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Male, 51 years old
Clarksville , TN, Southern US

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First major project. - Mood:Good
Monday January 02 20179:13:13 PM |
I'm not counting putting insulation on the heat pump's line or other minor fixes I've done.

The first major project at my new house was fixing the lighting in the garage.

I have four 8 ft two bulb fixtures out there and only one bulb would light up. I tried replacing bulbs but of course that didn't work.

So $120, 4 balasts and 4 hours later I have all 8 bulbs working.

I had to change the way it was wired because the new balasts were smaller and worked differently. I also soldered the connections, partly because I don't want to screw with it again but mainly because I knew where my soldering iron was and had no clue what box my wire nuts were in.

I am quite pleased with myself.

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2016 had one last trick for me. - Mood:Disgusted
Saturday December 31 20168:38:21 PM |
I'm at work.

I'm off on Saturdays until the evening when I have on call. Jackie work Saturdays and holds the on call until I show up from seeing my kids in Evansville. I was headed back and had just turned onto Interstate 24 when I got a phone call. Jackie said he just passed me on the way to the plant because there was a power loss.

I met him at the plant and helped him for a little bit then he said go on home I got this. So I grabbed the laptop and company phone but left the company truck because my Honda was pregnant with my Honda motorcycle(in pieces in the back).

So I got home and unloaded the CRV and had just set my weekend bags down in the house when I get a phone call calling me back to the plant for another power loss.

I reset everything and was just getting ready to get a completion time when we got another power loss. I've had two more after that.

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I`m glad a Ranger has a small bed - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 13 20169:57:43 PM |
For the past 3 days I've had the company truck because I'm on call and I've been using the Ranger to move. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to load it 15 minutes to drive over there and another 15 or 20 minutes to unload. Feels more like farting around then actually moving.

I've only done two trips each day. I could have done more but I really don't have that much stuff. I'll be using my Honda CRV tomorrow and make at least two trips maybe 3. Then I should be pretty well done with the small shxt. If I don't get done tomorrow night I'll finish up on Thursday instead of driving up to Evansville to get drunk with my buddies.

Saturday I'm going to load my motorcycles and my storage cabinets on my friends 16-foot trailer and haul that stuff down to Tennessee on Sunday. After it's off loaded we're going to get all the big furniture from my rental and I'll be done moving Sunday.

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Horn tooting - Mood:Good
Friday December 09 20168:53:00 PM |
In March of 2016 I was arrested and thrown in jail for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest because I had a psychotic break with reality due to my bipolar disorder and ptsd. When they let me out of jail 3 days later I have my friend drive me to the mental ward and I spent another six days there.

When I got out I was dead broke. I had a part-time job working security for $10 an hour one day a week. Had a $405 rent payment. I picked up odd jobs from my friends where I could and sold my plasma. I fell six weeks behind on my child support payments.

I didn't give up. I went to the VA and had my doctor prescribed me a new medicine that I still take today. I got online and looked for jobs. I never stole anything or took a penny that didn't belong to me and somehow I made it to December of that year where I got a job at the Wastewater Plant in Henderson.

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I bought a 24x37 garage and they gave me a house - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 07 20167:21:21 PM |
Two bedroom, two bath, full walkout basement, and a garage that's bigger than the first house I bought. Seriously. The first house I bought was only 864 square feet and the garage is 888.

Did I mention I have a giant ass toy box now?

$105,000 or $588.79/month with taxes and insurance included. 3.25% 30 year fixed VA loan. No prepayment penalty so I'm going to throw some extra cash at it every month and try to get it down to under 20 years pay off. 30 is a standard VA loan and I like having a lower required payment in case something comes up.

The loan officer said that since the election the rates have gone up to 3.75% so I'm lucky I had it locked in before then.

Pics to come

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It`s been over 7 years since I put my wee-wee in a hoo-ha - Mood:Good
Monday October 24 20165:38:15 PM |
And I'm mostly ok with this. I mean I'd like to get some but I'm not going to try very hard. I've been on 3 dates in that time and I just didn't feel it. Didn't look like they would work out in the long run.

I've said in the past that I wasn't interested in a one night stand or a fwb but now, ehhh. If the opportunity arises I'll probably take it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm good with being single but a little action would be nice too.

