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She's Scared of the Thunder
3 pieces put together so the flow is slightly off

The moon burns a hole in the sky, red in the summer mist

Blue eyes atop a totem pole pray for the sacred solstice...

There's a film you lick off, salt and vinegar on your teeth

There's that tingle in your mouth left over from the wintergreen

The taste of pine fills my lungs as I catch snowflakes on my tongue

Breath hanging in the air, the oldworld now is shunned

(there's a knife in your back and the blood is running down)

Just. One. Bite.

Only reminds you how hungry you were.

Old bones die,

Another generation of slaves assured

We never tried

After centuries of broken words

Bright eyes wide and filled with wonder

Pull her in tight because she's scared of the thunder

Trick or betrayed (when the angels have all been slain)

In the autumn dusk, the serpent sheds his pain

I see the depths of the id raging inside me

A winterdemon in the humid swamp

A long legged mosquito rustling the hair on your arm -

(There is nowhere to run in the east or the west

You will always be followed by a blaze in the sky)

Cut off my hands and cut off my feet

Cut out my eyes and break out my teeth

Surround myself with jinn and ghosts

But the body always washes up on the coast

Feel your pores open up in the summer heat

On the day when Hell is allowed to breathe

I speak for my brother with a wart on his tongue-

But I cannot defend myself

I speak for the century, the lost generation

As lost as them myself

(I can't do this anymore)

My mouth is warm, my mind is melting

and I don't even care

The lines we drew between the stars

Were never really there

We'll never make it Khorasan

Where bare skin goes blue in the winter air

With my head on a pillow and my body under blankets

I just don't even care

Bright eyes red and watering with pain

Pull her in tight because she's scared of the roaring waves

Feel the salt spray on your skin

Breathe the clear air, exhale and begin

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