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Male, 24 years old
Too Cold, Minnesota, Midwest US

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Fav. TV Show: BoJack Horseman
Fav. Book: Golden Son - Pierce Brown
Fav. Song: Avant Gardener - Courtney Barnett
Fav. Food: Pizza is my muse.
Fav. Car: I prefer walking.
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I’m fairly certain one of my coworkers just quit. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 20 20181:37:30 AM |
We haven’t been told anything, but he’s not on the schedule for two weeks, his name has been removed from his box, and there’s no sign of his coat in the back.
I’ve been at this position since January and suddenly I’m already the senior member of the front desk staff, not including management.
I’m not sure what to think about that.

I can see why he quit.
I’m starting to get really annoyed with management, personally.
I was told if I had to work overnights on weekends it’d be like one weekend a month. I worked this last weekend, and now we get next weeks scheduled and sure enough, overnights on Friday and Saturday.. despite me asking Sunday off. Why would they give me an overnight on Saturday when I asked for that Sunday off?

So I’m annoyed with that, and with their incompetency on making sure we’re properly staffed on busy nights.


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We’re at 94% occupancy tonight and I was still able to get all my work done by 3am hollaaaaa - Mood:Good
Saturday June 16 20184:13:52 AM |
Mostly writing this cause I’m f8cking bored.

I’ve been waking up early the last couple days even if I only had been sleeping for like five hours, and I’m working an overnight tonight so I took a nap before work.

I woke up when my alarm clock went off and I was just super pissed off about.

Like how dare that my alarm clock have the audacity to go off when I set it to.

But for real.
I couldn’t stay up past 230am last night and I was still awake by 830 and couldn’t fall back asleep. This has been going on all week.
I’ve had like zero energy becuase of it. I’ve barely worked out at all the past week and it’s just making me super depressed. Which I turn makes me eat like crap and that makes me feel worse and it’s just all bleh

Maybe I should start taking nyqui on the reg. That sh8t always knocks me out.

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Consultation is over, appointment is in two weeks. - Mood:Good
Friday June 08 20185:34:13 PM |
Bill is about to become a permanent fixture on my arm.
I forgot to mention I also wanna get my right ear pierced to match my left.
Maybe I can call them and they can add it on or maybe I should just let it be for now and get it done later.

I’m nervous but I met the tattoo artist and he looked at it and was like ah yeah that’s super simple I can do that.

What should I expect
Do I tip?
I don’t know the rules.
Should I bring a friend? It’s kinda early. Gonna be at 11am.
I haven’t told anyone in my family I’m doing this.
I’m just gonna roll into the next family event with Bill just chilling on my forearm thinking about how amazing everything is.

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Tattoo placement help - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 15 20184:28:24 PM |
So I’ve realized I don’t really need to donate plasma to supplement income currently so I’ve decided late June I wanna get my right ear pierced to match my left and get my first tattoo.
I’ve decided on this

It’s a still from my favorite movie, it’s such a beautiful day.

I wanna get the words and bill, the guy in the hat.

I’m just not sure where I want it
What day you, YT?

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Holy sh8t you guys work and stuff - Mood:Good
Saturday May 12 20183:31:56 AM |
I’m beginning to question how long I can work this job.
This yoyoing schedule has been making me lose track of the days and I feel like I don’t have time to enjoy things.

I feel like I need a change of scenery or something but I have no idea what I’d do.
At least I’ll be going back to just two overnights a week hopefully.
Though I’m a bit pissed about my schedule next week. Next Saturday they have me working the audit overnight but also want me working the desk from 3-11... that’s 8 hours between shifts.. when am I supposed to sleep there.
I need to get that sorted out

Anyway the real reason I’m writing this journal is because I just met Kevin Nash.
Big Daddy Cool
Former WWE champion
And holy sh8t he was super nice and I was too nervous to even tell him I was a fan

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My least favorite thing about people over 40 is that - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 02 20188:20:18 AM |
When they contact customer service for anything, if you don’t tell them what they want to hear you’re immediately considered both rude and unhelpful.

Like I’m sorry dude calling at 5am on Wednesday to ask for an early check in on his reservation Saturday, it’s against our policy to guarantee early check ins. Don’t act like I’m the bum opening here.
And our PM bistro guy got bitched out by some lady by not being able to stay late to serve her and her party. Like cmon lady you were told at check in what the bistro hours are, and he’s got class in the morning.


So the other night auditor resigned so I’m gonna be doing nothing but night shift until they get this new hiree trained.
I know I told my manager I don’t wanna be working overnights on the weekends if we’re moving schedules around but i get the feeling I’m gonna be anyway.

There goes my social life.

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What’s the proper etiquette for - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 25 201810:03:19 PM |
telling my boss to f8ck off with trying to get me to work tonight?

I work night shift twice a week, Monday and Tuesday. And because I needed to do server training today which makes me unable to work a fifth full shift I don’t have to work until Saturday.
Now I just got a text asking me to work tonight cause the other night auditor who works five times a week had a medical emergency.
I am fully resigned to a night of doing nothing but really I don’t have any excuses and I feel like if I just ignore them again like I did last time I’ll get in trouble.
What do I do.

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Some photos from the concert I went to tonight. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 22 20181:10:21 AM |
I saw Phoebe Bridgers.
Her album, Stranger in the Alps was my pick for fourth best album of 2017 so I was pretty stoked she came to the area.
She played all the songs off the album, one as an encore. She also had payed a Tom Petty song without her backing band and they closed the encore with If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl’s Crow since you gotta send the crowd happy and pretty much all of Phoebe’s songs are sad.

She was also really funny riffing between songs, and her bassist was super cute.

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