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Female, 84 years old
Tatooine, Western US

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I've been a bit of a delinquent today. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 22 20185:53:57 PM |
The dumb corporate office set up a Health and Safety meeting a few weeks ago, but forgot to notify us until after business hours the night before, so most of us didn't attend and, lo and behold, they send us a handout and some videos to watch and a QUIZ to turn in by the end of the week.

Like, if they'd made it clear we'd have to do something extra if we didn't attend, I bet more people would have logged in to the meeting and just not paid attention to it, haha.

Anyway, I watched and read the dumb stuff and then gave the answers to everybody in the office because I'm nice like that and it was literally zero new information there.

I also forged a coworker's initials for the accounting person because she needed to put a bill in to get paid.

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It`s so typical to capture anonymity - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 16 20185:38:51 PM |
I came into work late this morning because I had an appointment at the optometrist before my VSP runs out at the end of this month. My optometrist is a goofy guy and he talks nonstop the whole appointment, today it was about Disney mostly because he saw my Star Wars purse, lol.

Anyway, he said "These are the best glasses I've seen all year!" about my lenses, haha. He usually does complement me on the state of my glasses as I am very careful with them.

I got into work about 10 and my boss informs me my coworker had an "accident" and broke her finger and she won't be in again until Monday. I said to him "You'd make me come in if I broke my finger, wouldn't you?" and he kind of exasperatedly says "No comment", haha.

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If you scream in a dream, you wake up. - Mood:Bored
Friday May 11 20185:43:00 PM |
Or it would seem so as that's what happened to me this morning. I only remember a snippet of a dream in which I was asleep/laying in our bed and the husband was taking a shower in my bathroom for some reason and a ghost appears at the end of the bed, but it's not humanoid, it's like a definite mist, and I screamed. That's what woke me up. Then, I was dreaming of doing exactly what I was doing sans the husband showering and ghost, so I was like "Was that... real?!". Kind of a spooky way to wake up today.

Anyway, I was thinking about which Star Wars planet would be the best to live on:

Naboo- beautiful, lots of greenery and bodies of water
Ahch-To- beautiful scenery, most importantly PORGS
Tatooine- feel like I live there already
Coruscant- too f*cking busy, omg, I get anxiety just looking at the bustling cityscape
Dagobah- a damn swamp, gross

This is just off the top of my head.

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Help me, yt, you`re my only hope. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 03 201812:45:30 AM |
Ok, that's a lie, but I want you to choose the shirt I'm going to wear on May 4th because I can't decide and, obviously, this is very important! Behold, my Uniqlo Star Wars shirts that I bought in Orlando:

I'm going to have to iron the chosen one, obviously, they've been folded for way too long and crammed into luggage, etc.

A. Millennium Falcon
B. Porgs on R2D2

I'm being torn apart.

Please help!

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Ok, then. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 29 201812:47:23 AM |
Last Sunday my mom told me she was selling her house and moving out here and that she was going to rent for a year and then buy a house.

She's been wishy-washy all week (pretty unlike her, tbh) and tonight she tells me that they (her and my grandmother live together) are going to rent a place back at home if she sells the house. She's been very flippant about it and I've moved cross country and she has a lot of stuff, so I've been telling her she needs at least a GENERAL plan and I keep bringing up things that she hasn't even thought about and I'm just over it, tbh.

I'd love to have her out here, but if she's not ready to move yet, that's fine, too.

We went to a vintage toy store today and it was totally fun. I was the only female in there and it was cute. cuck bought me a few little things. I don't go out shopping too much anymore, but it was fun today.

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Let the door swing. - Mood:Good
Monday April 23 20184:05:21 PM |
Today totally has a Monday feel, but the day seems to be moving along pretty nicely, so I probably shouldn't complain.

