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And thus, a chapter ends and a new chapter begins. - Mood:Good
Monday December 17 20182:14:47 AM |
This chapter will have a lot more car chases and murder mysteries, if everything goes according to plan.

I AM DONE WITH MY MASTER'S. Mostly. Technically I have to wait for grades to come in and then they give us the actual degree later this December. If I want, I can walk with the spring kids for graduation in May.


You may now ask me any questions you have regarding:
a) China
b) International economics
c) Conflict management

I am authorized to give you Real Official Answers. You're welcome.

How did I celebrate? I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party. We did peppermint patty shots. It was horrifying and also really fun. My sweater lights up.

Today I had more drinks with friends and I just... sat in bed. Lazed around. Did absolutely nothing. And it was beautiful.

Searching for a job now. Wish me luck!

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I am the only person in this entire library - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 12 20182:49:05 AM |
So I'm staying at the school library late because I want to finish this paper I'm writing. It's about North Korean energy security, I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would, ask me stuff about it.

Anyway. It's almost 3 am and I am... alone. Everyone else has gone home. It's just me.

It's weirdly unsettling. I've never been in an empty library before.

Most of the heavy-duty finals stuff is happening next week. I just happen to have all my finals stuff happening this week (go me) so my schedule is a bit different from everyone else's.

Do you guys think there's a ghost here? Should I ask? Try an impromptu seance?

Do you think that the Asian Super Grid is a real possibility or is it just a pipe dream at this point?

I wish I had some coffee.

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Why is this sweater so weird, someone explain it to me - Mood:Good
Monday December 10 20183:08:44 PM |
so I bought this sweater from a thrift store bc its red and green and looks like Fredy kreugers sweater but there is an issue

very nice from the front

See? I look cute, I look baller

but then the back

there is a pocket in the center of my shoulderblades

and its crooked

whats the point

can someone explain this

what should I keep in this

its finals week sa nice things to me please

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Plus and minus the YTer above you - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 05 201811:00:18 AM |
We haven't done this in a while, yeah? There aren't many of us left but let's play anyway. Let's spread some ~positivity~ (and a little negativity because this is YT, it wouldn't do for us to start being happy like healthy well-adjusted people)

I'm currently drinking the BEST coffee I've ever had. I bought it at Philz Coffee. It's the Philtered Soul blend, no cream or sugar, and it's so good that I might actually die from how great it is.

I'm currently sitting in statistics right now. I actually like this class because I somewhat understand it... which is useless, of course, because all I'm really learning is how stats can be used to manipulate data into saying what you want it to say.

My second capstone is coming up this week. I'm kinda nervous and also kinda... can't bring myself to care anymore?

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Hello, I would like to order one (1) motivation, please - Mood:Good
Monday December 03 20189:00:06 AM |
This is it. I'm entering the final stretch of the semester. At the conclusion of this, I will either have my Master's, or I will have died trying. I already handed in my first capstone, so at least THAT'S done.

If anybody wants to give me some bullshxt motivational quotes or something, that would be appreciated. My stress levels are SKYROCKETING.

But in happier news, Hot Topic has a Junji Ito collection now, which is great. I ordered myself a shirt. It's my early Christmas present to me.

I wanted to be productive yesterday, but had like the world's worst headache.

I woke up the other morning with scratches all over myself and no idea how I got them. I'm taking bets. Demon? Witch? Strange basement creature that only comes out in the dark?

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I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane - Mood:Good
Thursday November 29 20182:41:32 PM |
I just sneezed really loud in class and it was embarrassing.

I'm stuck in this class that I hate. It's boring. The prof never shows up and has his assistant professor teach everything. All I have to do is write a few papers - only one left now and it shouldn't be too difficult.

So being here feels like a waste of time because I just... don't care. But not showing up feels like a waste of money. I dunno. It sucks.

Hot Topic has Junji Ito shirts now. I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.

Plugging along through Rebecca. It's going slow - I wish I didn't have so much schoolwork. I'd finish faster.

This journal is boring because right now my life is boring.

I should write a new story once the semester ends. Quick, give me horror story ideas. GO.

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Sorry, do I need to define "entry-level" for these people? - Mood:Good
Monday November 26 20183:26:19 AM |
Applying for jobs. Why? Because I'MMA GRADUATE SOON LIKE THE BADASS I AM. I'm gonna have my Master's and I'm gonna kick some serious ass.

So I apply for this job, right? Sounds perfect for me, right up my alley, right in line with my degree and shxt. And it says "entry-level."

I get halfway through the application and then it says "oh by the way you have to have seven years of professional experience."


Kinda just wanna write them a letter and be like do you need a dictionary? Is that the problem? GodDAMN.

I applied anyway. Because fxck it, why not? If they can't put together a coherent application they can deal with it.

Also I had an awesome fall break. Finished my second draft of my Capstone, finished like 90% of the stuff I wanted to get done. I'm a baller.

Give me your best tips for job-hunting and not punching anyone in the face.

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Did you guys know that the DC Metro Wifi bans YT? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 20 20187:49:38 PM |
For "games." Huh. To be honest, I didn't know they banned ANYTHING on their wifi. Nuts, yo.

I'm working on my capstone tonight and I'm nervous. I always get really nervous before working on big projects - starting is always the hardest part. I'm doing my second draft now - I have most of the research, but the writing is going to be... a lot.

I dunno. I'm really stressed. If y'all gimme some motivation, that would be lit.

I bought a journal today. It was cheap at Walgreens and it's Nightmare Before Christmas themed. It's the most awful design for a journal I've ever seen and I had to have it.

I'm restless and can't relax.

Tell me stuff about your life. Post pictures of your pets. I dunno, entertain me while I immerse myself in hell for the next few hours.

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Someone bought me coffee this morning - Mood:Good
Saturday November 17 20187:39:40 AM |
I was waiting to pay for my coffee and this dude paid for me and told me I was pretty. SCORE.

Very useful because I got up on the wrong side of the bed but now I feel marginally better.

The place I work has nutcrackers EVERYWHERE. They started decorating for Christmas and they are taking these creepy bastards too far. They have a giant one right by the front door. If I'm found dead with a crushed head, you know what happened.

I'm gonna watch some horror movies with a buddy today. We're watching Neon Demon and maybe one other. Has anyone seen the original Suspiria? What are your thoughts? I'm thinking of watching it and then seeing the remake.

I've counted fourteen chandeliers on this floor alone. Why does anyone need so many chandeliers? Have these people never seen Phantom of the Opera?

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