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Female, 27 years old
One of Toronto`s burbs, Ontario, Canada


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Occupation: Baker
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Fav. TV Show: Gravity Falls
Fav. Book: The Crying of Lot 49
Fav. Song: After the Goldrush
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Finally got my boxes from my ex this weekend and now I’m unpacking and (clickbait title). - Mood:Good
Monday May 06 20195:16:01 PM |
I found my ex’s engagement ring to his previous girlfriend

Texted him that I have it

What the f*ck
what the f*ck
what the f*ck

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Things to do and not to do in a waiting room: - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 23 20195:17:45 PM |
Be nice to reception - they have the powers of a waiting room wizard. (That’s like two pinball wizards shlorpt together!)

Tell someone over the phone that you are there for antibiotics because without them you are ‘the Chernobyl of strep’ - this will get you bad looks.

Tell someone over the phone that you are there for antibiotics because without them you are ‘the Chernobyl of strep’ - this will get you bad looks and they are f*cking hilarious

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Terrible tattoo idea No. 478: - Mood:Good
Monday April 15 20194:50:42 PM |
‘Tastes like almonds’

As a trampstamp

I was on the phone earlier with the director head of the funeral program - she recommended some funeral homes, gave me a contact and said to tell him she sent me personally. I had her laughing really hard, so that’s a good sign

Also, some of the other places I know my aunt (coroner) has had dealings with and my aunt is a really nice and smart person who everyone likes so that’s good, because I know she’d refer me

So I’m feeling pretty positive!

Went to visit my ex roommate and we drank a bottle of wine but then we slipped and fell and somehow our pants can off and I ended up over the over couch and he ended up over me. Whoops.

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My spectacularly immoral bad idea - Mood:Good
Friday April 12 20195:39:46 PM |
Usually I try to keep my terrible ideas ethical, but hey, why not take a walk on the wild side.

I’ve been dating a guy for about a month and a half. I made it clear before our first date that I’m not looking for something committed (my exact words were ‘not intense’) and i have since made comments about being happy that we’re seeing each other once a week and that’s good for me.

And I really, really like a person. Not feeling that spark. We have not banged. So that might be the problem.

But maybe I am just broken inside? Temporarily, I’m not quite that melodramatic. Still counts though.

So, to answer this, I have decided to use the scientific method. Aka, tinder randoms.

I have a date with another dude tonight. Cute redhead nurse, seems funny, right up my alley.

I’m a bit off my game, being a total chubby loser who has no job and lives in her mum’s basement, but hey.

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You know what? F*ck this. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 10 20194:17:01 PM |
After spending the morning/afternoon crying over not being able to force myself to look for a job I don't want and have had no luck getting, I think I'm going to stop it.

Instead, I'm going back to school again. This time, for something far more practical.

I've decided to study funeral services, and become an embalmer/funeral director.

I love human anatomy, I'm damn good at hosting and event arrangement, and I'm always at my personal best when external events are at their worst.

I guess this means I'll have to take out some loans and get a crappy job and just work and work until classes start in September.

It feels AMAZING to have something that I'm actually looking forward to and to feel good about for, guys. Especially after a super suicidey morning. Urg.

I am not looking forward to telling my family, though. I know they really wanted me to find an office job.

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I think my mum was right about pets taking after their owners. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 07 20195:02:51 PM |

Ass, grass, booze and snooze.

I applied for thirty jobs this week. Nothing back.

I did buy Paczkis though so there's that.

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This is Laramie, he lives in my kitchen. - Mood:Good
Monday April 01 20198:08:33 PM |
Everyone sai ‘Hi, Laramie’!

A cold leaned over a bus seat and couched on me and now I have a child-sized cold.

Also, I’m feeling better than yesterday. Had lunch with my old roommate, and got to meet his mum. Apparently she was disappointed because for the first thirty seconds she though I was the girl he was dating only to find out that alas, I am not. So that’s a nice confidence booster, I guess.

(RIP sponge)

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Depressing journal is depressing - Mood:Good
Saturday March 30 201911:49:16 PM |
I’m at my ex’s picking up my poo into boxes.

‘But wait, Kate.’ You might say. ‘You broke up like two months ago!’

Yes that is absolutely true. You know what’s also true? I can’t drive and his car’s toast for the highway and since we’re both dead broke a rental is out of the question.

My mom offered to help but she’s been putting it off to work on her bathroom renovations and honestly I don’t want to get mad at her because free help moving is free help moving.

But it really, really sucks. This is unbelievably crappy.

I have a roof over my head, but it’s not mine. I know I’m not out-on-the-streets-homeless, but I am definitely without a home and that’s rsally drating with me . I don’t have a job, I don’t really have a social life, and I’ve lost my boyfriend.

So coming back here, and packing up what was once my home so I can store it and go back t

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My job interview is tomorrow. Please give me your best interview advice. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 28 20198:51:46 PM |
Stuff like good answers to common questions, good things to say, and impressive questions to ask.

For every new piece of advice I am given, I will post a new picture of my bunny, Maurie, aka Pooperton Dan, aka the hairy little man, aka Destructo.

Thanks guys!

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I have a second interview - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 26 201912:56:58 PM |
Wish me luck, buttbobs!

It is on Friday for an admin assistant position.

My cousin actually did her internship at the company and recently accepted a job there.

I got hit in the knee be a dog at the pet store.

It was a very friendly doggo, just a big golden who was running around being friendly who happened to crash scull first into me because they are such a goober, but dang it hurts. I feel like the owner should probably rein in their good boy if they’re so boisterous. Because they saw it happen and laughed.

And I was like !!!

Your dog is full of love and sunshine but my knee is now full of pain plainly some SPF is required in this situation.

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