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Frequently Asked Questions about

What is

YouThink is a community-moderated site where members can add and comment on content such as questions, quizzes, links, journals, forum posts and more.

What are the Rules of Conduct? (aka What Can Get Me Banned?)

to read the rules.

Why Isn't my Question/Quiz/Link/Joke Showing Up?

The listings are published about every 5 minutes, so if you just added something and don't see it in the "Latest" listing, just wait a few minutes. If you click on "My Questions" (or "My Whatever") you should be able to see that your content exists. If it's not there, it means it has been deleted due to you breaking one of the Rules of Conduct, or posting something that was broken, had serious errors, or was gibberish.

Login Problems

Login problems? Can't log in? Can't log out? Having problems posting a picture? Is YouThink crashing on you? Are you having any of these problems? Yes? Delete your cookies! No? Delete your cookies anyway.

How do I add Content?

How can I get a picture (avatar) next to my name?

Click on (in upper right). Once you get there, next to the change picture option they have a browse button. Click that, and search for the picture you want. Make sure that the file extension ends with a lowercase .gif or .jpg. When you have everything set the way you want it, click the continue button. And there you go! You have a brand spanking new avatar!

How can I tell if someone is online?

There are three different ways.

1 Go to the Who's Online page.

2 If you are looking at someone's post, look around by their avatar (the picture by their name). They either have a dot or a sun next to their name. If it's a sun, they're online. If it's a dot, they're offline.

3 Go look at their profile. Underneath their avatar they have a sun there, too. It says offline or online, depending on which one they are.

How do I Change the Look of my Profile?

You can change the colors, background images, fonts, layout, and more. First, go to your profile by clicking "My Profile" in the upper-right. Next, click the button that says "Edit my Theme". This will let you choose an existing theme from the library, or create your own.

Why do Some Members have Keys Next to Their Names?

These people a Key Members, which means they have donated money to support the site. In exchange for their donation, they get some special features, most notably some powerful forums functionality. To learn more, go to the page.

I saw terms I'm unfamiliar with. What do they mean?

Here are some popular terms, and what they mean.

<----- ______: This means that the thread you made belongs in _____ (where this is the forum that it belongs in). Example: <----- Journals means that this thread should be in journals.

Alter: Short for alter ego, it?s a second YT ID someone has established. There are many different cases of why people create an alter. There is a wide variety of celebrity alters, which can be really funny, but they also have a few people that create alters to attack other members in disguise, but I like to call those people cowards.

Avy: Avatar, the picture beside one's name.

Journalite: Someone acting like a drama queen in the Journals forum.

Numbers: If you keep seeing random numbers in posts, search as "#16!" or "#4", Etc. these numbers stand for something. View what these numbers mean by clicking here. They also have a number button by each comment box. You can click this at anytime.

Mailbot: An automated program that sends messages to people explaining why question mods did not accept their questions.

Mods or modbot: Moderators.

MOTW: Member of the week

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