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Mispelled wanted some content for the site - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 17 20165:59:51 PM |
Only one day of work left until I drive up to Evansville to see friends and family. It's just over 100 miles from work but that feels like nothing to me. Less than 2 hours after I get off and I'm sitting on the back porch drinking a beer and bullshxtting.

We're probably going to go to the Tiki Hut for $1.25 Coors Lights and food again. Tiki is on a barge in the marina and you get a nice sunset every time. As an added bonus every waitress who works there is hot. It makes this dirty old man very happy. Kelsey especially. She's 5'11" and I'm 6"1" but her legs are longer than mine. Rarrrw!

- - - - - - -

I've been exaggerating. The round trip to Chicago (with a slight detour to Indy) wasn't 1000 miles. It was 992.4 miles. The Merc is just over 75,000 so I need to change the oil. The weather has been perfect but I just can't get my ass in gear. Someone kick it for me please.

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I got my license - Mood:Good
Sunday July 31 20166:00:57 PM |
I came back from visiting friends and family on Saturday and there was a letter from the Tennessee Department of Environmental conservation waiting for me.

They had granted reciprocity with Kentucky so now I have a class 3 Wastewater license in Tennessee also.

I was 90% sure they would do it and I'm very glad they did. Number one I get the $100 application fee back from my employer now and I wouldn't have if they denied it. Number two I don't have to study for a damn test now.

The new job is going great I've been there since February the people I work with are wonderful. It's a little more work than I had at my last job but that just makes the day go faster so I'm not complaining.

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I think there`s something wrong with me - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 22 20165:40:20 PM |
So I went out to the mailbox today and I broke into a grin when I saw the power company bill came. I had no idea how much it was I was just happy that I could pay it and not worry anymore about that bill this month.

I guess it's because I spent a fair amount of my adult life scratching together money to pay bills at the last minute or even paying overdue charges.

I actually enjoy paying bills the day they come in. I mean actual Joy with a smile on my face.

Here! Take my money! Thank You!

Anybody else like paying bills?

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A woman looked at my penis for the first time in 7 years - Mood:Good
Saturday June 11 20168:44:00 AM |
I was expecting her to comment on how nice it looked but all she said was turn your head and cough.

I was in Nashville taking the physical for my job. They are hiring me full-time: no more temp status for me. I passed everything with flying colors except for the lung test. They said I have the lungs of an 80 year old. I really need to quit smoking.

The drive down to Nashville sucked because I hit two traffic jams. What should have been a 45-minute drive took over an hour and a half. I still made it on time because I left 2 hours early.

As soon as I was done with the physical I drove up to Evansville and saw my kids. They're getting along much better than they used to. They still squabble but nobody ends up crying.

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I`ve been an ass. She deserves a journal too. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 26 20169:05:06 PM |
I think it was the next day when I posted the Mercedes but my 1999 Honda CRV has waited almost two months.

It had 170,120 miles when I bought it and in about 2 months I've put a little more than 2000 on her since then. Runs great, no problems.

I paid $3,300. Not a bad deal. I hope to have her for 5 yeats/300,000 miles.

She's been a good little cute-ute. The last tank, with 80% highway I got 24.25 mpg. But with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder and 147 horsepower I'd trade a little mpg for zoom-zoom.

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I`m really starting to miss DYW - Mood:Good
Monday May 09 20165:53:14 PM |
Not. I'm glad that bitch is gone. She actually took pleasure from hurting others and her opinions weren't thought out they w r re just regurgitated from other sources.

So who are you glad not to see anymore?

Anyone you wish would leave?

State reasons and stuff.

Washie is the only one I truly disliked so I won't be participating much, I'm just curious to see where this goes.

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My son drank the Kool-aid - Mood:Good
Monday May 02 20166:40:09 PM |
Last week I got a text from my ex saying that my son accepted "The Lord Jesus Christmas as his Savior".

He was introduced to his church Sunday and put up for membership. He wanted me to go but I had to explain to him that I'm scheduled to work every Sunday for as long as I have this job. And the reason I work Sundays is so Jackie can go to Church with his family each week. I told him I'd try to make it to the baptism but no guarantees. I won't be a full time employee for at least 27 days and I don't know the time off policy for temp to hire.

My mom said to ask if he could be Baptized at night. I get off work at 3:30 and could be in town by 5:30 that night. I hope this is what happens because to be perfectly honest I really don't want to go and I don't want to lose any pay over somebody believing a fairytale.

