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Female, 18 years old
Weird one, Boring one, Western US

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Me? A gold digger? Probably - Mood:Lovestruck
Tuesday February 23 202112:24:09 AM |
Had a crush on this chick I used to play kingdom hearts with and I made her a playlist and I make sure I'm the exact level as her so that when we're in the lobby, my character stands right next to her.

Maybe I just love her medals? She is a beast at this stupid game, and if she joined another team filled with pros, she would probably appear in the top leaderboard ranks and stuff and I feel bad because what if I'm the one holding her back? I'm lowkey the only semi-active one compared to the others in our group and I want to let her know that she can LEAVE and be the BEST and we'll be fine but she's like "No its okay :)" like? Can I marry you? may I marry you? Her medals have carried me throughout this game and I am so fine with that! Usually I don't like being carried in games but when its her I'm just in awe? How much of your life did you waste grinding in this game girl I love you

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How many of my virginities were lost today (spoilers: 2) - Mood:Sad
Saturday February 20 20213:48:58 AM |
I have actually lost my "whoops friend and I accidentally fell apart even though we were super close and thought we'd die together" virginity plenty of times...most of the time it's not really anyone's fault? More of just the universes or something. Or maybe it is and I'm just not seeing it? I keep having dreams about them and Brady.

Anywho also smoked weed for the first time. My brother who's whole personality is weed said to me once, "Hunny! Don't EVER smoke weed!!!!!!....but if u do it HAS to be with me first >:("

Spoiler alert, it wasn't with him. It was somewhere downtown in a penthouse after we got Korean BBQ with the BEST green milk tea on earth. Nothing really happened - just went on a rant about how J.cole and other "god" figures contradict themselves in their music sometimes. Maybe it isn't really contradicting, maybe just...them growing? Who knows

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Rose tea AND Vodka - Mood:Confused
Wednesday February 17 202111:01:00 PM |
If Tom Brady was my dad I think he'd invite me to his wedding right?? Brady wouldn't just invite the entire family PLUS a LITERAL BRONCOS PLAYER TO OFFICATE THE WEDDING and forget to invite me right??? If he was my dad I think he'd also show up to my graduation, art and school events. Also - maybe he would host a super-bowl party and invite me to it? Because he would know that I love Mahomes and everything??? And maybe when he would take us to the zoo, he would make sure to include me in the "family photos" we take there? Maybe he would have more than one photo of me on his walls??????????? He would also take me to football games and camping like the rest of my siblings right?

Idk, all I know is my rose tea vibes have been poisoned and I am going to write Brady and me fanfiction and before u ask; yes. its going to get weird.

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ROSE TEA - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday February 16 20218:26:27 PM |
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Mahomes Animation I made lol - Mood:Bored
Monday February 08 202112:19:18 PM |
This was supposed to be a joke, but then I got really into it and ended up spending about 3 months on it (maybe only two...if you extract the days I was "taking a break from it") In case you don't know, its based off an animation meme that was going around years ago that I found really weird but I we are lol.

Its an Instagram link which is linked to my art account lol

The ritual went well...and about the game honestly, Idk dude. There isn't much to say. Very bummed out. I found a new appreciation for Mahomes some how. Still apart of the Brady hate squad. Here's the cake - red velvet is still not my thing

Now I have to move on to something new until next season. We'll see where the wind takes me

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Nothing is stopping me (+super bowl talk) - Mood:Bored
Sunday January 31 202111:18:09 AM |
Nothing is stopping me from drawing self insert NFL drawings rn

I can't wait to see Brady get pegged on national television. I can't bet actual money though - I only have coins. Spent my money on cake stuff for the cleansing. And I'm still missing cherries and walnuts. Usually I would be so down to see Mahomes lose the SUPER BOWL and get his dreams destroyed, but 1. This is Brady we're talking about. Literally everyone I know hates Brady and 2. After the cleansing I cant say bad things about Mahomes anymore. Here's a Patrick Mahomes animation I'm working on. The brightest stars burn out the fastest.

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My mistakes and How I am going to repent - Mood:Good
Thursday January 21 20211:01:50 AM |
Good evening! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day :)

I fell for Patrick during the Raiders vs Chiefs game back in early October. Seeing his sad, depressing face after tasting their very first defeat of the season (to the raiders none the less) brought me joy. Too much joy. So much joy, in fact, that soon my feelings became...complicated.

I became a bit obsessed. The concept of the chiefs golden boy losing drove me crazy...I wanted to see him crash and burn. I wanted to see the glorious defeat of Mahomes. I wanted to see him lose everything. I wanted to witness a god turned mortal.

But now, I have realized my wrong doings.

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Letter I wrote to Mahomes in October and why I feel directly responsible for his condition - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday January 19 20214:09:53 AM |
Maybe I channeled bad vibes to him? Maybe he saw one of my posts and it cursed him? It could be the Madden curse he said wouldn't catch up to him??? All I wanted was to taste his sweet sweet tears as he cries at a game he thought he had but didn't! Maybe even a bloody nose??? Maybe I should stop sending such negative energy towards him?! If I keep this up, he's gonna break his right wrist while I simultaneously draw him as a mermaid or something :(

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Me and who??<3 - Mood:Good
Friday January 15 20215:03:00 PM |
I can't animate Spy vs Spy stuff in a style that directly mimics Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo, therefore I am going to rip my flesh out and smear it on my walls until they are bright pink and gooey with age. There's this animation gig near my place of residence that frankly I am over qualified for.
My family has a habit of not changing...they only had me because they thought babies could cure broken relationships. It messed up my brother, which messed up me, which is going to mess up my Nephew and its going to keep flowing like poison. I wanted to be the change, but I also just want to give up. I want to change my last name, but I also want to keep it? Convinced that if I become great and amazing, maybe it'll end this curse my last name seems to have? Anyways, Spy vs Spy lol

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List of things I will do (+animation things) - Mood:Happy
Friday January 08 20217:14:59 PM |
Things I want to do after I can go outside and enjoy things:
1. Go to Waffle house at 4 am 2. Fall in love with some loser at a roller rink who happens to have that certain MacTonight musk 3. Learn the names of all the fish at my local aquarium 4. Apologize to that one string ray (I dropped a shrimp in its spiracle) 5. Finally not feel like complete crap, enabling me to do more art stuff maybe 5. Maybe 6. Maybe 7. Go on a Walmart date with drummer of a bad local band...I think that's it?

Here's some before and after art stuff :) (sketch + animation):

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Hey uh - Mood:Good
Thursday January 07 20219:21:26 PM |
Not that it matters but all my Patrick Mahomes drabbles are gone and I'm pretty sure I didn't delete them off my profile so uh that's funny,,,
I'm sure that if it was purposefully deleted, it was because I used Patrick as a muse for the stories I created while I was slowly going insane over grilled cheese and other things. I'm not sure.

But I do miss them :( I know most of them were crazy but believe it or not I'm pretty sure that was my peak in terms of creative writing/journaling. Well anyways, new profile aesthetic lol

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Valentines DAY - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 05 20213:28:00 PM |
I am past my ant eating phase because yesterday I was in a Walmart and?! ALL THE VALENTINES DAY STUFF IS UP and I am so excited god I am so hyped I'm thinking some werid Strawberry Jam cake?? Maybe some rose tea who knows but I am losing it and I can't wait till the SUPER BOWL because I can finally have an excuse to scream into the VOID

Still not sure what I really wanna do though???????????? What r ya'll doing??

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