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three paths
which would you choose???

silence. cold, harsh silence. you walk up to the crossroads, every breath rattling inside your lungs. why? dunno. anyways...

The first path is a fiery red forest, beautiful orange leaves dancing in the gentle wind. You watch as fireflies flicker through the air in hazy shafts of sunlight. In the corner of your vision something moves. A big, feathered something. You catch a glimpse of a great, blazing bird soaring over the fallen leaves, it's beautiful amber eyes sparkling. Only a glimpse. But in your mind you see yourself building a hut with your friends, dressed in torn shorts and a ragged t-shirt and listening to the trickling of a stream and the song of a phoenix.

The second path is a towering glass city, great skyscrapers catching the light of the sun. You watch the bustling crowds laughing and chatting as they run through the streets. The noise would be a nightmare for some, but perfect for others. The whole city glows with a clear glass blue, real and sharp. You draw in a breath of the crisp air and imagine yourself joking and laughing as you run through the streets in jeans, a scarf and a top, living on the roof of one of the enormous glass towers.

The third path is an emerald green field surrounded by the calls of birds and gently swaying trees. You can imagine yourself living their alone, bonding with nature and growing crops in the meadows. You can see yourself wearing a pretty blue dress, laughing as you lie down in a meadow, surrounded by beautiful butterflies....

...but which will you choose?

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