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Male, 232 years old
Baltimore, Maryland, Eastern US

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WW2 - Mood:Good
Friday April 19 201910:59:29 PM |
So I've long wondered what most countries did during WW2 and it seems like the truth is most countries did nothing and waited it out. Then there were a lot of countries who officially supported the allies but didn't send any troops. This is bizarre to me because in general I'm a pacifist, but I'd be the first to sign against the f*cking
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First glimpse of my turtle since Fall - Mood:Good
Friday April 19 20198:42:08 PM |
He was just sitting on the bottom of the pond, covered in gunk. At first I thought he was dead. Do turtles hibernate completely underwater? And if so how?

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Apparently I`m famous - Mood:Good
Monday April 15 20193:41:15 PM |
At brunch yesterday I noticed several people staring at me. Then when my dad left the table briefly someone pulled him aside and talked to him for a while. When he came back he said that she had asked him if I was the guy from American Idol.

I don't look anything like that! Why do people seem to think all redheads look the same?
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Do you think you can make real friendships online? - Mood:Good
Saturday April 13 20199:49:30 PM |
I've been using this language learning app that connects you to people based on what languages you know and want to learn with other people based on languages they know and want to learn. And so far it's been great. I've met a lot of people I really liked talking to.

But then I met this Polish girl. At first I really liked talking to her. But tonight we started talking about how she thought you can't really be 'friends' with anyone you haven't met in real life. So I said "Well the best friend I ever had was a woman I talked to for like 10 years, everyday" and she asked "did you meet her in real life?" and I said "well I planned to, I bought a train ticket but she had emergency surgery and before we could reschedule she died" and she said "WELL THEN YOU WEREN'T REALLY FRIENDS!". She's the assh*le here right?

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Is Grad school worth it? - Mood:Confused
Thursday April 11 20199:21:16 AM |
So I finally graduate this Fall and I had figured I'd just search for any GIS jobs and end up in a field I'm not really interested in but that I'd enjoy GIS enough that it'd be worth it.

But recently another possibility has occurred to me. Aside from space, evolutionary biology, and linguistics, one of my favorite subjects has always been ancient history/archaeology. I've noticed a lot of the promotional fliers in the Geography building here list 'discovering ancient civilizations' as one of the reasons to learn geography and GIS, but I've never seen them offer classes related to that.

Well last semester, a professor who taught my brother and sister Greek at their college in Nebraska joined the Classics faculty here. SInce they were close to him (he was invited to my sister's wedding reception but got stuck in an airport, he sent her a 400 roman bust as a gift, tho), I'd go ask him.

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Do I have any musical talent? - Mood:Hopeful
Saturday April 06 20191:18:56 AM |
I've been trying to compose piano songs for about a year. I've nearly completed about 7 but I've never been fully satisfied with any.

This is the first one I attempted:

(yes I like triplets)

Should I keep trying or just give up?
Please tell me the honest truth. Unless it's negative. In that case tell me sweet, sweet lies.

(Also I composed it but I still can't play it. That's something else entirely)

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Ketamine and more blood - Mood:Good
Thursday April 04 20197:57:29 PM |
So my psychiatrist was more receptive to the ketamine idea than I expected. She didn't help much but she basically said "well it works for some people. I don't prescribe it but I can look around for someone who does if you want." I told her I had already found a couple clinics here but was nervous about calling them and she basically just moved onto a different topic and later said I should keep looking into it.

Then my usual pharmacy didn't have one of the medications for one of the prescriptions she gave me so I had to go to one in a nearby grocery store. Where I saw this:

(on the right: for all the people who want 3 different flavors of plain! They also have a chocolate version which has milk, dark, and... chocolate chocolate. That's really what it says.)

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Mangoes, mangoes, and blood...y mangoes - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 02 20196:36:34 PM |
I went to a Punjabi grocery today to get paneer and to see what mango products they had.

I'd never heard of mango pickles before so I decided to try this. I got the only one that didn't say 'hot and spicy' on it so I thought I was safe... (I really hate spicy food).

And holy sh*t it was spicy.My mouth still hurt an hour later.

Luckily I could wash it down with this:

I also got a fresh mango and this is the result of me trying to peel it:

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What will your dying words be? - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 02 20192:35:57 AM |
I'm pretty sure these will be mine:

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Random intense depression today - Mood:Depressed
Monday April 01 20199:18:47 PM |
I was sitting in my first class this morning and all of the sudden I got this intense burst of depression, worse than I've felt in many months, maybe even years. It had no connection to anything that was going on in my class or my life but all I could think about was wanting to die.

I thought it might be related to getting drunk last Friday for the first time in months. Like I've heard people who do a lot of ecstasy on weekends will feel like sh*t the next Tuesday due to something with the brain chemicals. Maybe this is something similar? Tho I've never felt it before. It took so much effort to stay thru the end of my class, and then the hour before my next class, and then that one.

But the teacher of my only class tomorrow sent an email saying she has to cancel class because her daughter was sick. At first some people thought it was an April Fools thing but apparently it's real.

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Drinking for the first time in... 8 months? - Mood:Good
Friday March 29 20197:42:51 PM |
I never really 'quit', I just quit drinking when I'm around family members because it got to the point where 4-5 hours after I drank I started feeling intense anxiety and even really bad pain. I wasn't sure if it was because of the drinking, or because of anxiety from my family's disapproval, so that's what I'm testing tonight. And it's mango flavored vodka, so how could I resist?

