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The springs of this cheap mattress press into my skin

And the humidity weighs upon my flesh like blackened sin

I love that I am cursed by Firaun an Najdi

To fly like mi'raj away from lies and aridity

A corpse in a spacesuit drifting oh so pointlessly

Dead eyes stare through bloody glass at open infinity

The cars and the bars and the starmen, yeah

Felled trees like human souls all collapse to gravity

Sharp sword or a short knife, do not infringe my rights

White sands leave me half blind - I don't want to be lost when I die

Pomegranate runs down your face, fruit dragged out of Hades

Coagulated blood, a sickly scab on the Euphrates

(I don't want it, I just need it, can you believe it?)

Stoicism failed afar, sweetness failed near

No need to walk on tiptoes, there is no one here

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