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Male, 44 years old
Southern, IN, Midwest US

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Interests: Cars / Writing / Science / History / Cats
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Birthday:8/1/1969 (44 Years Old)
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Occupation: Wastewater treatment plant opperator
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Atheist
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: Jacobs Ladder
Fav. TV Show: Air Wolf
Fav. Book: Winds of War/War and Remembrance by H. Wouk
Fav. Song: Echos- Pink Floyd
Fav. Food: pizza
Fav. Car: 69 Lincoln Continental Mark III
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I had deja vu at work today. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 21 20138:52:58 AM |
I felt like I could sense what alarm was going to go off next.

We got an inch of rain in one hour and its been raining since 3am.

When I got off work 4 pump stations were in overflow.

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I think I`m feeling better - Mood:Exhausted
Monday November 18 20139:10:51 AM |
I'm a little more optimistic.

Things will get better some day.

I had a faulty alarm from 10:30 to 3 am last night.

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Stephenn Fry says depression is like the weather. - Mood:Good
Saturday November 09 20139:03:56 AM |
You can't change it, you just have to accept that it is while knowing that it will be sunny again one day.

I got the first part immediately.Accept the present and look to the future.

what I missed is that you're not supposed to lay around in the house waiting for it to quit raining.

I need to get dressed and go out in the storm.

There's work to be done.

I need to start mending fences.

I'm going to write a letter to each person I've wronged and promise to do better in the future.

Besides, the post office can use the business.

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I live for tomorrow. - Mood:Good
Friday November 08 20139:10:00 AM |
Someday my kids will be 13.

They're going to have a facebook page, that's a given.

But would you tell them about yt?

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I didn`t want to cry - Mood:Depressed
Monday November 04 20138:57:56 AM |
so I didn't call my son Bobby on his birthday last month.

so now I can't call Lauren on her birthday this Thursday because that wouldn't be fair

there's always next year though

And I get to see them all day on December first.

We're having a family reunion.

Mom and Dad will be there

So will my two older sisters

I don't think my brother can make it. He recently moved to a small town in the Seattle - Tacoma are.

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My sister and her daughter will be on The View tomorrow. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 17 201310:13:44 PM |
11 Eastern 10 Central on ABC.

22 years ago she gave Whitney up for adoption. About a month ago Whitney posted on Facebook that she was looking for her mom and 12 hours later they wwere talking on the phone.

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I`ve lost my sense of humor somewhere along the way. - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 01 20139:59:05 AM |
I want to be happy again.

I want to feel life.

I want to be there when I'm there.

This is an improvement from before when I used to wallow in depression and not give a fxck.

I want to wake up

And be someone

Worth loving again.

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How many hookers could dance on the head of my rooster? - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 24 20132:11:12 AM |
I lost my virginity at the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada. I bought whores in bars in Tijuana. I had my fun with the ladies of the night while stationed in Korea. I visited Whisper Alley in Japan but I haven't paid for sex since 92.

I don't think I could do it now. It's cliche I know but I can't think of any other way to say it. I want to make love, not have sex.

What about you?

Does the physical act alone satisfy you or do you need more?

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Tell me your darkest secret - Mood:Good
Sunday September 22 20132:01:43 PM |
and I'll tell you mine.

I have an 8 ounce bladder. If I feel like I'm about burst I spit out a max of 12 ounces. A 44 year old man should not pee as much as a little girl.

I may be happy enough to start writing again. It drains me when I live the emotions. I can't take very much at one time.

My darkest secret was just a ploy. I'm not telling you that. That's for me to work out on my own.

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I found a dollar!!! - Mood:Good
Saturday September 21 201311:57:37 PM |
It was in the bin for the course bar screens at the influant of the wastewater plant. That makes a total of $22 I've pulled out of the sewer.

I passed my motorcycle skills test this afternoon. I only put a foot down once while going around the last cone of the slalom. My bike wasn't warmed up fully so when it started to die I gave it a little too much gas and I had to catch it when the handlebars jumpped.

I got drunk last night, can't get drunk again till thursday (work) so insult me, ask me questions, do anything to keep me awake until 7am.

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It`s been a long day - Mood:Good
Sunday August 25 201312:49:00 AM |
and the night is just getting started.

Stu went on vacation this week so I had to work an extra day at my part-time security job. I was there at 8 am and got off at 4. I went home, had a snack and then went to my full time job at the wastewater plant at 7pm. I don't leave until 7am.

I found out today that the security team is being cut in half in October and all guards will be gone in March.

Thursday I was hanging with my friends and I told them that the security job would be gone in a year or so and that I needed to replace $300 a month income.

I floated an idea of starting a motorcycle repair shop specializing in older, carburated bikes and Lee asked me to fix his, so I have my first customer.

I've got 7 hours to go and I'm trying to stay awake.

Ask me anything.

