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dramatic poem about anything

Broken branches remind me of you

And your eyes

Oceans of mystery

They are unknown to me

I see you

Barren, empty veins

Vacant eyes, with dancing images


Once innocent

True, vibrant

Your carrier is young

But I see centuries through the window

Too much pain

Sorrow, confusion

I’m sorry for your loss

Your loss of character

My condolences for the girl who was stolen

From behind those eyes

Taken by long creepy fingers

Never to be returned

Your chapped lips quiver

Eyes lined in smudged charcoal

Trembling cold fingers

Once again, taken farther away

Forced, pushed, choked away

From that girl who once was

Corruption through surprise


Only the bruises tell the tale

The storming oceans as well

Only I can see

Only I know what haunts your empty shell

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