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I'm writing this on my phone. Guess why. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 10 201712:10:44 AM |
Because I just got the Mac equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death.

Just my luck, right? I have homework but now I'll never get it done.

Oh well. Nothing to do about it.

This week has gone well. So much is going on, it's overwhelming. Math tutorials and meet and greets and classes and shopping and never enough sleep. I'm a much better cook than I ever gave myself credit for - I've learned that.

But just for tonight I'm quiet and disconnected, reading in the blanket fort I built in my room. It's nice. I hope I feel a bit better tomorrow.

I think one of my roommates is flirting with me but I can't be sure. Makes me nervous.

I feel disjointed.

Hey, YT.

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Stuff and things and life and BEER - Mood:Good
Saturday September 02 201711:38:31 PM |
I have been in DC for several days and SO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

First, I did orientation. It went super well and I met lots of people and made friends. I usually hate orientations and I feel awkward and never know what to say, but this time around it went great. Some of it was weird. We had Diversity and Inclusivity training where we had to stand up to identify our 'privilege.' But some of it was great, like the talk the career center gave.

We also had Happy Hour and all the alum came and we got to drink free beer and it was great.

I am living in this townhouse and my flatmates or what-have-you have started showing up. One of them decided to come check out the apartment at like 10 at night and walked into my room and scared the CRAP out of me. The ones I've met seem nice. I'm a bit nervous about being in a house full of people I don't know. But suck is life.


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So I live in an apartment now, what up adult life - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 29 201710:04:38 PM |

I live in a townhouse with several other grad students/interns. I get my own room and bathroom, we just share some common areas. Spacious, nice accommodations for the most part.


The rules are CRAZY restrictive. No guests after 9 pm, so no overnight guests, not even family. No alcohol permitted on the premises ever. Quiet hours every night from 9 pm to 7 am. What on earth?! Should have looked at that more carefully when I applied for housing here. It's also kind of expensive.

The drive up went pretty well. It was kind of brutal but we made it in time today to get me all moved in. There's two beds in my room (one of which is a bunk bed, so three beds technically) even though I'm the only one living in it, so that's kind of weird, but I turned the bunk bed into a little fort so that's okay I guess.

I'm so exhausted. And anxious because I have a friend (cont)

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Saturday August 26 201711:55:13 PM |
On Monday I am leaving for D.C. Who's excited?! ME, I'M EXCITED. Also a little nervous. We're driving out there. I hate long car trips.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to the Ren Fest. I'm gonna do weird makeup and wear weird clothes, my favorite hobby! I haven't been since I was a kid, it used to be my absolute favorite place in the whole world!

The car is packed up and ready to go for Monday. Gah, my neeerrrrvvvveeees.

I spent yesterday walking around the farm. I haven't really spent any length of time here in what seems like forever. I walked through the grove out back. It used to be kept sort of maintained but it's super overgrown now, I could barely even walk through it. Found a bunch of our old forts from when my siblings and friends and I used to play out there. Fun times.

Also found my very first bike. And the machinery we used to play in. And lots of weird (cont)

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Wednesday August 23 20178:45:16 AM |

I have less than a week and I'm moving to D.C.! HOLLA AT YA BOY.

If anyone has any advice on stuff to do or ways to make my life easier when I get there, now would be the time.

I just finished a book called Ararat that was pretty dumb. Poorly written, the author kept using big words that made no context in the sentence, tons of misspellings so that it must not have even been edited, and a (spoiler) half-assed twist ending that made zero sense.

So, disappointed.

Beartown is going well though! I love it and I hate it equal parts.

Apparently the McDonald's closest to my sister's apartment closed down. Someone shot a dude in it. Strange times in South Dakota.

Got tons of cute going away presents from my friends. I made such good connections this time around. I'm gonna miss everyone.

What's one thing you love unconditionally about yourself?

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Well, this week was crazy - Mood:Good
Saturday August 12 20177:40:06 PM |
So, first we went to Wisconsin. We went to the state fair, some weird biodome things, and The Dropkick Murphys concert.

