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My Life Aritcle 1
I will tell you about my life.

My life right now is very bad. I am a loner. Everybody says that I am wierd. I barely have any friends. Nobody hangs around me a lot. The only reason people hang around me is because I am friends with the most popular kid at the table. I don't know how that is even possible. It is very wierd that I am friends with the most popular kid at the table. Today was really wierd. I got along with one of the people that hate me. It seriously was very wierd. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. Well that was just today. The past of my life is in bits. I don't remember much of my past I just remember bits. I remember that I began Cub Scouts at a Tiger Scout. I have been in Scouts all the way up to First Class Scout. I also found out that all of the holiday characters were non-real. It stunk. I knew that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy weren't real, but Santa. Really mom and dad. You guys ruined my life. Also I accidentaly ran my baby brother's head over with a toy truck. When I told him about that he began to beat me up everyday. Now that stinks. Now I will continue my life as the wierd loner kid in 6th grade.

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