So I'm still supposed to email the professor who interviewed me about that internship a few weeks ago with examples of websites that I programmed, but I haven't gotten around to it because the only 2 that are still up aren't really that impressive.

Also, my midterm exams did not go great. I think I did well on my programming class exam Wednesday since that's my specialty, but I got a B in Remote Sensing and a C+ in GIS and I'm really not happy about those.

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Well the interview was... awkward... - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 12 20191:36:22 PM |
So yesterday in my second class, the man I was going to interview with later came to our class to hand out pamphlets and tell us about the Geospatial Intelligence Masters program he runs. Then when I met with him for the interview later that day he apparently thought I was there to talk about the Masters program. He spent like 15 minutes talking about the program and I nodded patiently. Then I asked "OK can you tell me about this position I'm here about?" And he then starts talking about the curriculum for the Masters program. Finally I have to pull out my phone, find the email from my other professor who told me about the internship, and read it aloud for him. Then he realized why I was there. After that it went OK except I realized that while I had brought a copy of my published map, I didn't have any examples of websites I had coded.
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Internship Interview at 4. What should I say and not say? - Mood:Anxious
Monday March 11 201911:00:25 AM |
I haven't had a job related interview in a long time. Also I really don't know much about what the position would be because there is no public listing and the info I was told is very vague. I've never had an interview where I don't even know enough about the position to know if I want it.

I tried going thru their website but there are a lot of dead links and outdated info (maybe that's what they need help with?)

And the information that is there is pretty vague.

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Let`s compare movie tastes - Mood:Good
Saturday March 09 20192:58:13 PM |
Go here. You don't need to make an account unless you want to save your ratings. It shows like 10-15 movies to rate and then click more to see another set. Or search for movies you've seen and want to rate. After you rate at least 10 it will start suggesting movies it thinks you would like.

Then go here.
and check your TCI (taste compatibility) with me.

Try to rate films you think are great, good, mediocre, bad, and terrible. It compares based on percentiles so if you rate 9 movies as 100 and 1 as 95 it's going to think you hate the 95 one. And if I also rated that movie 95 but rated a bunch of others 0 it will think I love it and when it compares us it will think our tastes are very different.

I was going to put this min the movies forum but I guess you can only put actual movies there?

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Sister and Possible Internships? - Mood:Good
Thursday March 07 20197:19:51 PM |
So my sister is visiting from Germany. On her flight in the seat behind her there was a (probably drunk) German man who said to the man sitting next to him "Hello. What is your name? I will make love to you." Then when he went to the bathroom the flight attendant said to the man who was sitting next to him "We're aware of the situation and we're keeping an eye on it. We can move you if you want".

When we got home I got out of the car first and went inside to keep her dog (that we're taking car of while she's attending grad school in Germany) distracted and to get ready to film him seeing her for the first time in 6 months. So I set my camera to 4k mode and get ready... my sister comes in the door... and the dog walks right past her to greet my dad who he sees everyday. Eventually he seemed excited to see her but it was definitely not the reunion we expected.

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Mardi Gras Dinner - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 05 20196:45:44 PM |
So I was going to make the traditional pancake dinner but my parents want to be vegan for lent so we didn't have any milk. I found a recipe using soy milk but it's not completely vegan because it still uses eggs. But lent doesn't start until tomorrow anyway. Also it wanted almond extract but almonds are gross so I used a little lemon and a little orange extract. I might have made the pancakes too big...

Especially this one. My hand for scale:

Finished pancakes (including the crappy throwaway first one):

And for a side I got an "ugli" fruit which they are trying to rebrand as a "unique" fruit. It's supposed to taste like grapefruit but not bitter.

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Guys I`m scared - Mood:Frightened
Monday March 04 20194:20:03 PM |
I was hungry so I was looking in the fridge for something to eat and I thought... "hmm...I could really go for a salad".

That has never happened to me before. I've been a vegetarian for 17 years and I've never ordered or made a salad once (not counting the time I thought I was ordering a caprese panini but actually got a salad). I might have a little if one comes as a side but I never really enjoyed it.

I actually ate this:

I didn't even think to put any cheese on it! Oh god what's happening to me?

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I can`t think of a good title - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 26 20196:06:31 PM |
Driving to school I discovered the soda I had brought wasn't a twist off. But that didn't stop me. There were some casualties tho...

It hurts like hell when I wash my hands.

This was part of the international section at the grocery store:

Because who doesn't think of Britain when they think of countries with great food?

There was an ice cream flavor I didn't get a picture of called "Star Wars" because it had "a light side and a dark side". So... chocolate and vanilla. That's the laziest product placement I've ever seen.

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Coding, communist beverages, muppets, etc. - Mood:Good
Friday February 22 20196:32:33 PM |
So in my programming lab today I talked a little to the grad student who I had worked on a project with in a class last semester. She basically was just asking what program I was writing the code in and saying how annoying it was that they suddenly required her to teach and lead a lab in an undergraduate class. I wish I had talked more with her but her English isn't great so small talk is hard. Maybe we'll talk more next week when she actually will be leading the lab.

And then when the usual TA walked by and saw my code he said it was beautiful and was really happy that I used a for loop since we hadn't gone over them yet. I told him that I had worked as a programmer for a few years and he apologized for me having to take this class. But I'm actually enjoying it, even if it is ridiculously basic.

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