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The new job is going well - Mood:Good
Sunday March 13 20167:14:50 PM |
I've been at it for 2 weeks now. Just started the third week today. The first week I was paper work and safety training. Last week I actually got to go to the plant and I'm starting to get a good handle on how to operate it. Today Was Easy Day because there was no lab. A couple of times I took the initiative and did things before my boss asked me. He's a good dude and he seems to like me. I think I made the right choice coming here.

It was great seeing the kids yesterday. I wish the ground hadn't been so sorry and so we could have went to the park but we play Monopoly and talk for a while. Watched School of Rock.

I'm listening to music while the clothes are in the dryer already ate my dinner and took a shower

Life is good and what's better is I don't have a feeling of impending doom that it's all going to come crashing down soon

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Check out my new house - Mood:Good
Friday February 19 20169:56:46 PM |
I had to move for my new job and I found this place. I'm renting the top floor and there's a single guy renting the basement. The best feature is the fact that I have a garage. This is the cheapest place I could find that had one. Its in a pretty nice neighborhood centrally located and close to everything I need. It's about 20 minutes away from work.
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I quit my job - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 02 201611:11:48 PM |
to take a new one with a 54% raise. I'm still going to be a wastewater operator but now I'm going to be working for a Federal contractor at an Army base. I have to move but I'll be close enough to visit my kids every weekend. Instead of nights I'll be working 7:00am to 3:30 pm Sunday through Thursday.

I applied back in October and they contacted me January 11th. About 10 days later I had a panel interview with the head honcho, assistant honcho, engineer, clean water boss and waste water boss. After they interviewed me they said they would contact me in a week or two.

They called the next day and said they weren't going to pay me the $21.50 the job was advertised at they want to pay me $24. The recruiter told me I was only the second person they interviewed for the job.

They E-mailed me Monday and said the background checks and drug test were good and we agreed I will start Feb 29th

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I`m choosing to be alone this Thanksgiving - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 25 201512:19:40 AM |
I work tonight and tomorrow and I get off at 7am Thanksgiving morning. My mom, her husband, and my sister are driving 5 hours north to my other sister's place at 8 am that day. I told them I'd think about it and I decided that I would rather be alone on Thursday so I can see my kids on Friday.

Also, they are not starting back until 8 or 9 am Saturday and I have to be to work at 7 pm Saturday night. I don't want to take the chance that I'll have to call in to work, especially since David just got off medical leave. I don't want him to re-injure himself.

One more thing- They say I could sleep on the way up there but I wouldn't. The back seat of a Jeep with two women chatting away- not gonna happen.

In car news- I replaced the headlight switch and posted a video on Youtube and my blog. If you've got 42 minutes you need to kill click the link.

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I like when people do things right - Mood:Good
Monday November 16 201511:25:11 PM |
I'm eating Tostitos original chips with Tostitos salsa con queso and even if you grab the biggest chip in the bag it will dip into the jar with 1 millimeter of clearance: no interruption in snacking pleasure.

I bought two window control switches from ebay on a whim because they were only $10. I hoped I would get lucky and it would fix the driver's window. Well, they weren't compatible so I contacted the seller. They refunded my money and told me to keep the switches. Not every supplier from China is out to screw you I've learned.

I'm still pleased I got a 15% raise even though I think they owe me 20 because they only had to give me 5. My boss thinks it's because 15% puts me at the top of my pay grade but he's going to find out for sure.

Meeting me half way still counts as doing the right thing, right?

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The journal in which snarf uses the phrase in which - Mood:Good
Friday November 13 201510:46:22 PM |
because sleepy's book was really good. My favorite story was "Don't bring us back" That was the only one that gave me chills. The other 14 are all really good but that story rings true to me so I guess that's why it got to me.
I took about a week to read the whole book because when I read short storys I like to let them sink in rather than go through them like popcorn.

Journally stuff.

I'm off tomorrow night. I didn't think I'd be off until Tuesday but I had emailed Jerry and told him I didn't need Saturday but if he wanted the overtime he could have it. He said "I guess I need to take it when I can get it."

So now I'm off 1 day, work 2 days, off two days, work 2 days then off for 3. It's going to feel like a vacation after 3 1/2 months of six 12 hour days a week.

