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Male, 46 years old
Southern, IN, Midwest US

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It hurts my neck to look up but I may do it. - Mood:Good
Saturday July 04 20153:55:20 AM |
My ex has agreed to let me and my sister take my kids to Marengo Cave next Friday. It's about 2 hours away. This is the first time in 5 years she's been cool with us leaving the city limits. We also talked about how I acted when I went nuts. First time to talk about that since the divorce. So a bit of a thawing in the relationship. Maybe in six or seven hundred years we'll get back together.

When I got my bi-weekly shot last Wednesday the nurse asked me how I felt. I told her I've been stuck between depressed and happy for the last few months. Not going up or down. A nice place to rest but I want to move on. She said she'd talk to the doc. She called yesterday and said that he prescribed me a new medicine and that it would be in the mail to me. I don't know how I feel about this. I'd like to be happy naturally and not depend on a pill.

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snarf life update, AMA, advice and I`m getting drunk. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 02 201511:23:44 AM |
I'm on vacation, bitches. Got off work at 7 am and don't have to be back until next Tuesday at 7 pm.

I'm going to ride my bike to the Garden of the Gods and walk around a bit in a few days. Pics to follow.

Also going to work on E's motor for his '78 Honda CB400. I won't bore you with that.

Might ride to my Dad's but I was just there last weekend and I'm gong to be there Father's day.

Now going to piss and grab beer #4. Alternating between New Belgium Fat Tire and Guinness Blonde.

Listening to David Gilmour Live in Gdansk.

Typing on my tablet using the Bluetooth keyboard so I don't have spell check and you can see how attrociouse my spelling really is.

Now for the best news I've had in 5 years.

My mom is moving back here in September. This means I'll be able to see my kids for longer than the hour and a half each Friday that I see them now.

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Mechanical updates. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 03 20152:42:58 AM |
I got my bike running again last week. Last winter I kept thinking I was going to ride it more and I put off adding Sta-Bil to the gas. So when I tried to ride it December 26 to see my kids as it was warming up one of the carburetors started dumping fuel on the ground. The crap ethanol gasoline had gummed up one of the needles so when the float tried to shut of the fuel flow it got stuck in the bore.

So I pulled the carbs (made easier because I replaced the Philips screws with allen head bolts on the clamps) popped off the fuel bowls and used q-tips and carb cleaner on it. The gaskets appeared in good shape so I took a chance and didn't change them.

I put the carbs back on, took the battery off the trickle charger and installed it. I put the gas tank back on and filled it half way with fresh gas (the old stuff went in the lawnmower can.) After 3 10 second cranks it fired right up.

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U as U Wuz - Mood:Good
Thursday February 05 20158:30:31 AM |
Orangefanta asked for a picture of me as a Marine and I thought it was a good excuse to start a Wuz thread. I don't care if it was last week, last year or last century.

Let's get some nostalgia up in here.

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7-11, OK Cupid and Wasp. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 04 201511:49:57 PM |
I work 12 hour shifts so extra days are a little harder than with regular 8 hour days. I came into work last night knowing I was going to do 7 in a row so "D" the other guy on nights could go test for his class 4 certification. Tu, W scheduled: Th, F for him: Sa, Su, M scheduled.

When I check my e-mail my boss asks if I can cover for "D" next TU and W so he can get 18 hours training for recertification on his class 3 liscence in case he doesn't pass the test (again). I said yes and automaticly that means I have to work Th and F because I'm scheduled for them.

So I'm working from the 3rd to the 13th. At least I'll be saving money on beer because I'll never have any time off.

Ok. Enough Bitching. At least I'm getting 48 hours overtime on my next check and I'll be too tired to spend it so my savings account will grow.

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Five words to ruin a job interview. - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 21 20156:19:46 AM |
Heard this on Bob and Tom.

What five words can you say to ruin a job interview?

It's like a haiku, you're only allowed 5.

Some examples from the show:

I hate it here already.

Have you seen my vodka?

I almost didn't make bail.

That's not my real name.

My (lame) contribution:

Can I bring my cat?

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LaBostella was spot on - Mood:Good
Sunday December 28 201410:21:19 PM |
with her Tarot card reading. I didn't want to spam or hijack her thread because I have a lot to say about it so I made this journal.

Before I begin I want you to know that I'm an atheist, not a believer but I am impressed with how a random card draw and a little knowledge about someone's life can push so many buttons in my mind. I think it says more about the insight and skill of the interpreter than it does about mysterious forces.

