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Female, 32 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Poetry / Singing
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Birthday:10/11/1985 (32 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: free. i like free food.
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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We are in santa fe - Mood:Good
Monday January 08 201810:03:46 PM |
We've been here 3 hours. And it's been an AMAZING 3 hours. And we haven't left the hotel yet.

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I have a hair question - Mood:Good
Monday January 01 20186:31:14 PM |
The back of my head, crown maybe?, the hair is short, asks like, bubbles if not done.

Is that normal? I have long hair. The hair that is directly in back, that starts at the top, only goes to the nape of my neck. Like, it never grows. It won't grow longer than that.

What the hell?

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I need a festive but not super festive movie to watch. - Mood:Good
Friday December 22 20171:41:49 AM |
I was thinking Home Alone(s), but none of my streamy channels have it.

Harry Potter maybe? I've seen/ read them so many times though. And I'd rather re-read than re-see.

I don't know. Whats other good holiday-but-not-really-holiday movies?

I made chocolate crinkle cookies. Plain for me, then the plan was to make half the mix mint chocolate for husband. But I didn't have any mint extract. Or mint chocolates to chop up. So i melted some mint chocolate chip ice cream into it Though unfortunately, now they are too minty for me and not minty enough for him.

Hm. Heartwarming, but not outright christmas movies. Hulu needs a category for that.

Though I do enjoy Hulu's categories. I watched through all of the "90s sitcom Holiday episode". excellent. Cuz while i enjoy a Full House Christmas episode.. thats about all i wanna see of it.

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I`m making chili. Which is difficult. Since not only do i not like chili, i have no idea what its supposed to be/taste like. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 20173:17:49 AM |
For my husband. I found a recipe. Followed it. Mostly.

It looks.. i dunno. Like a bunch of chopped up food simmering.

My family wasn't a chili family. I make him tomato meat sauce, which i also hate, but my gram made it from scratch every week, so i have an idea of what I'm doing.

Chili? No idea.

I made myself a tomato sandwich. Accidentally too much garlic salt. Lips are burning a bit now.

Its almost christmas!! Which I'm excited about. But also sad. The first christmas i will ever spend not at my grandma's.
Even the one i slept through (i was sick), i was at my grandmas. That was a sad, disappointing xmas after i was well

I haven't seen my family since last christmas. It kills me a bit.

But! husband and i will make it special. Hes keeps saying anything i want to do, let's do. He's so trying to make it awesome and make it sad.

Hi. Do you make chili?

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I have no internet. Which means no tv, no computer, no phone. That`s all i do :-/ - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 19 20174:36:11 AM |
This sucks. I'm on my phone now but i don't wanna use all my data to stay on it.

My 2 main things to do right now, at 2:30am, is to watch tv and play my phone app game. I was watching a poker marathon, roku, youtube.

We don't have cable, just roku. And antenna. But where we live we get about 8 channels, half of which are in Spanish. Plus it's 2:30am. Not really the time for quality programming.

THOUGH, ironically, 2am watching Poker After Dark is how i got super into watching poker.


I suppose i can read.
What makes this more difficult is that my husband is sleeping. So i can't make any noise of any sort. He's a super light, super crabby sleeper. But hed a bit sickly atm.

I ate week old lemon cream pie. I'm afraid I'm going to die now. But god damn that was good.

I suppose i could go take a shower. It's all the way across apt from husband.

Then read.


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Can you translate a foreign language? - Mood:Good
Monday December 18 201711:21:17 PM |
I'm not sure what language. Or if it is a language.

My brother in law is posting stuff on Facebook. his husband is from India, so.. possibly a language spoken in India?

His brother has some mental health issues, we'd like to know what he is saying to see if we should be worried or not. He's been a bit... off lately. And his husband away.
He posting the text in picture form though, can't copy paste to translator.

Id post the pictures here but seeing as i don't know what they say i don't wanna get warned for posting swear words or threats to murder people or such.

Anyone wanna give it a go? I can pm stuff.

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I need fashion advice. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 17 20173:27:51 AM |
So, i have this dress.
It was supposed to be part of a halloween costume, but it got replaced.

So now i just have this dress.
It's cute, I'd like to wear out.
But it's tighter /more form fitting than i am used to.

So my question is; what under garment to i wear under it?
Keeping in mind that i would like to be covered in case i accidentally flash people ( i will..I'm not used to wearing dresses). Also that i don't do thongs, and would prefer not to have a panty line. Oh, also, i hate tight things on my stomach.

Which leaves me with.. nothing that i know of



Is it doomed to be a nightgown :-o

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I feel like a Disney princess/ I realized something about pants - Mood:Good
Saturday December 09 20177:07:15 AM |
When I wake up, after a long nights sleep, I feel like i'm in a Disney movie. I want birds to show up at my window sill, and i want to burst into rooms joyously singing songs. "Its moooorning!" Throwing my arms into the air, dancing with coat racks.

Its nice.

I have about 20 pairs of pants. Maybe 30, counting pj pants, fancy pants, etc. For a while evvveryone was buying me pj pants for all gift giving occasions.

