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Male, 25 years old
Too Cold, Minnesota, Midwest US

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Interests: Music / Socializing / Acting / Singing / Theater
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Occupation: Guest Services
Marital Status: Single
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Politics: Liberal
Fav. Movie: It`s Such a Beautiful Day
Fav. TV Show: BoJack Horseman
Fav. Book: Golden Son - Pierce Brown
Fav. Song: Avant Gardener - Courtney Barnett
Fav. Food: Pizza is my muse.
Fav. Car: I prefer walking.
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I got the job! - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 20 20194:30:43 PM |
I put in my notice today and oh my god it felt so good.

My training starts on the 15th, my last day at the hotel is the 10th.

I’m considering moving to an apartment closer, maybe in downtown, since my lease expires in two months.
Maybe I should start saving for a new car too?!

Everything’s looking up.

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Had another phone interview today - Mood:Good
Saturday March 16 20192:05:17 AM |
Customer service at another bank. It went super well. The recruiter loved me, loved my answers and my questions, too.
She said I’d be great for the position and set me up for a face to face on Monday. I think it’s a good sign she wanted me to do a face to face as soon as possible.

So one of the other night workers at my hotel just decided to stop showing up without talking to anyone. And the other night guy is on his way out too. And a bunch of other people are getting sick of it here and want to quit. I’m so glad it’s not just me and everyone is getting sick of this place.

Hey if I can bench 180lbs for six sets of four do y’all reckon I could hit a 200lb single rep. I’m too much of a weenie to ask for a spotter.

I hope I get this job. My brother wants me to work with him at a steel factory but I really... don’t wanna do that.

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I`m so sick of winter, featuring complaints about my leasing company - Mood:Good
Saturday March 09 20197:30:33 PM |
We've gotten an abnormally high amount of snow this year in the Valley. And yesterday I managed to get my car stuck by pulling into my own driveway. My car is very low to the ground and I misjudged a bank of snow that I park over cause our lots aren't very well plowed and I somehow managed to lodge my car into it. I've been trying to dig it out all day but it's been a losing effort due to the fact that it is storming again today.

This wouldn't have happened if my rental company had actually plowed the lots. They've done it once this year. And the first time they did it a few cars, namely this one car thats been sitting there with a flat since like july (the driver of which didn't even bother to park their car all the way in between the lot lines...)
So they were gonna plow again sometime last month and they put up notices saying that if you leave your car in the lot it'll get towed.

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I hope I die in a car accident with a train ticket in my pocket that I decided at the last minute not to use - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 05 20198:30:23 PM |
I’d like to incorporate that into a song somehow.
If only I could write music.
I should learn.

Job search is still ongoing. Haven’t heard from the other jobs I applied for but I’m doing a walk in interview on Friday. I’m definitely qualified for the position, but, who knows.
Currently I’ve been awake for like 21 hours. I’ve been sleeping from like 3pm to 10pm for my overnight shifts but now the rest of the week is 3-11s and I need to reset my sleep schedule to do stuff in the morning.

My mental health has been okay. Like I’m still feeling weighed down by everything but I’ve gotten to a point where everything feels temporary and as long as I keep working, eventually things will change.
I need more hobbies. I need to get back into reading.

Ten points if you know whose death my journal title is referencing.

Name a book I should read. Im open to all options but prefer more modern books.

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Life proves once again I should never get too optimistic - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 20 20196:46:51 PM |
I didn’t get the job.
I feel completely frozen. Things were going pretty well the last few weeks in terms of mental health. I’ve been in a good mood. And now I just feel completely.... numb?

Now what.

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Updates and advice needed. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 09 20197:18:06 PM |
Got my car fixed finally. Bought a new battery. Installed it with the help of a buddy. Now it’s running fine. Needs an oil change but things are going well now.

I’ve had it with management at my job. Got written up verbally expressing frustration with rude guests in the back office. And they wrote me up cause they said it was my second offense cause one time I did something in the back that made my boss’ boss ask me if I was okay.
What was that thing I did? Grunted slightly while stretching cause I was sore from lifting weights.
I’m not making this up. I got in trouble for that.

I have a phone interview for a new job Monday. Never done a phone interview before. Any advice? What should I expect? It’s for a job at a bank.

Also look at my presents cpayne got me! I love them!

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I can’t sleep like a normal human anymore - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 06 20198:29:44 AM |
I don’t know if it’s just anxiety keeping me up but it seems like no matter how many times I reset my schedule by staying up from like 5pm to 10pm the next day, I still end up staying up til like 6am after waking up around 8am is the previous morning. Even if I have no overnights scheduled.
And then it just f8cks everything up again.
But like
I’m tired. Exhausted even. But the body just refuses to shut down.

I thought I had an out for my job but the lead is no longer promising.
Battery’s still dead in my car. Uber driver from work today offered to take me to Walmart and then help me install a new one but anxiety said no.
A friend was supposed to help me but our schedules keep conflicting and we ran into problems on Monday so couldn’t do it then.

On the plus side I’ve logged like 30 hours into a new Stardew Valley file this week.
Love this game.
I literally can’t feel bad playing it.

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you put in the time f8ck put in the time motherf8cking built sh8t with this bare hands f8ckin best friend sh8t Jesse Eisenberg..... I`m very tired - Mood:Good
Monday January 28 201912:53:37 AM |
I fell asleep at maybe 530am this morning after being unable to sleep because anxiety.
Slept like an hour.
Car wouldn’t start.
Took a cab to work.
Night worker was a dick:
Car still wont start.
The high temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday is gonna be -17F
Even if I get my car jumped it’s just gonna die again.

I don’t want to live here anymore but I feel so goddamn trapped with no way out. I hate the cold and yet here I am. Stuck here in the coldest region in the continental US, where there’s literally no benefit for me living here cause it’s not like im surrounded by people I’d have things actually in common with like I would if I lived in a big city.

Meanwhile I’m not getting enough hours st work to fix the situation and the car issues have always made my job searches more limited.

Meanwhile I haven’t spoken to my dad in months but that’s irrelevant.

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