After Emily tells Rowan about the journal she starts wondering if it’s real; Issac and Joe try to get Gwen to do something other than reading magazines  Article Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Who do you trust?
After Emily tells Rowan about the journal she starts wondering if it’s real; Issac and Joe try to get Gwen to do something other than reading magazines

Part 1

Emily and Rosen were still talking, “Well Emily what is that”? Rowan questioned.

“My uh homework”, Emily lied.

“It’s summer vacation. Even I’m not that dumb to fall for that”, Rowan reminded her.

“Oh yeah. Gimme a minute to come up with an excuse”, Emily told her.

“Fine then you better tell me. Unless it involves hurting a turtle”. Rowan agreed.

Part 2

They were still talking, “Time’s up”! Rowan announced.

“There was no specific time set up”! Emily argued.

“Just tell me what that is or I’ll just take it”! Rowan threatened.

“Fine, it’s a journal that 2 girls who apparently are my friends now gave to me”, Emily explained.

“What’s it about”? She gasped, “The meaning of hamsters”? She questioned.

“I have absolutely no idea but I’m most certain that it’s not about hamsters”, Emily admitted.

“Well then let’s go look at your hamster book”, Rowan suggested. They sat down on Emily’s bed.

“Aw looks like it’s about some mysteries about the town. Mostly because it says ‘mysteries of this town’”, Rowan commented.

“They seem so fantasy-like”, Emily added.

“I love it but if you wanna make it all depressing then okie dokie”, Roman shrugged.


Ricky walked into the shop to find Gwen reading a magazine, “Really”? He commented.

“What”? Gwen asked.

“Your reading a magazine for like your fifth time today”, Ricky pointed out.

“So? When I’m on break I do what I want it’s only when you pull me behind the register that I think getting a broken arm is better”, Gwen explained.

“Excuse me, maham”, Vivian said.

“Go away! I’m checking out a magazine”, Gwen yelled.

“You can make me leave but I plan on returning...soon”, Vivian told her. She walked out.

“Gwen you drove off a whole person of money”! Ricky exclaimed.

“That’s horrible”, Gwen commented.

“Thank you”, Ricky agreed.

“No I mean the market, a few blocks down, has only 5% off beef”, Gwen told him.

“What?! But it is great beef”, he pointed out.


Emily, Rowan, Taylor, Casendra and Joe were studying Emily’s journal. “Do you guys think its real”? Emily asked.

“I like the fairy part”, Casendra told them.

“Because you’re 6 and 6 year olds like fairies....and also some 14 year olds”, Emily pointed out. She looked over at Rowan who was playing with a fairy doll.

“Exactly, she gets it”, Casendra said.

“Taylor”, Emily whispered.

“No problem I got it. Hey look there happens to be one over there”, she lied. She escorted Casendra out and locked the door.

“Wait....there’s no fairy”, she realized.

“Anyways back to the journal”, Emily said,

“I mean it could be real. I’ve seen weird stuff here before”, Joe told them.

“If you mean that crazy girl that was just here I think she was born that way”, Rowan predicted.

“No like once I saw a 4 foot tall frog and a dwarf thing”, Joe explained.

“You mean trolls”? Taylor corrected.

“No”, Joe corrected.

“Ooooh where are the frogs at? I mean when I was 4 I wrote down that I want to see a frog that’s bigger”, Rowan shared.


Gwen was reading a magazine. “Gwen there’s a line here”, Ricky pointed out.

“I know could you tell them to leave”? Gwen asked.

Ricky walked over to Joe, Issac and Taylor who were all talking. “What’s the matter? You look slightly grumpier than usual”, Joe said.

“Look I’ll pay you guys 50 cents more an hour for the rest of the month if you get Gwen to put down that magazine”, Ricky told them.

“Yeah and Taylor you could help”, Issac suggested. They turned around and she was gone,

“Deal”, they both agreed and Ricky walked away.

“We can’t pull this off! Even though it’s what I want”, Issac said.


Emily, Rowan, Victoria and Piper were all at the cafe. “So thanks for coming even though I ‘had to’”, Rowan groaned.

“Sure, so you’ve looked at the journal”? Piper clarified.

“Yeah that’s the reason I called you guys here”, Emily pointed out.

“So what about it”? Victoria asked.

“Did it tell you how to make turtles start a flashmob”? Piper guessed.

“I’d love that”, Rowan agreed.

“No my questions are where did you guys find this and is it real”? Emily asked.

“Well we don’t know we were looking for buried treasure....” Piper began.

“Which was her idea”, Victoria informed them.

Quinn came over, “Everyone having a good meal”?

“We aren’t eating anything”, Victoria pointed out.

“I know! Order something”, Quinn told them.

“Fine we’ll have strawberry banana smoothies”, Emily told her,

“Awwww I wanted a blue raspberry one”, Piper whined.

“Seriously”? Emily commented.

“Waitress just let her get it”, Victoria said. Quinn left.

“Just to let you guys know, that’s your money to spend”, Emily told them.

Part 3

Gwen was with Joe, Issac and Casendra. “Ok I’m here”, Gwen told them.

“We see that. Look Casendra here is concerned about you”, Joe lied.

“I am? I don’t even know her name”, Casendra said.

“Shh”, Issac ordered.

“Casendra you can leave now”, Gwen told her.

“Hooray”! Casendra cheered.

“Told you that was a stupid plan”, Joe mumbled.

“Let me guess this was Ricky’s idea”, Gwen guessed.

“Well....” they both said.

“Fine but first I needa get my father’s awesome chocolate. Weirdly they are in the shape of a moose”, Gwen told them.


Emily, Rowan and Taylor were eating breakfast the next day. “I’m telling you it’s gotta mean something”, Emily told them.

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