A girl who meets a mysterious guy in the middle of the night. She doesn't know who he is and what's going on. But for one thing, they just want to enjoy this moment. Article Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Under The Moonlight
A girl who meets a mysterious guy in the middle of the night. She doesn't know who he is and what's going on. But for one thing, they just want to enjoy this moment.

His eyes were ice cold blue gazing into my brown chocolate eyes. He lifted my chin and our eyes glued to each other. I was too breathless from staring at him. He whispered something to me, but I couldn't hear. I want to know what he said. His lips moved slowly as he spoke. I tried reading the words from his mouth, but nothing popped up in my mind.

I closed my eyes hoping for a sweet kiss from this charming guy. Instead, he was just staring at the night sky. I wonder how I got here. I wonder how we both met. He turned to me and touched a strand of my brown silky hair, he brought it to his lips and he lightly kissed it. I was shocked yet amazed from looking at his perfections.

Our eyes locked again and he moved forward to me. His nose tickled my neck and he lightly kissed it. I was token away from that kiss, that laid me dazed. I saw the ecstasy in his beautiful liquid blue eyes. I want him to hold me to him. I want him to say those three words to me. He whispered, "Mizuki, why are you so lovely?"

I stared at him shocked not knowing what to say next. He moved closer to me and helped stop the shivers from making me have goosebumps. His handsome face was close to mine. Our feet, we're snuggled together. We were perfect. The cold night's breeze made me shiver, but I didn't mind and neither did he. Who is he? Well I don't care, but as long as we have each other and this moment. Those words he whispered in my ear, "I love you."

That's what I wanted to hear. I wanted him to say those exact three words. I closed my eyes and he repeated the same thing twice. His voice so warm, his charming looks, he's quite a cunning guy. He impresses me. I can feel his arms around me. As if he knew that I wouldn't answer him back. He laughed at my expression which left me confused. We kept silent for a few minutes and we couldn't help but laugh.

I can't help, but smile at him. He too smiled. His perfect smile.. I can't stop staring at him! He's just too handsome! Now I wonder, will he tell me where I am? Will he take me with him? So much questions, I want to tell him. He looked at me and asked, "Is something wrong?"

That worried look in his face made me melt. I answered quickly, "Of course not, I'm totally fine!"

He looked at me again and I can't help but blush. He sighed and turned to face forward. Did I do something wrong? Maybe, I wasn't being honest to him. I hope he doesn't hate me. As I followed his gaze, he was staring up at the full moon. He mumbled something and I only caught a few words, "I'm here with.. a angel, aren't I?"

I was slightly confused, but as soon as he turned to me again. My heart went crazy, the way he looks at me makes me melt away from the world. It's unbearable not to look at his good looks. Such a nice personality he has. It's like he's acting to be my knight and shining armor. I want him to stay with me, I want him.. no I like him. Even if we just met today or yesterday or whatever day we've met.. I can't let him out of my sight for just a second. He pinched my nose and laughed at my expression again. He chuckled, "Just checking if your still here."

Those lips of his, I want to touch them. Should I? He stood up and started watching the stars and clouds up in the sky. He gazed at the stars and mumbled something again. I stood up, he turned to me, I went to leave but he held my hand. He knelt on one leg and kissed my hand. He murmured, "Stay with me, please."

I stared at him. He continued to kiss my hand, he moved to my wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, cheeks, nose, forehead, head, and paused at my lips. He's unbelievable, I don't know how he did this. I whispered, "I love you."

I couldn't believe my ears that I've said that. I was blushing like crazy, and he stood up in front of me. He leaned forward and said, "I was waiting for you to say that."

I stood on my toes and moved forward into him. He kissed me and it felt like magic. Everything felt suddenly warm, he held me as we kissed. The sky started to bright up a bit and the moon slowly faded. He hugged me and said, "Sweet dreams."

I woke up in my bedroom, it was still night. Hmm how interesting. It's as if the whole thing was a dream. I looked around to see if he was still here. No, nothing he wasn't there at all. I looked at the bed, there laid one single rose waiting to be noticed. I picked it up and I said softly, "Thank you, my prince."

I thought I heard a chuckle, but no one was there to be found. I got out of bed and stared off into space, thinking where'd he go, why did he leave me, he didn't say good bye. I smiled at the moon and I was glad we had that one special moment together.

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