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Photos of my moto - Mood:Good
Thursday August 22 201312:57:24 AM |
I I think I have the electrical problems fixed. I've been writing it to work the last week with no problems. I may take it on a two hour trip to my dads house but I don't like the amount of oil sleeping past the front fork seals.but a little leakage is to be expected on a 33 year old motorcycle that set for 13 years.
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I got my bike running again - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 02 201311:09:49 AM |
After 13 years in storage my 1980 Yamaha XS 1100 is on the road again.
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Dasha canceled on Friday. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 07 20138:47:11 AM |
Her best friend was having a pizza party with a bunch of the girls and she couldn't turn it down.

What supprised me was that I didn't feel upset, let down or disappointed. It felt just like any other friend having to cancel.

An "Oh well, catch you later" kind of feeling.

I credit this to my friends with benefits journal that I posted while I was a little manic.

I was able to decide that a platonic relationship was the best course of action.

I'm not hoping for any more but I wouldn't be upset if it happened.

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How do you define friendship? - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 03 201311:07:36 AM |
Number one loyalty.
Number two trust.
Number three honesty.
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Is friends with benefits ever a good Idea? - Mood:Confused
Tuesday April 02 20139:42:35 AM |
I met Dasha about 2 weeks ago.

She's not looking for a man.

All I can handle now is a friend anyway so this dosen't matter.

I would like sex but is it worth the chance of it hurting our friendship?

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I used to look with lust - Mood:Good
Saturday March 30 20139:42:03 AM |
but now I can see beauty.

a woman's size doesn't matter anymore

I've had all the skinnies

give me a thick girl with a personality rather than a twig with an attitude

hugging a pillow is preferable to squeezing a twig

don't get me wrong

I still like skinnys

but what's behind those eyes is more important than the size of her behind.

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The girls canceled. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 28 20137:37:04 AM |
About 11 am yesterday I called Heather to let her know no one but me could make it to Show-Me's.

An hour later Heather texted and said she was too hung over and Dasha had poo to do after work.


But I did my own housework and went to bed at 7:30pm.

Woke up this morning at 6 anf there was a text from Dasha left at 8pm saying they were going out anyway, we should meet up.

I told her I'm free Saturday Sunday but none of my friends are.

We'll see where it goes from here.

I'm a patient man.

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Lightning strikes twice - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 27 20133:13:45 AM |
Getting ready for work tonight Heather texted me. After I got to Whirlpool (part time security) She called and we talked for a half hour. I'm meeting her and Dasha for dinner and dollar beers at Show-Me's, a sports bar simalar to Hooters.
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I made a date with Dasha last night! - Mood:Ecstatic
Monday March 25 201310:24:41 AM |
Not this friday but next I'm meeting the girls at Cricket's for karaoke.

I don't care if anyone else shows up.

I can hang with the guys any time.

Party with the girls on a Friday night!

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I had a Hell of a Friday night. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 24 20132:56:54 AM |
I went to a bar in the next county where you can smoke inside to watch the Louisville game Thursday with two of my buds. We met 3 ladies and set it up for Karaoke Friday night. Long story short after the bar closed We went to CVS and got beer Tequila and Margarita mix and hung out to 5 am at one of the Chick's house.
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snarfs is drunk - Mood:Good
Friday March 22 20132:21:28 AM |
Wade drunk and too lazy to type so this in tire thing is a Google interpretation of my flooringslurring god damnit I'm using text to speech on my phone deal with it.
woke up at 6 p.m. the 12 hour shift at workthen got parts for my motorcycle. Came home killed zombies with my roommate. For about 6 hours bring beer the entire time that we went and watched Google beat the s*** out of somebody and some basketball gamethank mass quantities of beer. This is at a bar by the way in the next county over so we could smoke inside like grown ups and still have a stand outside like second class citizenswhat I remotefinish the game Salon Folsom badI say againI say again saw an awesome band and watch your number again.that should be watched another game don't know what happened there how much beer involvedstarted talking to people next table. They named me emotionless Snarf.
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waiting on the lightning to strike - Mood:Good
Saturday February 23 20139:16:37 AM |
while I'm watching this lightning bug.
The storm is brewing.
The right word will come to me as a spark of inspiration.
the sentance will be complete and perfect.
For as Mark Twain says:

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter - - - it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.

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Pierced ears, friendly kitty and carburators. - Mood:Indifferent
Monday February 11 201311:54:57 PM |
My ex got my daughter's ears pirced Sunday. She's 7. I guess now she's the subject of the timeless argument "But she got her ears pierced, why can't I?".

Barak the kitty at work has been more attentive and demanding to be pet the last three days. Is he just needy or does he sense I'm lonlier than usual? I guess kittys have a sense like that but I don't know.

I still haven't rebuilt the carburators for my Yamaha and it's only a month till spring. I need to get off my ass and work on them or I won't be riding this year either.

I'm online until about 4. Post anything you want. I'm bored.

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11:24 pm 2-3-13 - Mood:Good
Monday February 04 20131:23:15 AM |
Will I be alive on 2-3-45?
If I am I'll be 75.
My dad is 73 so I should be.

What would you want out of life
when your age is three quarters
of a century?

I'd want family.
To show that I'm loved.
I'd want friends.
To show I'm not an a**hole.
And I'd want a dog.
To share a jar of peanut butter with me in private.

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