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Decision (Run Away series)
A 19 year old girl name Ella who wants to choose between her parents and her boyfriend.

A teenage girl who awaits for the right time to tell the truth or not. The girl who falls in love with a guy. As he falls for her too. Will they ever stay together?

Ella's her name. Full name: Isabella Carolyn... Ella hated her last name, but she didn't dare to use it. Her parents were strictly telling her never to fall in love with another man other then the one that her parents chosen for her. Ella met her lover on a online dating site. They talked a bit, emailed each other, and became quite close. She knew that she was breaking the rules that her father had let out to her. She didn't care.

Ella and the man became really tight to each other as the months passed. They've gotten used to each other. He would always make her laugh and blush a lot. She loved him a lot. She wished for their love to stay and never be found. They went lots on lots of dates together. They truly are in love. The man's name is Joshua. A nice gentleman.

Few days later, her parents had found out. She broke up with him. However he didn't give up on her. His heart was stolen from her. He didn't want her disappear from him. He truly loves her, and she does love him back too. He thought all this time that Ella was the one for him. Ella thinks that too. Joshua replied, "Run away with me. Stay with me forever away from them."

Ella blurted, "I can't. I'd love to do that. I can't. They'll think poorly of me.."

Josh soothed, "As long as were together, I'll take care of you. I'll show them that we belong together."

Ella hesitated. Her parents came in at the wrong time. Her father was furious and her mother too. She never hurt her parents like this before. This was the first that she had seen her dad that angry. Her father snapped, "Isabella Carolyn Rivera, will you mind explaining what that man is doing here?"

How in the world did father and mother come back from the convention? I'm scared. No, I don't want to leave Josh. I love him. My father pushed me aside and mother caught me. Her gripped tightened around my wrist. Her hazel eyes darkened as I faced her. "Mother. I-I didn't mean to." I replied.

Mother hissed, "No daughter of mine will ever lied to me and her father. No daughter of mine will hide her relationship with another man other then her soon-to-be-husband."

Husband? Was I getting married? I didn't heard about this! What was mother talking about it? My dear little sister watched from outside of my bedroom. I stared at her shocked. She shook her head and gestured at father and Josh. Josh said calmly, "Let your daughter, Ella choose between us."

Every one turned to me. I was speechless. My father relaxed and so did my mother. If I said the wrong answer and chose my parents. I'd hurt Josh. If I chose Josh, I end up hurting my parents and their name. Will Ella make the right choice?

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