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I`ve been back two years. AMA - Mood:Good
Saturday December 27 20149:43:42 PM |
I think I've grown some in that time. Opening up on here has helped me to open up IRL. I've been pretty honest about who I am and whatnot but I do tend to leave things out unless asked directly so I'll try to be more complete about my answers this time.


I don't expect this to take off so what I'll probably end up doing is putting down things that pop into my head over the next 10 hours just so I have a record to look back on next year.

Journaly thing. Went out to a bar last night and I realized I have absolutely no clue how to start a conversation. I usually listen and like to riff off what others are saying. I didn't see anyone showing interest last night, even after 3 awesome karaoke renditions, but even if I had I wouldn't know what to do about it. So if I don't get any suggestions I'm going to start putting down horrible pick up lines too.

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I`m feeling better than I usually do this time of year - Mood:Good
Sunday December 14 201411:08:07 PM |
My medication has a little to do with it but I was on the same dose last year and I was suicidal.

Meditation helps a bit. When I feel my mind racing I can slow it down sometimes.

Positive thinking is a big one. Seeing where I am and comparing it to where I've been or the situations others are dealing with puts things in perspective.

But the biggest thing is friends. I work alone and you guys keep me from feeling isolated. I've had some really good advice on here that's helped me deal with my life.

But as good as YT is it can't compare to people being physically with you. I have two roommates now and four guys that come over regularly. Two years ago I was living alone and at my lowest point. Now I have people around me that keep me from sinking too low.

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Thanks YT - Mood:Good
Saturday November 22 20141:30:16 AM |
I was feeling all down and woe is me and was sorely tempted to write a whiney journal entry.

But then I started acting like and idiot in old school and now I feel better. The thought people having to look at my pathetic ass with no spoiler protection makes me chuckle. I'm even considering buying a trenchcoat and flashing people downtown. That ought to be laugh out loud funny.

So now instead of wallowing in self pity I'm trying to list the good things going on in my life.

I see my kids every week and I know they love me.

I have a stable job that's given me 89 hours of overtime in the last 3 weeks so Christmas is taken care of.

I have a good place to live and two great roommates who keep me from becoming a hermit.

I'm sure more will come to me but for now I have questions.

What's good in your life?

When was the last time YT took you out of a dark mood?

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Holy Sh*t someone bought me a key! - Mood:Good
Sunday November 02 201410:48:52 PM |
I always told myself that I would never buy a key, someone else would have to shell out.

So thank you mysterious key buying person.

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Information is free. Knowledge will cost you. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 01 20141:35:34 AM |
Someone's probably said that before but the thought came to me out of the blue so I'm claiming it as mine.

I just had a new roommate move in so there's 3 of us in the house now. I've known the guy for years and we've never had a problem so this should work out ok.

His son's 1979 Honda CB400 motorcycle has appeared to have thrown a rod and they've asked me to fix it. I've never done the bottom end of an engine before but I know I can do it. It's a project that I've always wanted to take on and now I have a chance to do it.

I'm on day 7 of 7 12 hour days at work, trying to make the time go by. I'll probably YT after I get off work because there will be no one home an hour after I get there in the morning. I've been lurking all week, just haven't felt like posting. I need to post more so I can practice having conversations. Working alone is making me even more quiet than I naturally am.

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What lotion do you think I should use on my burned hand? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 28 20149:25:55 AM |
It's been about two weeks since the explosion.

Healing nicely.

It's just that it's dry and cracking and I don't want to put neosporine on it anymore because I believe that is petroleum based.

Will try to post pic next. For some reason it won't let me now.

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The official camping journal part 2 - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 28 20141:13:12 AM |
Decided not to bump the one I made before I left.

Dinner the first night. Pork steak and potatoes. Had Cole slaw and chips also.

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The official camping journal. - Mood:Good
Friday May 23 201412:35:39 AM |
In 8 hours I will be going on a 5 1/2 hour trip to Van Buren MO to camp and canoe the Current River. It's the annual no women men's drunk fest but this year the women have had their revenge. We usually have 8-10 going but this year there's only 4. I'm single one is dating and the other two got permission slips from their wives. The others are henpecked and we will not let them live it down.

Expect to see this bumped for pics a few times if I can get a cell signal but more than likely it will be a photodump at the end of the trip.

Unfortunately unless I can find a waterproof disposable there will be no pics of the best part, canoeing down the river. Also, No faces but mine. Will not break the man code and give evidence to significant others.

Nothing more to add now unless someone has questions to keep me entertained until 7 when I can leave.

