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Male, 25 years old
Too Cold, Minnesota, Midwest US

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Fav. Car: I prefer walking.
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I feel very isolated right now. - Mood:Good
Friday May 24 20198:19:14 PM |
My Facebook got disabled yesterday and I legitimately have no idea why. I’ve appealed it but haven’t heard anything yet.
There’s a chance I’ll lose my Facebook and Instagram.
I mean it’s whatever.
But I’ve got so many posts on Facebook I look to look back on when I need to feel so not alone

I could probably create new accounts but it’s just gonna be annoying

Anyway I finished training today, which means I’m officially a part of a managers team, officially a rep, and can start trying to grow my career.
And now I have my own desk!
That I can decorate!

Hey do you guys love bill wurtz as much as I do?

I really wish the song comment thread so I could show someone on here that song

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I was really scared about today - Mood:Good
Monday May 20 201910:16:21 PM |
First day of on the job training at work. No time in the classroom. Just a short briefing at the end of the day. After five weeks in the training. I was really nervous for my first day of nothing but calls. The fact that my landlords were going to be in my apartment without me being there was also adding to the anxiety.
But I got through it and the day went by really fast. Only got yelled at twice.
I learned I’d really like to word in either the fraud or disputes department. That sounds so cool.

Anyway. I’ve gotten fat. The other day I bought a new comforter and sheets set and was really excited about it. The twins are gonna win the World Series. It’s an exciting time. Am I an adult now?

I’ve made a really good friend through Overwatch but they live so far away.


I don’t know how to end journals

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Late night sulk - Mood:Good
Thursday May 09 20192:30:53 AM |
I’m having a bad week. I had to leave work early on Monday because I wasn’t feeling well and I’ve been laid up since then with flu like symptoms.
I promised I’d be back tomorrow but here I am, typing a journal, I’ll be lucky to get 5 hours of sleep before going to work.
I’m worried if all life is just one giant disappointment. I want a job to be a gateway to a better life. I don’t want my life to just be my job and I’m worried that’s gonna happen because I don’t really... do much else.
Maybe I’m just perpetually unsatisfied
Maybe it’s my anxiety telling me I’m a worthless sack of sh8 and eventually I’ll just go back to my old ways and continue f8cking up my life.
More of my favorite people are turning out to be pieces of sh8t. No one any of you would care about because the sh8t I like is stupid af but still.

At least the twins are doing well

Hey sup I wanna die

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It’s been three years as of today since I graduated college, and I’m feeling reminiscent. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 01 20196:55:57 PM |
I think back to me at freshmen year. A 19 year old kid who thought he knew everything and thought it’d be forever until he graduated and so that he had all the time in the world to figure his sh8t out.
Boy was he wrong.

Fast forward 7 years, one dead mom, five different jobs, a new cat, and a new car later.
Honestly these last three years have gone by faster than my first three years of college did, that’s for sure.

A month after I graduated I entered into what was probably the worst year of my life, which was funny because until that year, the year prior was the worst. Due to the whole mom dying thing and all.
But getting constantly screwed by pooty roommates and getting taking advantage of and ignored at every corner, driving a sh8tty cat with no heat to get to a job where I was underpaid.

I didn’t really think I’d live to see to today, to be honest.
Dante really saved my life.

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I think I have a new favorite song. Plus independence?! - Mood:Good
Saturday April 27 201912:57:26 AM |

I’ve known of this song for a while and originally CBs song that introduced me was my favorite song but this one just makes me so happy. It can literally cure depression. As can it’s video.

In less than five days I will be officially 100% independent. I’m removed from my dads health insurance plan and my plan through work kicks in. This was the last thing I wasn’t now paying for by myself.
Now I am. Six months ago I didn’t even think I’d be alive, much less working a corporate job with like, benefits, a set schedule, and paid me enough to actually like, live.
Teenage me thinks I sold out.

Also it feels so good to finally be able to afford weed again.
I’m high as poo rn.

I just finished season 4 of Broad City and season 5 isn’t on Hulu yet. I need comedy ideas. I love Community, the office, Broad City, Eric Andre.

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I`m kinda drunk right now but do you ever get so sad that you - Mood:Good
Thursday April 18 201911:48:18 PM |
tip the waitress 52%?
I didn't do it cause she was cute.
There was also this one waitress who looked a lot like Oreo only with more tattoos and that was weird.
btw Oreo if youre reading this i miss being friends.

Anyway I was sad so I hit up a friend to get a drink and one drink turned into three at our favorite german restaurant.

I was sad cause I had to call my dad. I signed up for a health plan with my new company today so I had to be like hey dad take me off your plan now k thanx

and like

i told him everything that was going on and apologized for ghosting the family over chrismas due to my shame of not being able to go home instead of just saying my car sucks i cant make it. and of course he had to put his words in and it made me feel even worse. and i dont know. he told me he loved me and that he was proud of me, both of which he's told me for a combined ten times maybe.

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So sick of being honest. I’ll die like Dylan Thomas; a seizure on the barroom floor. - Mood:Good
Monday April 15 201911:45:40 PM |
I had my first day at my new job today and it went so well. It was just a lot of housekeeping stuff for the first day. A few training videos and a few starter tips on navigating our resources and honestly I’m super excited about it all. I feel like I finally got a career. I can’t wait for more growth opportunities to present themselves.
Got six weeks of classes and then I’m officially on the job. I’ve already made a friend in the girl that sits next to me in class.

In other news my cars insurance payments is gonna mean I can’t afford to move downtown, but honestly it’s not a huge deal.

What is a huge deal is my terrible luck in my love life.
New girl in town in my friend group. Moved here by herself for a new job. We really hit it off the few times we’ve hung out already.
Sounds promising right?
Nope she has a boyfriend back in her hometown.

Oh well. Life’s looking up y’all.

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I am killing my goals this year. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 03 20196:12:27 PM |

Ain’t she a beaut?

I went in just to see what my options were and ended up trading in my Oldsmobile for this
2017 Hyundai Accent.
20,000 miles, all the features I want. Handles like a dream.
I’m really making this year mine.
Things were looking so bleak for so long but things are really looking up. I owe a lot of you a major debt of gratitude.

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How public do/should you make your goals. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 26 201911:54:19 PM |
I had five goals for this year.
One of which I’ve already.
1. Get a new job.

That’s done. It’s happening. These next goals were all intingent on that goal.
The next goals are as follows, and each goal has a plan.

2. Move downtown.
Lease expires end of May. I’m thinking of just doing an extra month to save money for a deposit and moving costs and then find an apartment downtown.
3. Lose 50lbs.
Having a fixed sleep schedule will help with that. I can finally focus on lifting and eating right without constantly shifting sleeps f8cking it up.
4. Buy a car.
Doesn’t need to be fancy. Just a cheap used car with working heat, AC, and no major issues. Figure out a budget for it and a down payment yadda yadda.
5. Meet a nice lady.
Moving downtown will help me be able to go out and meet people yay.

Anyway Kofi is going Mania and I’m super stoked. Sup with yall.

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