I'm going to my friend's wedding in June back at home and I put the RSVP in the mail today. She had a blank on there for you to indicate a song for their "playlist". At first, my mind went to some pretty tired weddings songs (some of which I love, but eh), but I finally came up with one I was satisfied with- You Send Me by Sam Cooke. Nice and not heard at every wedding in the known universe.

They are getting married at the zoo, so that should be fun.

My mom is putting her house up for sale, so I don't even know if I'll have a place to stay when I go home, lol. "Also, btw, Rag, find me a place to rent for a year out there.", oh ho ho, no pressure or anything. There's more to it than that and I'm a little stressed.

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I need streaming help, my lovelies! - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 11 20183:22:53 PM |
Disclaimer: I am old school and have illegally streamed ONE movie ever because someone else provided me the link (then I proceeded to by the Blu-Ray of said movie when it came out, lol). I have cable and Netflix (streaming and DVD), so this is generally how I watch stuff.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what my best way to watch the entire series of Girls would be. HBO Now & HBO Go seems to have a lot of complaints attached to it, though I could do a 30 day free trial (allegedly).

Amazon Prime will let me watch the first two seasons included, but not the last four. I'd have to pay extra for that.

Then I'm like, do I need the Chromecast stick if I do that or should I watch stuff on my netbook? I watched Call Me By Your Name on my netbook and I honestly didn't mind it that much.

What should I do? I'm good with this stuff when I get into it and generally don't have problems, but..

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I`m water while you drown. - Mood:Spent
Monday April 09 20186:49:51 PM |
The last few weeks at work, I've just been really eye-rolly about this place. I hit 10 years of service in January and the work is pretty routine at this point, there hasn't been enough of it for the day to go by quickly, and several coworkers have just generally been irritating me. My boss has been pretty good to me lately, so I feel a little guilty.

My boss has actually been one of the lesser annoying people lately, lol. He is def procrastinating on a submittal due next week, but that's par for the course.

The gal that does accounting here really takes advantage, if you ask me. She takes personal calls almost every day, doesn't keep the exact same schedule all the time, etc. I like here, but it's so hard to stay motivated when other people are f*cking off. Why did it fall on *me* to clean up the Accounting drive, which I did today? She was in another employees office for...

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Toys & other evolving/dying industries - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 04 20181:50:20 PM |
I hadn't really thought about it until yesterday when I was visiting another forum site, but someone was talking about how kids want different kinds of toys/entertainment than when I was a kid.

Like, action figures are apparently not as big of a thing as they used to be and kids want to play on their tablets and want digital content instead of actual physical stuff these days.

I've recently been in Target and Wal-Mart's toy departments and it really seems to be true. I know LEGO is pretty big still, even though I've heard their sales are declining a bit recently, but no fad stays hot forever.

Speaking of, my SW LEGO sets were delivered by Amazon on Easter Sunday, but I haven't started putting them together yet.

What other industries do you find have changed dramatically in the last 10-20 years or are going through a big change right now?

I think tv/movies is def a big one.

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Oh. - Mood:Good
Friday March 23 20183:30:42 PM |
So I read recently that "fandom" is short for "fanatic domain" and not just some shortening of "fan kingdom", lol. I know just enough to be dangerous at times.

I'll probably be cheating on yt some now, because I just joined a new forum. It's a Star Wars one and I'm kind of surprised at how intelligent the conversation is at this place. The funny thing to me is that they asked a basic Star Wars question when you're registering or else I guess you fail the requirement to join, haha.

Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday and payday and all that jazz. I've been meaning to watch The Force Awakens again all week, but have been too tired at night to do so without falling asleep, so I'll rectify that tonight.

My new purse is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so yay.

How it go, lovelies?

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Who wants a post card? - Mood:Good
Saturday March 10 20184:23:47 PM |
I have 9 extra post cards left over from our trip to Walt Disney World. You would have to PM me your address and name (if I don't know it already), of course.

Also, don't ask if we're mortal enemies and you're pretty sure I don't want you to have any idea of where I live.

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