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Female, 34 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Theater / Singing
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: Donuts
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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How do i transport, heat, and pour caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and pb sauce? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 29 201910:26:39 AM |
So. Im planning a bit of a showstopper dessert for my husband's class on Halloween.

I have clear plastic spider cups. Im going to make chocolate chip cookies that fit on the bottom. Then cupcakes with candy in the middle (butterfingers, lindts choco balls, or snickers) on top of the cookie. Then im making a caramel, a ganache, and a peanut butter sauce that will hopefully be warm, and can be put over everything. Then whipped cream.

Im going to assemble the cookie and cupcake into the cup, then id like to have the 3 choices of sauces available to put on.
But what on earth do i put them in?
Ideally a squeeze bottle that i can microwave, but i don't have any of those, nor could i find any i trust to microwave that can be here by Wednesday.


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Costume me, yt - Mood:Good
Sunday October 20 20199:55:00 PM |
So, i think im am going to deliver spooky baked goods to my husband's class on Halloween. I want to dress up to deliver them.
What baking related costume can i wear, that i can make/ buy cheap, that's not TOO involved (in case I'm the only one dressed up)?

I thought about an eclair. But. Not sure how I'd do that.

Any thoughts?

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Burritos, gorditos, tortas, oh my! (Help) - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 15 20199:51:40 PM |
I live in the land of Mexican food, yet have no idea what most of it is. Ive tried googling, but with stuff like taco and burrito, i get wildly different/ variety of answers.

Mostly, i want to know if i go into a restaurant and order a _____, what am i gonna get


Though, this is more of hey, Mexican food thread, then a hey, help me with what these are. Though. That's appreciated too

Every time i get tacos somewhere, it's a soft shell, super doughy thing im not fond of but i have no idea what i should be ordering. Normally, i just wouldn't get Mexican but that's kinda impossible here. Plus i bet there's something i like, I'm just not aware of it yet.

What's your go to Mexican restaurant food?

P.s. Rhonda Rousey is a terrible actress.

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Bake Sale ideas and prep, and Skyping with my Family for my Birthday. - Mood:Good
Saturday October 12 20195:33:53 PM |
I'm skyping with my family for my birthday. Its an experience. My aunt takes over 97% of the conversation. I can see my mom, gram and gramp. But its all aunt, all the time, talking. Well, plus i can see my gramp but he can't hear me anyway, his hearing is mostly gone. They have to yell. He waves. I wave.

I opened presents Mom got me a mixer!! Woo.

Its bittersweet. I wish I was there. But man. I also am glad I'm not.

I moved my plants inside, getting cold at night.

Bake sale! Its Tuesday and Thursday. I'm thinking of making 2 things for Tuesday, 2 things for Thursday.
- Spice cupcakes
- Apple brownies
- Stained glass halloween cut out sugar cookies
- Lemon ginger brownies
- Other cookies
- ?

Its Halloween/ Fall themed. The lemon brownies would be pushing it, but ginger is fall-y..?

Any suggestions of what to bake?

I'm all by myself and kinda sad.


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I`ve found a gif that perfectly depicts my dream life. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 10 20192:12:40 PM |
Its snow white (or one of the Disney princesses) with a rolling pin, baking while her woodland creature friends look on. Ah.

I'm baking. Ambitiously. I have 3 and a half hours and I'm in process of making witch finger cookies, pumpkin flavored pumpkin cookies, and mini pumpkin cupcakes (to use up three rest of the puree). Then walk them all up to campus for my husband's class.

Cookie doughs are made, witches are being refridged, pumpkins are in process of baking. I worry they aren't going to keep their ball shape. They are very sticky.

Y'all. It's my birthday in 2 days. I'm not as fanatically excited this year like i usually seem. Don't know why. I think I'm going to skype with my family for it. Also think I'm going to make myself a cake. Though i can't decide if i wanna order pizza, or make myself chicken, for dinner.
Mostly celebrating Saturday.


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Fade in on a girl with a hunger for fame, And a face and a name to remember - Mood:Good
Sunday October 06 20196:37:16 AM |
I started watching British Bake Off on Netflix. I think its the series from 2018?
I'm so excited to try some of the recipes. So far, Wagon Wheels. Though, i'm so not making my own jam or marshmallow. Someday I will make marshmallow from scratch. Probably not soon.

