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A Success Story
This is the story of how I came to be "stable". More stable than ever before, anyway!

I don't know how much any of you remember about me from 2007 and before. Cryndigo, Poess, Womersley... I had countless alters. Well maybe not countless, but somewhere between 150 and 180 or so. I was an angry person back then. I would troll YT, looking for fights. People in real life were asking me why I wasn't taking my medication. I would usually get angry at the suggestion that I needed pills.

Now I'm as well as I think I could ever be. Getting back with Rob helped tremendously. Before January 28th 2013, I was dating several guys, not sleeping with any of them, about to cut them all off and count myself out of the men game. Then I got a text message from Rob. Today I read the FB message he had sent me Christmas of 2012. I didn't get that message until after Rob and I got back together. But it makes me smile. So much.

Getting what I've been waiting for has been a dream come true. I know that I was just stagnant, waiting for something to happen, and that something was Rob finding me.

Rob and I have a very good relationship. We haven't had any arguments or shouting matches or anything like that. Our sex life is better than anyone else we know! We are still lovey-dovey after nearly two years of being back together. Now that I have family members in the same household, I have someone to talk to all the time. I still get on YT because of my addictive personality. I love you guys!

I can talk to Rob about anything. He loves hearing me talk, and I love hearing him talk too. We give and take, we talk and listen.

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