However, I realized I wear about 3-5 of them 90% of the time.
Exacerbated by the fact that I am pretty house-bound.
And before that I wore a uniform to work.

I will even go so far as to name them. I wear a super super soft fuzzy pair of black pj pants. A pair of blue with clouds super soft pj pants. And a pair of used-to-be-soft- but-not-so-much- anymore black pj pants with purple and white stars on them.
90% of the time.

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Might as well make another one to highlight my non tech savviness. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 06 20176:40:45 AM |
We just switched our tvs between rooms so we can plug headphones into the one in the living room since i am awake at all hours and he's sleeping.

I thought i knew how to turn on and watch the dvd player on the other tv (though i haven't done it in awhile). But i can't figure this one out. Everything looks connected right. I turned on the player with the button. But Input isn't showing it, just the roku and antenna.

Grrr. I had serious movie plans tonight too, watching Ellen Foster then Curly Sue.

We have to make a major life decision in the next 24 hours. So, that's fun. It's not an obvious choice either, we don't think, which drives my husband crazy. I'm more, whatever we decide is meant to be. He's all, that's bullsh*t, there is a right and wrong choice. Or at least a better choice.
I just can't think like that. It would drive me bananas.


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Question for today yall - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 05 20177:33:07 AM |

I'm wrapping and labeling the Christmas gifts for my family.
I'm about halfway done and realized... should i be signing them frim both me and my husband instead of just me like i have been? On one hand, it's my family and it's from me and not really him but we ARE married and all and share finances and such. And stuff signed from my mom and stepdad, my stepdad had no idea what "he" got us kids even when we were very not kids anymore. But we are his kids. Whereas, is a shirt i got for my mom, necklaces i got for my sister from both of us? Stuff from my sister to me isn't from her and her husband, just her.

What do you do? Do you sign from both of you if you are married? For everyone or certain people? At what point do you start?

Being married is complicated

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Celery Poisoning/ Weekend Getaway - Mood:Good
Monday December 04 20178:25:46 AM |
So, I ate a piece of celery an hour ago. Like, 2 inches long piece of celery. Immediately my tongue went completely numb. So i didn't eat anymore.
My mouth still feels so weird. I can feel my tongue again but my throat feels like, hurty and swollen on the sides. Breathing fine and all.
But wtf.
And it feels like its getting worse.
But an hour plus later? What?

I'm dying yall.

In other news, we are trying to find a nice weekend getaway place to go over winter break. No more than like 3-4 hours away. But more than an hour.
Theres a hot springs place one of his students told him about. Looking into that,
Also Tucson. Though I'm not sure how far away it is. Or what there is to do there.

I wanna go to like, a cute but chic fancy ski lodge, without the skiing. Does that exist out here?

Well. Thats if I don't die from celery poisoning before we get there.


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Sleeping on the couch is just not satisfying. And hurts a little. - Mood:Good
Sunday November 26 20178:20:45 PM |
Tree is done!

Husband is away on business I'm all bored and lonely.

I was going to make cookies. But meh. I was gonna make christmas cookies. But meh.

Christmas shopping is mostly done. Had to shop early this year to get it sent across the country. Plus don't have too many people to buy for anymore.
I do still have a couple to get.
It loses a bit of its fun when you are broke.
Also when you across the country from everyone.

Husband and i are thinking of taking a weekend trip somewhere in December. Trying to figure out where. No more than 3-4 hours away i think.

South is mexico, no.
East is texas, meh.
North is Albuquerque and Santa fe. Though i think they are more than 4 hours away.
West is Arizona/ tucson. Not sure how far.


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So, about Tablets. - Mood:Good
Saturday November 25 20176:49:47 PM |
I know nothing about tablets.

I have a laptop but I've noticed i don't use it much anymore, i am forever on my phone.
Things i do:
-use chrome for stuff like yt, other sites
-play farming/town games

My husband thinks i should get a tablet cuz:
-i kill my eyes on my phone
-i kill my battery on my phone
-my games would be easier to play

Neither of us know anything about tablets.

Is it worth it to get one?
Can i play my games on there?
What can/can't i do on a tablet compared to my phone?
Other thoughts?

Amazon has some deals on some this weekend.

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I need an idea of what to do, that`s open on Thanksgiving, that doesnt require walking - Mood:Good
Thursday November 23 20172:50:48 PM |
We were young to go hiking today, my husband and I, too celebrate. Especially because our family is across the country having a feast without us

But my husband hurt his leg. So im trying to think of what we can do instead. I'm coming up empty

Ive already had pie :D watched parade, watched sesame street christmas movie.
Have on a turkey headband. Made croutons.

We are going to dennys for dinner.

I wish we were closer to family for holidays.

Any ideas?

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What sounds do you hear in the middle of the night? Traffic, sirens, animals, screaming people, etc - Mood:Good
Friday November 17 20171:36:18 AM |
I came from suburbs, where I heard.. nothing. Maybe crickets.

Then to a city, where I heard sirens all throughout the night. Also teenagers in our parking lot all freaking night long.

Now here i hear.. coyotes i think. And humming from something in our apt i haven't identified yet.

Its been a stressful night.
Talk to me about happy things.
I need some happy conversation.

Name me some happy topics.

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