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Hey Kids!!! Don`t have a dumbass moment when you`re playing with fire. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 14 201410:21:34 PM |

yesterday I went out to my friends property to mow the grass and burn some brush. The pile was over 6 feet tall and 10 feet around so I make sure to put lots of gasoline on it.I must've had my head up my ass because when I went to light a stick so I could start the fire I didn't notice the wind shifted and was blowing right on me. So when I struck my lighter it exploded in a very large fireball.

probably the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.

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I think I`m good with being a bachelor. - Mood:Good
Friday May 09 20143:17:27 AM |
Back in January I had a dream I was in bed with shak. It was good until she woke me up saying "Eww eww ewwwww!!!! I said we should share the bed but no touching!" My hand had rested on her tummy while we were sleeping. I apologised and watered the three plants in the room. Then I looked out the window and saw the Schnitzelbaum Catering truck was there for my dad's birthday. Since his birthday wasn't for another 3 months it woke me up and I remembered the dream.

I wondered "Why shak?" and the answer I've come up with is this: While she is physically and mentally stimulating I think of her as an aquaintence who would make a nice friend, nothing beyond that. So I see the shak of my dream as a symbol for female friends of any kind. Even if consciously I was saying all I want is a friend subconsciously I was trying for more.


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My dad`s car threw a rod through the oil pan. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 26 201412:57:46 AM |
My sister bought him a 2008 Buick Lacrosse to replace it. I drove him up from Glasgow KY to Portage IN (a 6 hour drive) so she can supprise him and say he doesn't have to pay her back. They share a birthday and he'll be 75 this year.

In other news, i'm drunk and everyone else is in bed.

Basically I wrote this journal so I wouldn't forget the day but if you want to ask me anything before I pass out go ahead.

I feel like I spend too much time whining about my bi-polarness so the real me isn't known. I'll even answer the stupid questions.

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I got a call from Dasha and Heather tonight. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 06 20145:42:48 AM |
They ran into my friend Eric at Cricket's, the bar where we met about this time last year. It's also been about a year since I heard from either of them. Dasha gave me a story that her phone was lost so she lost my phone number but I don't buy it. They stopped talking to me right after I explained why I have to have supervised visits with my kids. Anyway, It was 3:30 in the morning and they were both drunk so I'll put it down to that.

They did say that they would like to meet up again. I guess I'll go. They are fun to hang with and I need to get out more. I'm just glad neither one was looking for a boyfriend last year because I'm still in no mood for a serious type relationship.

In other news I put the new front master cylinder on my bike. I just need to add fluid and bleed the lines.

Also, don't buy Bacon Pringles. Not enough salt and barely any flavor.

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I had deja vu at work today. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 21 20138:52:58 AM |
I felt like I could sense what alarm was going to go off next.

We got an inch of rain in one hour and its been raining since 3am.

When I got off work 4 pump stations were in overflow.

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I think I`m feeling better - Mood:Exhausted
Monday November 18 20139:10:51 AM |
I'm a little more optimistic.

Things will get better some day.

I had a faulty alarm from 10:30 to 3 am last night.

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Stephenn Fry says depression is like the weather. - Mood:Good
Saturday November 09 20139:03:56 AM |
You can't change it, you just have to accept that it is while knowing that it will be sunny again one day.

I got the first part immediately.Accept the present and look to the future.

what I missed is that you're not supposed to lay around in the house waiting for it to quit raining.

I need to get dressed and go out in the storm.

There's work to be done.

I need to start mending fences.

I'm going to write a letter to each person I've wronged and promise to do better in the future.

Besides, the post office can use the business.

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I live for tomorrow. - Mood:Good
Friday November 08 20139:10:00 AM |
Someday my kids will be 13.

They're going to have a facebook page, that's a given.

But would you tell them about yt?

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I didn`t want to cry - Mood:Depressed
Monday November 04 20138:57:56 AM |
so I didn't call my son Bobby on his birthday last month.

so now I can't call Lauren on her birthday this Thursday because that wouldn't be fair

there's always next year though

And I get to see them all day on December first.

We're having a family reunion.

Mom and Dad will be there

So will my two older sisters

I don't think my brother can make it. He recently moved to a small town in the Seattle - Tacoma are.

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My sister and her daughter will be on The View tomorrow. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 17 201310:13:44 PM |
11 Eastern 10 Central on ABC.

22 years ago she gave Whitney up for adoption. About a month ago Whitney posted on Facebook that she was looking for her mom and 12 hours later they wwere talking on the phone.

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