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I`ll have a life again soon. - Mood:Good
Monday November 09 201512:13:10 AM |
The guy who got a hernia the last week of July is finally coming back to work November 17th. I've been averaging six 12 hours days for 3 1/2 months now so just getting back to a regular schedule will feel like a vacation.

Speaking of vacation I want to take a road trip. Who would like a visit from snarf? YT Indiana will happen soon but I might extend the trip if I can string together a good plan.

It won't be for a month or so though. I want to catch up on my sleep, work on my bike and fix a few more little things on the Mercedes. Plus I need to take that car on a 2 hour road trip to my dad's before committing to a longer run. You never know what will happen to a 22 year old car.

On the first tank I drove it like a hotrod and got 17.6 mpg. This time I drove like an old man and got 20.73.

Life feels like it's getting better.

How's it treating you?

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So this is the true test. - Mood:Good
Monday November 02 20158:59:22 AM |
It's easy to be happy in the summer.

And it was mostly sunny during the fall.

But can I make it through the storms of the holidays?

I'm already leaning on alcohol.

A screwdriver and a beer in the half hour I've been home.

I'll have a few more before hitting the sack.

I doubt I'll eat anything until 9:00 tonight.

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I bought myself a new ride - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 27 201511:00:08 PM |
I decided to treat myself to a new car with the overtime money I've been saving. I've wanted a new car for a few years but didn't want to take out a loan. THe time was right now because I need to put about $1500 into my Ranger and it's only worth $1000. I'm keeping it for a while and may fix it later but that decision is for another time.

I bought a 1994 Mercedes E420 with the 4.2L V-8, Leather seats and only 67675 miles on it.

The ride is wonderful, as I imagine it was when new. The seats are the most comfortable I've ever sat in. The steering feel and handling are superb and it floats over the bumps but doesn't wallow.

There are a few minor problems. The driver's window won't go down, the mirror control switch is broken and there is a dent in the passenger rear. Nothing I can't handle.

The car was $3700+ 7% tax+ $199 Document "f*ck you" fee from the dealer for a total of $4158.

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I got my Class III Wastwater License - Mood:Good
Friday October 16 20151:45:41 AM |
by studying on my own and going to take the test at a surface water school. I skipped going to the wastewater school because we are down a man due to injury and S from the south plant needs to go to school for his Class I at the same time G is going for his Class IV. There was no way for all three of us to go at the same time so I volunteered to just take the test two weeks earlier.

Now for the fun part. A year ago they raised the starting pay to 3 cents an hour less than what I made after 3 years. then this year they decided to give you a 10% raise for a class I, a 5% for a class 2, a 5% for a class 3 and a step up in pay grade for a class 4.

So now a guy with a little over a year experience and a class I is going to be paid more than me with a Class III and nearly 4 years.

They said "We'll see what we can do "

I'm not confidant they will do anything though.

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Alone at night. I think I`ll make a Journal entry. - Mood:Good
Monday September 14 20152:12:50 AM |
Yesterday was nice. I tried to nap after work but couldn't fall aslep. Tim and I went and got the boat then washed it at Stacey's house because someone was parked out front of ours. It was cool, 67 degrees and cloudy. We didn't get out of the boat all day, just floated and talked. Well, that's wrong. It started sprinkling and Stacey wanted to go to mailbox where there was shelter. Tim said no, I can follow it on the radar and avoid the most of it. They got into an argument and Tim dropped the girls off at the dock. He called five minutes later to let them know the rain had stopped. They said they would wait in the car (she had drove separately) I thought she left) until it had all passed.

So Tim and I motored up and down the river having a good time talking about sh*t and drinking beer. We got hit with maybe 50 raindrops in the time it took for the girls to be brave enough to come back.

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I`ve really been snarfing up the journal forum lately - Mood:Good
Saturday September 12 20151:11:01 AM |
I had a really good visit with my kids today We did some origami, played with k'nex and talked about addiction. I'm glad I f*cked up. I want my kids to know what a struggle addiction is so that they go into life with their eyes open and make the right choices. I'm going to repost what I posted in the quitting thread and on Facebook later. OS will disappear and YT might outlast FB the way this crazy f'ed up world works.

On the last day of a 13 day stretch. Boating tomorrow.

I'm writing an album of country/southern rock songs. I think it's great stuff and it should go somewhere. I may be wrong but I don't give a f*ck because I'm having fun doing it Better than mourning the past.

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