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The most bizarre view of Trump - Mood:Good
Saturday October 20 20181:29:15 PM |

In other news:

- in the mood for a bagel
- I will create an alphabet today and write secret things in secret notebooks with it. Because it's the weekend.
- I love my cat so much. She's so pure.

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Hallkwrrren - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 17 20189:49:50 PM |
As in

I think it would take almost 10 hours to watch every Simpsons Halloween episode

But idk

What spooky stuff have you been watching?

I watched the ninth gate. I like rare, old books (I wish I could work with them...but not be sent on a dangerous mission like Johnny depp's character). But the movie was just okay. I recognized a place I saw in a Portuguese film years ago.

I watched the "pretty something thing that lives in the house (whatever the title is)". I heard it was bad but I enjoyed it. I was in the mood for something (mostly) quiet and ghostly.

I watched other stuff

My macaroni and cheese is getting cold

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Babies - Mood:Indifferent
Sunday October 14 201811:42:54 AM |
What emotions do you have in the presence of a baby?

Mine = indifference, uninterested
I guess those aren't really emotions. I'm not a baby hater but I am unfeeling when it comes to babies. Unless...if a baby was sick or dying, I'd be concerned and I'd help the baby. But, in their regular state, I don't want much to do with them.

Some lady brought her baby to work and I was the only person not bursting with excitement. I managed a fake smile.

Maybe I'd feel different if it were someone close to me that had the baby. I realized, also, I've never closely known anyone who was pregnant/had children.

I was the last child in my family and none of my close friends had babies. So, it's like a foreign concept... something I only see in the media or with strangers.

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Are there things you like because of YTers? - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 10 201811:06:06 AM |
Because a YTer mentioned it
Or specifically suggested it to you

I'm sure there are a zillion things
So, I'll add more later but
The two off the top of my head:

- in 2012, j2 said Grimes reminded her of me. So, I thought, "who is this...Grimes?", searched Youtube, and instantly fell in love.

- also in 2012, yD said I should watch American Horror Story. I'd been in Japan ever since it came out and heard nothing about it. I added it to my Netflix list when I got back to America but didn't actually watch it until it aired on TV and I caught the first episode of Coven while flipping through channels (I think this was fall of 2013). Now I'm on my way to seeing every season (some I like a lot more than others but i keep watching)

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revenge of the sith - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 02 201812:01:54 AM |
Okay, the soundtrack is A+, melancholy and dramatic, tells the tale on its own better than the movie did. I was listening to Star Wars soundtracks while drawing and ended up making a playlist just for that soundtrack (in addition to the general Star Wars playlist)

I don't have anywhere to put this thought.
So, here you go.

I ate a pumpkin muffin too.
So delicious.

What do you think I should be for Halloween?

That is all.

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memory - Mood:Good
Sunday September 23 201810:41:40 PM |
i was 13
i had a friend that i'm pretty sure was evil

one day i hated my pants so i convinced her to switch pants
i told her we could switch right back. i only wanted to wear her pants for a second.
so, she switched with me.

and i liked her pants so much better.
so then she was like, "okay, let's switch back our pants now"

and i said, "nope"
departed from the bathroom in her pants
went off to my next class

she was furious
she yelled at me

later we had english class together
"i hate your pants," she said, "when are you going to give me back my pants?"
"after class"

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the last 20 movies i watched - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 18 201810:23:29 PM |
PS i'm EXTREMELY horny today

1. Blackkklansman - 8.5/10
2. The Little Hours - 6.7/10
3. hellraiser - 8.9/10
4. Her - 7.9/10
5. Brain on Fire - 5.6/10
6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 6.7/10
7. Pacific Rim: Uprising - 4.9/10
8. Solo: A Star Wars Story - 9/10 (i am biased)
9. Predator - 8/10
10. Avengers: Infinity War - 6.9/10
11. Deadpool 2 - 8.7/10
12. The Shining - 9/10
13. Pacific Rim - 7/10
14. I, Tonya - 7.1/10
15. A Quiet Place - 7.9/10
16. Black Panther - 6.6/10
17. Logan Lucky - 6.9/10
18. Sensation - 6/10
19. E.T. - 8.9/10
20. The Babysitter - 6.6/10 (idk maybe i rated that too highly)

idk my rating system is all messed up
and on imdb i round up or round down
but sometimes rate things higher if i think other people rated the thing too low
or rate it lower if i think people rated it too high

i have a p.o. box now

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your favorite cenobite - Mood:Good
Saturday September 08 20183:42:49 AM |
i only watched the first hellraiser film but
their names are
butterball, pinhead, the female, and chatterer
and then there's the thing that looks like a fish in the movie and is apparently "the engineer"

but when i watched the movie
i called them
fat white morpheus, pinhead, the chick, and ME (i grind my teeth a lot so i identify with that one).
and fish dude. i think that thing isn't a cenobite, technically, or is it? i have no idea.

morpheus and me make me uncomfortable. and they're awkward.
pinhead is really uptight and seems to think he's cooler than he actually is. "we're EXPLORERS in the further regions of experience". he said it so stuck up. calm down, pinhead.
the chick seemed kind of cool, if she weren't so creepy and if she covered her throat.

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When is it generally acceptable to... - Mood:Good
Saturday August 25 20183:57:14 PM |
1. Tell someone you like them
2. Tell someone you really really like them
3. Tell someone you love them (I'm not there yet)

I feel sick almost all the time now.
I think work is killing me.
I wish I had been born ultra wealthy.
But I think I would be different in so many ways if that happened.
I probably wouldn't recognize my personality.

I just want freedom and the ability to do creative work on my own schedule.
I don't want a 2 million dollar per house for my cat. I don't want a yacht. I probably would buy designer clothes but because I like clothes in general.

But, when I think of money, I think of freedom and relaxation.

Now I have more money than I've ever had but isn't enough for those two things.

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