaqdrinker 2 mos ago
Sleep with a gun or wake up and fight? - It would be scary to wake up and... 14 Q-T-PIE Itcho 2 mos ago
Do you think we can predict the future with reasonable accuracy? - Depen... 5 Platypuss Itcho 2 mos ago
Should the age for getting a driver's license be raised to 18? - The driv... 49 Platypuss Itcho 2 mos ago
Did Donald Trump commit insurrection with his speech on January 6, 2021? 72 Emillyy funstuff 2 mos ago
Tesla Cybertruck or Ford F150 Lightning? - The Lightning is going to be t... 26 snowbdr88 sarahloran32 3 mos ago
Session IPA Showdown! - I have both and I’m not sure if I should just pol... 18 amaqdrinker YUHyogg 3 mos ago
Is all learning good learning? - Not necessarily.... 35 bunkymunky87 amaqdrinker 3 mos ago
Should hospitalization be denied to those who are not fully vaccinated against Covid? 4 Mat Mat 3 mos ago
Do you side more with Liz Cheney or the Republican establishment? - Defin... 4 funstuff Inquizitor2 4 mos ago
Would you accept a guaranteed $120,000/yr allowance on the condition you would never be allowed to earn money from any other source? 29 snarf Inquizitor2 4 mos ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 27 QueenBurns kasejij539 4 mos ago
If Michael Jackson approached you and asked you to re-record one of his songs, with you as the singer, would you accept? 39 skarlatha bluedaisy11 4 mos ago
Have you gotten your COVID vaccine? - First one not second yet. ... 27 WobblyCat bookworm0812 4 mos ago
Now that Mister Trump is in charge, which newfound freedom will YOU take advantage of? 26 QueenBurns radioturk 4 mos ago
Do you have a Nalgene® bottle? - Yes, I like backpacking, and having... 32 exobyte Mat 4 mos ago

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