It took me til 15 minutes in to realize that biscuit week meant they were making cookies. Considering the amount of Brit tv and radio shows I consume, thats just sad.

I introduced my husband to the show Smash. We are 2 episodes in and he's already far too invested and very, very angry at who got the main role (the show is about a fictional broadway show being made, from the ground up). It is getting so many songs stuck in his head, that he therefore sings to death. Ah. I love him, but he is no Megan Hilty. So many broadway people are in it, its so exciting for me to point out to him. Though he breaks my heart....

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Soon within my tapestry along the rutted road, He sat down on a river rock and turned into a toad - Mood:Good
Monday September 30 201912:45:31 AM |
I've decided to get holiday tapestries. We have a large amount of blank wall space (that drives me nuts, I hate blank wall space) above our couch.

I was going to put up a spiderweb lights thingy I bought on clearance last Halloween, but.. Its difficult. Its a tangled mess, not quite long enough, and just.. Not right there.

SO. I amazoned for "holiday wall" to see what came up and TAPESTRIES! Awesome. Light weight, easy to store away, I can change them with the seasons, not super expensive. I'm very excited.

Anyone wanna help me pick some out?

For now i'm looking for Halloween/ Fall/ Christmas. Though, I like more cute/ Fall for Halloween than scary.

Ahh I love shopping.
I'm going to not spend a ridiculous amount of money on these.
But I'm really rather excited.


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Apple Picking, West Nile Virus, Book Cheating, Too Anxious for Puppies, etc - Mood:Good
Monday September 23 20198:52:56 AM |
We went apple picking yesterday! Which, coming from western NY and now living in New Mexico I never thought I'd do here, and have never done there. Well. Unless you count picking the apples in my moms and aunts backyards.
The smell of apples rotting on the ground brought back a lot of memories. My aunt tends her trees, but growing up, my mom had 3 apple trees in her backyard that she ignored. So. Our backyard always smelled in rotten apples in the fall. Its not a pleasant smell.

It was SO HOT. I don't get hot easily. I was dying. Why is it so damn hot here. Its September! This was the last weekend of apple picking too. Ugh. I got bit by a mosquito, it super hurt. I got bitten to death by mosquitoes working in the park in VA, but either they hurt worse here, or I'm out of practice at getting bitten. Probably the latter.


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Loan interest is putting me in a funk. - Mood:Good
Friday September 20 20197:39:17 AM |
I've paid the amount of one of my loans, in terms of how much money ive paid to it. But it's still the same balance. Because interest. It doesnt go down. Every payment i make, just pays off the interest, so it doesn't go down. Stays the same balance. I may throw myself off a bridge.

And that's one loan. I have 2. Husband has one very large one. At least his is in the forgiveness program. If that keeps being a thing. Mine are just. Growing. Always. No matter if i make payments or not. I'm going to die of old age and still have a ton of student loan debt.

I mostly try not to think about them because they really affect my mental health when i do. But husband asked me to look into whether trying to take an all at once small chunk out of one would really do anything or not. Which. I don't know. I don't math well. And would it be better to take a large chunk out of one of the sub-loans

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My 15 yr old pup died, Cupcake necklaces, puppy sitting, other things as i remember them - Mood:Good
Sunday September 15 20199:54:11 PM |
My Lucas died he was old, and going down hill. And he had a good, long life. He was really pretty healthy until the last couple months. Ah super Duke.

Still deciding on which cupcake fancy necklace to buy. Went to Zales today to check on theirs. See if by chance they had / could get one in stock to look at. They didnt.

There's a puppy sitting opportunity! I'm very excited


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What movies/ documentaries will expand my husbands societal perspectives? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 08 20194:30:37 PM |
My husband is sheltered. He's a very, shut himself in a room and work with numbers and equations person.
But he teaches counseling/psychology (research and stats), so he wants to be a bit more familiar with others lived experiences.

I'm trying to find some good movies and documentaries for us to watch, since i too am very homebody, and watching stuff like that is one way i try to get some perspective on others experiences and cultures. But i like that stuff i like expanding my whatnot, he's never really thought about it before.

I watch a lot of stuff on HIV/AIDS, so i got that covered with a few docs and movies (though do suggest good ones i may have missed.

But what are some good ones for stuff like, different cultures, disabilities, deaf, black, Hispanic, time period stuff, history etc.

Uplifting too please, we'd rather not fall into a pit of depression

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