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Scarlets story ep 4


Moon was curled up with all the pups. Snoring softly. Scarlet smiled happily. Moon slowly opened one eye and grinned. He slowly got up trying not to wake the pups. She silently laughed and licked his muzzle. Moon flicked his tail and said "Im going to get some food. Stay with the pups" he winked and trotted away. Scarlet winked back. Then later on the pups started whining loudly. They needed to be nursed. Star immediately found the source of milk. was she already growing TEETH?! Scarlet thought surprised. She winced as Stars tiny teeth cut a little. she is going to be a dangerous hunter when she grows up! Scarlet chuckled as she watched the pups struggle to find the milk. She nudged them to it and they eventually found it.

Moon returned with a big male elk in his jaws. Scarlet watched with her mouth open a little as he dragged it to the big den. "Oh thank you moon!" she exclaimed. He came over and she licked his muzzle. He sat next to her and chewed on a bone as his mate gulped down most of the elk. Exhausted, Scarlet limped to the back of the cave taking the pups with her. Moon silently followed and he lay next to his mate. He put his paw on hers and lay his head down. Scarlet whined "Look at the sunset!". Moon looked up, and surely the sky was filled with pinkish orange. She lay her head on his and he did the same as the pink sky darkened to gray, then pitch black. The moon and stars lit up the night. It was a full moon, Scarlet howled gracefully and Moon joined in. The pups tried their best to howl and it al came out as a beautiful sound.

Moring came and a hunter entered the den. Scarlet growled loudly and Moon attacked the hunter. The hunter shot and the bullet flew past moon but hit Scarlet's ear. She whined in pain but stood up. The hunter lay on the floor fiddling for his gun. Scarlet took the chance and she leapt at the hunter. She extended her claws and she dug them in his stomach. She sunk her teeth in his neck and Moon joined in. He twitched several times before sunk to the ground. Scarlet growled angrily. "idiot hunters!" She bled a lot from her ear. Moon quickly lapped it up and tore a piece of clothing from the hunters shirt and made sure the scent was gone before he wrapped it around her ear. He lay with her when she slept staying wide awake sniffing the air every so often and checking outside the den. He set up a trap only a human can get caught in. He marked it with urine saying "DO NOT STEP ON.TRAP FOR HUMANS" . He curled up with Scarlet the pups in between them and her wings covering the pups like a blanket. He slept wondering what would happen the next day

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