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Female, 37 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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Occupation: Professional flower girl for celebrity weddings
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Fav. Movie: Billy Madison
Fav. TV Show: The Daily Show
Fav. Book: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
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I feel weirdly traitorous - Mood:Good
Sunday May 19 20191:31:36 AM |
I love Colorado
I love all things Colorado
I do not intend to vote for Hickenlooper
He's not even in my top 5

My kid is out of town and wow. I have no life of my own
I am so bored

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Words - Mood:Good
Thursday May 16 20199:45:24 PM |
I was talking to a friend who was surprised i had snacks in the car console and said 'maybe i have an eating disorder. I stash food and don't tell anyone. I don't like binge it but i definitely sneak it, sometimes'
And she was like 'or you have food insecurity from growing up poor?'
And that feels like a better explanation
I don't know if it's true but it makes me feel less like a goblin

My mom looks like jon stamos for the snapchat reverse gender thing
I look like an old fat drunk mexican dude

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Guys - Mood:Good
Friday May 10 20196:20:46 PM |
It was so funny.
This kid at target was like, "Well, it makes sense you get it. You're an Elder Millenial not like legit old."
He wasn't like a small child but like 20ish
But Elder Millenial?!
I freakin love it.
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Avengers Endgame Thoughts with Major Spoilers - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 08 20193:16:51 AM |
I wonder how much is effected by my emotional state.

I'm usually very good at seeing endings, even twisty ones. I think it's because I've read a lot of books? I just love stories

I had the broad strokes down.
I knew when Strange told Tony, If I tell you, it won't happen. that tony would have to be the sacrifice (which given he was the only one that had a hard 'i need to live through this' line at the beginning made sense)
And then the end.
Cap goes back and lives a whole life.
Tony only got 4 years.
They made it like he had a whole life too, but he really didn't.
Clint went back to his family.
But Nat who also had never really had a chance to have a life or a family, is gone. She never even gets those four years.
And how could Cap hide himself away for 50 years?
Just ignore all the injustices, know bucky is out there and just the torment continue?

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I`m in a weird mood - Mood:Good
Sunday May 05 201911:00:49 PM |
Kinda low key manic

I wanna do all the things
Right Now

And I want a friend to overshare to
Like I want the kind of conversation where you're talking about which batman movie is your favorite and then suddenly you're both on the floor laughing at a story of the time you kept bumping your forehead on the windshield during car sex and it actually bruised a little and for two days everyone kept asking how on earth you got a bruise in that weird spot

That's the exact thing i want in my life at this moment

So please friends, overshare
I promise I won't laugh unless you're laughing too

Also ask me things and i'll answer in far too much detail

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Annoying - Mood:Good
Thursday May 02 20194:50:05 AM |
I made a journal about a ridiculous thing that happened
But then I clicked out to change my podcast and when i came back yt refreshed and it was lost.
I wasn't nearly as clever as I wish I would've been in such a situation anyway so perhaps it's best that it's gone forever.
I mean, i could retype it but i'm not gonna.

My stomach hurts so bad.
My cousin has been gone for six months. I still try to text him about one a day.
That's unrelated to my stomach pain
I've started drinking too much coffee after years of drinking a reasonable amount, which makes my tummy hurt but I sleep a little most of the time it's worth it.

I don't know guys.
I feel like I was born into the wrong world
I can't sleep right, chemicals never work how they're supposed to in my body, i'm not physically attracted to anyone, i'm too sensitive to sounds and electricity.

Being me is so dumb

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A thing - Mood:Good
Thursday April 25 201912:37:17 AM |
I've typed out but deleted a journal every night for a week
I think i briefly posted one durimg a columbine related panic attack?
I just want to talk but have nothing new to say
I still want to die every day.
I'm totally hungry
I never sleep
Since my cousin died I don't know who to send memes to
I'm going to the movies with work people because i have no real friends
My real friends have no time for me
Even though i watch one of their babies every day (he's a great baby and I love him)
I have a little extra spending money and my friend wants to go on like a little 3 day trip but i have to vegas later in the year and don't want to go twice and she shoots down every other suggestion i make
I am planning on going to vegas with my kid to see the new meow wolf and the tim burton art exhibit oct/nov-ish

Honestly guys, i just want some coffee and someone to chat with

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No school tomorrow - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 17 20192:18:28 AM |
There's a credible threat for the whole of the Denver Metro area.
It's three days before the 20th anniversary of Columbine.
The chick threatening schools is only 18. They say she's obsessed with the shooting. She wasn't even born.
Our district isn't the primary target district... so that's good

Well back to panicked crying because I have stupid emotional issues regarding anything related to columbine and the fact that this effects my kid, though thank f*ck, not directly, is making my stress 1000% worse than it had been this week

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Sigh - Mood:Good
Monday April 15 20191:41:32 AM |
You ever accidentally admit you kinda have a crush on someone and they think it's the funniest joke you've ever told? And your heart gets sad?
But it was just a small crush anyway

I'm sick and lost my voice at work today but had fun making up interpretive dance moves that correspond to food. Bacon was the most popular.

I have more but it can wait

Tell me about your day.

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people i hate for no reason - Mood:Good
Thursday April 04 20192:00:19 AM |
Liev Schreiber
I think that's it
I'm also really creeped out by James Franco

I am having a really hard time thinking of songs for youse guys for the dedication thread in generals and it's frustrating

I feel like there was so much i wanted to say??

Work is dumb
I'm still not smoking, that's dumb too
I'm still super sad about everything
Uh...jalepeno is my favorite new m&m flavor but all three are just okay

Sorry guys
I thought i had something more interesting but i guess not?

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