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Twelve Years Ago
An unfocused rambling written on my 12th YT anniversary.

Twelve years ago, I thought I'd get over the desire to communicate regularly with "internet people". I thought that my more active social life would discourage me from going on forums and instant messengers to talk to people I had not yet in person. How wrong I was.

I found YT, and it's never been the same since. I've found myself immersed in many discussions and debates that I could never have elsewhere, and that, I feel, has been a positive experience overall.

What isn't as great is all the people that come and go (mostly go). Most people that I talked to on here a decade ago have gotten over the phase of their lives where they regularly go on message boards to talk with people they've never met. For me, that's never ended. I don't quite know why.

It's always been a little harder for me to make friends. My social problems, parents divorcing early and me going back and forth between two houses... whatever it was, the factors led to me posting online regularly. And I don't mind. Being an internet junkie is part of who I am.

And twelve years from now, if YT is somehow still up and running, I expect to be visiting at least occasionally. I know this article hasn't really gone anywhere, and it isn't going anywhere. I expect it to drift slowly down the forum, netting a few one star vote from my stalker and his alters. But that's all right. That's part of life.

Keep on posting, everyone. This site is a nice place to be and I hope you feel the same. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries. Lick the yellow envelope.

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