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Trouble maker to planet saver 3
What should happen next... It would be nice to know!

<Astrid's POV>

I caught myself walking down to my second favorite place to go. The park. The new coin that I found felt hot in my hand as the scenario in the library played over and over in my head.

I sat down in the middle of the park as I watched aliens and humans walking together without knowing it. How didn't I notice this earlier? A green squid like being looked at me but all I could do was stare. Maybe I should see Lexi.

I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Lexi

Hey lex wanna see me in the park... Have to show you something! My day has been crazy.

I waited a bit till Lexi replied back

I'm coming meet in the old cabin in the woods... I have something to give you. Plus happy birthday!!

I forgot it was my birthday! Of coarse Lexi would remember! I pulled myself together making sure I had the alien coin.

The woods was a dark grim place if you didn't know where you were going but if you did it was truly beautiful. I was careful not to make tracks as I saw the dark old cabin surrounded by dead oak trees. Lexi and I had stumbled over this old thing during a game of hide and seek. Now we hang out sometimes sleep in here. Lexi was already in the hammock from the ceiling.

"How'd you beat me here lex?"

"Skipped school too."

"Ummmmm. How do I put this? Doyoubelieveinaliens?" Lexi raised her eyebrows at me question.

"Sure why?"

"You're not going to believe me..."

Lexi started to smirk at me, "we'll believe it or not I'm part of an organization that hunt and kills aliens then protects the doctor and his companions." I couldn't believe this! Lexi knew about the doctor! Wait she kills aliens!!

"What?!?" Was all I could squeak out.

" I work at TorchWood. My case has been to protect you till you turned the age sixteen."

"Now what?"

"Well, now you can join us or find the doctor."

"Can I ask you some questions lex?"

"Yeah, you're taking this amazingly!"

"Why me?"

"Sorry I can't answer that here... How about I take you to TorchWood?"

All I could do was nod. Lexi seemed pleased though.

"Common bad wolf. I have a mission to complete." Lexi walked out as I silently followed. Today has been a long tiring day!

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