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On Death
NOTICE: I do not endorse fascism of any kind. Although I am anti-religion, I am not anti-secular.

Is there life after death?

I believe there is.

No, not an Afterlife or Reincarnation- a more spiritual, metaphorical usage of the term.

Recognition. Approval. Respect.

The status of a Hero.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Nikola Tesla, Vincent van Gogh, Galileo Galilei, Edgar Allan Poe: these are people who are considered great individuals. All from different backgrounds and time, they have one thing in common: no one had any faint idea who they were before they died. Those who did, criticized and put them down. But now, these guys are famous as hell.

Everything you do is wrong as long as you’re still alive. Once you die, they make you a hero. But it doesn’t always end here: sometimes, a cultural rebel comes along and refuses to put you on his list of heroes. Instead, he trashes your image with less-known facts about you, or simply by uttering words of superior logic. And then, he gets attacked. Not necessarily physically, but verbally, or in some cases, emotionally. Maybe even all three. He is outcast, his words ignored and logic suppressed.

So this rebel goes on with his now pooty life, maybe writing his thoughts down on paper, or reciting his views to anyone who’ll listen. And once he dies- if there’s anyone out there who cares- preaches to the masses that shunned him about his hidden enlightenment. This results in that rebel being turned into a hero in a paradigm of his own. Next, another rebel of a different kind shows up to demean the personality that is the first rebel, whose naivety was visible to the second rebel, to keep the cycle going, ad infinitum.

But let’s focus on death itself here.

I guarantee you have thought about death and what happens after it at least once in your lifetime. Most of you have pondered and discussed it with others. Some of you have crammed hours into research from books and websites about death and its significance.

Death is arguably the most baffling thing that humankind has ever perceived, alongside life itself.

So what is death like? Think about it: death is the only thing that we are completely certain exists, but have absolutely no knowledge of. Many religions of the world guarantee that there prevails a state of existence even after death: an afterlife, or a series of reincarnations where your soul is transferred from one body to another in a series of mortal tests before it can finally rest in eternal peace.

However, due to this, anyone who believes in an afterlife and the possibility of eternal bliss does preposterous things in the name of religion while alive. These zealots trap themselves inside a cultural cage and swallow the key, thinking that by some miracle, God will set them free after He sees them suffer and persevere.

But what if the religious guys are wrong? What if reality exists independent of human behavior and death truly means being non-existent, where the brain, simply, stops working? Many people intuitively find this hard to accept; and obviously, frightening as well. But as we look deeper, we’ll realize that this fear isn’t hardwired into us: it is taught. What is hardwired is the spirit of survival: the desire to live. Now, why would that be if the real fun starts after death?

Well, simply because there is no fun after death.

There’s no need to be scared of there not being any afterlife; no need to be scared of experiencing non-existence, as you won’t exist to experience it.

And so, if religion ever ceases to exist after acknowledging that death is all-ending, the world will truly be a better place. Life won’t be taken as a mere gap between creation and nirvana, but instead as the only chance to exist and actually live, because that’s what it really is. Life will be cherished, and moments savored. And on the off-chance that an afterlife does exist, doesn’t the fact that there is oblivion all around us in the enclosure of Life make it a separate system altogether?

In a world where death is the final frontier, I wish this world to exist.

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