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Female, 33 years old
ny, Western US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

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Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
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Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
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Fav. Food: Donuts
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My 15 yr old pup died, Cupcake necklaces, puppy sitting, other things as i remember them - Mood:Good
Sunday September 15 20199:54:11 PM |
My Lucas died he was old, and going down hill. And he had a good, long life. He was really pretty healthy until the last couple months. Ah super Duke.

Still deciding on which cupcake fancy necklace to buy. Went to Zales today to check on theirs. See if by chance they had / could get one in stock to look at. They didnt.

There's a puppy sitting opportunity! I'm very excited


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What movies/ documentaries will expand my husbands societal perspectives? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 08 20194:30:37 PM |
My husband is sheltered. He's a very, shut himself in a room and work with numbers and equations person.
But he teaches counseling/psychology (research and stats), so he wants to be a bit more familiar with others lived experiences.

I'm trying to find some good movies and documentaries for us to watch, since i too am very homebody, and watching stuff like that is one way i try to get some perspective on others experiences and cultures. But i like that stuff i like expanding my whatnot, he's never really thought about it before.

I watch a lot of stuff on HIV/AIDS, so i got that covered with a few docs and movies (though do suggest good ones i may have missed.

But what are some good ones for stuff like, different cultures, disabilities, deaf, black, Hispanic, time period stuff, history etc.

Uplifting too please, we'd rather not fall into a pit of depression

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I have a face mask on. Its an interesting experience. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 01 20193:42:24 AM |
I've never face masked before. For a bunch of reasons: im allergic to most things topical, i dont care too much about the "beautiful glow" of my face, and these things are expensive.

But i thought id give it a try. But with a super gentle, not painful peeling mask. I specifically looked for gentle. I dont want to rip. I want to gently peel

First, it spilled all over me when i opened the jar. Then i tested some on my arm. It came off alright. Bit itchy. And semi painful with the wispy hairs.

So i put some on my face. Nose and forehead. No need to go whole hog yet.

Its drying.

One thing i did not anticipate is my lack of glasses. Since the goop is on my nose. Which means i cant watch tv or such for the 20 minutes its drying. My nose is literally 2 inches from my tablet to type.

I also feel a bit HP Petrified. Stone.

Oh no. I have to sneeze. My face might crack like glass.


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Ooooo baby do you know what that`s worth, oooo heaven is a place on earth - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 27 20197:02:31 PM |
I sent in butter pecan cupcakes with caramel and vanilla swirled frosting with my husband, for his class.

2 boxes, 4 dozen.
They are damn tasty.

Husband just texted me, they are making baking requests the red hots cinnamon cupcakes i made over the summer.
Hm. Those were kind of a, lets throw this in and see what happens, kind of recipe i think.

Hes teaching 3 night classes a week this semester. Lots of baking time. Thinking i might make banana cupcakes next. Since i have a bunch of browning bananas.

Still super hot out. Might start going for walks when it gets cooler.

Things i should be doing:

- dishes
- showering
- tidying

Things i am doing
- laying on the couch

I did wax though. So there's that.


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I`m out of town - Mood:Good
Thursday August 08 201912:26:53 AM |
I dont wanna say where i am, because I'm paranoid like that, but we are on vacation

It's been mostly good!! Got here yesterday, explored the hotel. There is a TON to explore in this hotel.
This morning i got my period and horrid cramps
So we got a bit of a late start. Got breakfast. Came back to the room to hopefully wait out the cramps (meds to work), and we played a trivia game

Then we went down to the casino, because we don't casino, so we went down to check it out. We tried to play a few games but we couldn't figure out how. And they all look like slots. How boring.
So we came back up to the room, decided to go pedal boating! The dude was super rude, but we had a good time on the boat. Husband surprised himself and enjoyed himself
We were co pedaling, and he was getting tired so i said I'll take over for a bit. Well. When he stopped i realized

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Do SOs still say "bless you" (or some such) to each other when they sneeze? - Mood:Good
Monday August 05 20193:34:30 AM |
I just realized that my husband and I don't say anything to each other when we sneeze. Mostly because today I yelled "bless you!" from the other room, and it felt weird, because i realized, we don't do that anymore.
Sometimes he'll say "SNEEZE CAKE" (he calls me Cake) when I do. Or comment on the loudness or amount. Most often he says "oh no" and steadies me when I go to sneeze because I've been known to knock myself over (I have powerful sneezes) (gave myself a black eye once). But we don't do the whole "gesundheit!" and haven't, i think, for years. Strangers, friends, yes. Each other, no.

We got a bug zapper. A hanging, black light, bug zapper, for the tons of seed bugs that somehow find their way into our kitchen, hang around our ceiling light, then all die and rain onto the floor, every week or so.


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Boom! Shake, Shake, Shake the Room. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 01 201912:10:30 AM |
My shake and bake chicken came out pretty good. I'm always convinced I'm going to salmonella myself when I make chicken. Fingers crossed I don't.

I'm wearing a maroon shirt, red pants, and with my newly dyed red hair, its just not a good look. Luckily, I didn't leave the apt today.

Its thundering and lightning really loud. And normally I love a thunderstorm. But I'm a bit freaked out by this one.

I finished watching Christopher Robin. It was cute.

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. We are going on vacation soon. I could pack. I've been doing so. I take awhile. Packing to me is like solving a big puzzle. Finding all the stuff I need, them making them all fit together, in an organized way. Its fun. But a challenge.


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I`m using my degree! I`m back to being The Facilitator of Fun. - Mood:Good
Saturday July 27 20194:21:23 PM |
Its nice to dust it off.

I majored in recreation and leisure/ therapeutic reaction. Basically program and activity creating, facilitating, adapting, etc yada.

Husband is having a day of activities in his class, to simulate doing tasks with impairments. THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. So I made him 7 stations of 12 activities. We got the last materials needed yesterday.

Today I am finishing up writing the instructions, printing and laminating the instructions and signage, trying out the activities, trying to figure out how long the activities should take. gathering and organizing the materials. And other things I'm sure Im forgetting. Activities like, doing a maze in a mirror, stacking cups with oven mitts on, doing brain teaser matchstick puzzles. I got simulation glasses for cataracts, blurry vision, diabetic eye diseases.


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YT is back, but its still so quiet! - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 23 20194:23:33 AM |
So have my drivel.

My hair has calmed down (in the artificial light of night) to a lovely brownish red. Its tomato cream sauce color in the sun. An interesting change.
I found a jar of hair dye thats about 9 years old that i almost used instead. I probably.. shouldn't use it?

The mini banana and pumpkin loaves were a hit with husbands students! Though I'm getting tired of that pan shape for now. Theres just so many of them (students). Its not as fun to bake for that many. About halfway through its like, ugh i have to make another batch, i wanted to just make one batch.

I went to the dentist! I haven't gone in years. It wasn't a thing in my family when I was growing in then I had a couple experiences that traumatized me.
I got told to come back after taking some Valium For an in depth, have to numb me, cleaning


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