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Male, 30-39
hell, universe, Canada

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I found something way better to make a journal about - Mood:Good
Friday July 13 201812:14:26 AM |
Only this:

I was watching a video on YouTube earlier...and...if I don't close the app it gives me beautiful surprise backgrounds. I went to check my phone and there was this:

It was a video about some 30 year old who dates old ladies (well, obviously)

Also, cuckingfunt, maybe I'm good at reading women. The 2% thing is only speculation and I'm totally pessimistic. It's not confirmed at all.

I mean
Onetime I thought a girl only liked me as a friend and she ended up pretending she was drunk to take her top off and try to have sex with me.

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Parenthood - Mood:Good
Saturday July 07 201810:29:43 PM |

I'm now the proud father of a cryptid
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Finally renewing my passport! - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 04 20182:24:31 PM |

I'm going to Scotland for sure.

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i was supposed to commit crimes but i chose to become a photographer - Mood:Good
Saturday June 30 20186:42:13 AM |

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Feeling like a vampire - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 26 20183:12:11 PM |
A guy was like, "hey you in the green shirt, how old are you?"

Me: "30..."

Him: "my friend thinks you're 17"

And they both accused me of lying.
They were two odd, scruffy looking fellows.

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I still have some level of feelings for him - Mood:Good
Sunday June 24 20186:43:34 PM |
Drummer boy.
It's been 6 years. And maybe 3 or 4 years since I last spoke to him at all.

It wasn't even an actual relationship. Maybe that's why.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, I think, "What would have happened if he actually loved me?"

And I feel overwhelmingly sad if I remember... especially if I visualize the times I was with him.

Maybe it's because meeting him set off the whole chain of events that led to me leaving Japan and that led to my current life.

If I'd never met him
Or if he loved me (maybe he liked me at some point but I don't think he loved me)

My life would be completely different.

I would still have "issues" (though I think confronting some of those would have been delayed).

I wish I could peek into the outcomes of other lines of events. Would I have been worse off if I never met him? Or better off?

All I can do anything about is this world
And now

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things that i made years ago - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 20181:43:09 AM |

i hope you are all well
...i need to sleep...

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My brain keeps doing this - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 19 201811:53:26 AM |
It keeps mixing the dark souls boss music with the Simpsons theme dong

God damnit I can't type this morning

Thank you.

Also I had a dream that I was in some virtual reality zombie thing where a place gets flooded and there are zombies

And there were zombie dogs that were only aggressive to live dogs
But you could turn them into sweet dogs again by punching them in the face

So I kept punching zombie dogs and making them good dogs

Gotta work now

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The Comparison Journal - Mood:Horny
Sunday June 17 201811:59:21 AM |
This is where I will test and compare things.
Whatever things I want.
You can suggest things. Maybe I'll do them.
This might last one hour or a week or a month, who knows.

Here are the upcoming things:

1. Counterfeit Versace Bright Crystal vs real Versace Bright Crystal (the counterfeit might have urine and other sh*t and real sh*t in it so DONT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS) (and do not question why i have these things)
2. Irish breakfast tea vs Scottish breakfast tea.

there might be more

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Saturday June 09 20182:33:23 AM |
from various ages:

"The doctor was reading another one of his books…that he wrote. He had a very uncanny resemblance to Rod Serling from the Twilight zone. His desk was neat and the only food or drink that was in the room was his coffee. His coffee, which was somehow always full, sat in his hand."

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Note #1 Missiles will be shipped immediately to
our base. We will destroy the San Meros base
once they are shipped. Troops will be sent in to
take all survivors as prisoners. If the Queen is
found alive she will be destroyed. Once the
troops come back we will plan more missions-
Mr. Warvixk."

(his name lol)
- - - - -

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I have a crush on a girl - Mood:Good
Thursday June 07 20182:03:33 AM |
who works at a cafe that I go to all the time.

One day I was eating my stuff and I overheard a gross dude trying way too hard to talk to her as she was taking his order and it annoyed me so much. I was thinking, "if he goes over the line, I'm going to step in there and stop him" but umm what would I even do. I guess say, "hey, leave her alone" and intimidate him with a baguette, who knows.

I know there's a .000000003% chance that she's interested in me whatsoever.

But she's really pretty (she has long brown hair and she wears GLASSES)

And she has a soothing voice and she leaves everyone with a reassuring feeling and she is very kind (probably because she is doing customer service)(so I have only seen the idealized customer service version of her)

So I am confessing my crush only on YT.
Here is where the confession will stay.

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Without context - Mood:Good
Sunday June 03 20188:10:32 PM |
Today I texted someone

"I'd totally smoke your dick crack".

But even with context it's
Kind of idk

This guy is weird.


He wants me to slap him but not spank him. That's such a turn off.

I respect boundaries but

Eunnnnghj want to spank. It's basically ass slapping.
I love asses too much and I want to do everything to them (my parents would instantly die if they read this, you guys, they would be so horrified)

(why/how did I end up being so shameful according to whoever's standards)

But I also want this guy to go away. I'm not that into him, ugh, what am I doing.

I need to do the dishes. REALLY BAD. That's what I need to DO.


I want to live in a damn cave wearing a 14th century monastic robe and eat a small amount of smoked fish and throw my sandals at a bush in frustration and then pray for 2 million years.

And on the 2 millionth year
I will shed my robe

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