Then we drove back and my cousin came down, since it was her birthday, and we went to the cities. We stopped at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store.

And then we went to VALLEYFAIR!!!


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So we`re having issues at our mall now. - Mood:Good
Monday July 31 20175:34:57 PM |
There's this total creep going around and harassing young girls, trying to get them in his car, grabbing at them. He's been doing this for at least a week now. Today, I went to the mall to run some errands and the ladies at the cupcake kiosk (my favorite place in the world, tbh) were in tears. He'd been harassing them and they had to call mall security and were pretty shaken up. I'm kind of wondering why they keep letting this guy back in the mall. I think it's time to call the actual real police and get them to remove this piece of shxt.

Nobody messes with the cupcake ladies on my watch. They are NICE LADIES and they give me free cupcakes in exchange for free tea.

Oh, that's another thing. Teavana is closing down. It won't really affect me because I won't be working there during the shut down, but I will miss all the tea. And my coworkers and new friends I made there.


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Why am I sitting here watching Grey`s Anatomy? - Mood:Good
Friday July 21 201710:57:16 PM |
My sister started rewatching the show and at first I was totally not interested because, you know, that's not really my thing, right? And now here I am on season 8 screaming at the TV because ARE YOU FXCKING KIDDING ME KAREV, THIS SHXT AGAIN?

I'm writing a new story, this one is about a black metal band. I think it's gonna be fun. I had a bad nightmare the other night and I think it would make a good novel. Just have to figure out how I'm gonna do it first.

Who wants a compliment? I'll give out compliments, why the hell not.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. I'd like to make a little fort for myself under the bed and sleep for six days. That would be nice. But not real practical, I guess.

The Twins game was fun, grandma had a great birthday.

Hey, hi, how are ya.

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Today a crazy man wrote me a poem - Mood:Good
Sunday July 16 201711:56:25 PM |
He was walking from store to store in the mall asking if he could write a poem. He'd ask for a topic, sit outside for five minutes, then walk back in and recite it. I had him write me one about libraries. He also showed me some cool beadwork he did.

Then some lady - who I had helped find tea before - brought me some Greek tea. I'm not 100% sure what the plant is but she showed me how to brew it. I'm going to try tomorrow, I'll report back on whether or not it kills me.

This week, we are celebrating my grandma's birthday by taking her to a Twins game up in the cities!

My mom and dad were grand marshal in our local parade. They drove the tiny car:

I wanna dye my hair pastel purple.


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Somebody loves meeeeeeee! - Mood:Good
Sunday July 09 201712:54:45 PM |
Just yesterday, I got a package from the notorious Wiggles who made my day!!

He sent me a bunch of Cadbury chocolate and candy, a teddy bear with which to cheer on the best team in England, a car sticker for the same purpose, proper Yorkshire tea so I stop polluting my body with that yankee nonsense I've been drinking, and a postcard!

Thank you Wiggles, I love it. And I'm going to brew the tea today and make all my coworkers jealous!

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We are throwing my sister a Sweet 16 today - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 05 20176:03:58 PM |
She's turning 28. BUT she wanted a Sweet 16 because she's "not ready to be an adult yet." So here we go. In the process, I have discovered that her cat is deathly terrified of balloons. LOL.

So, my mom invited a big Minnesota author down a while back to give a presentation at our library... AND HE DID. He's super nice and he gave me a free book AND he took a copy of my book and told me he'd read it and give me his thoughts! Our library just finished renovations and is going to have a grand reopening soon and he might come! So I'm embroidering him a quote:

"Pages full of idle words
Penned with hot and bitter tears;
All men call the author fool,
None his secret message hears."

With a feather pen and flowers and a skeleton hand. It'll be good practice! I hope he likes it. He sends my mom and our library cool stuff all the time.

So, big news... (continued)

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AMA about Stingrays - Mood:Good
Sunday July 02 20171:30:00 PM |
So, I get to work with stingrays for my volunteer position. It's awesome and they're my favorite sea animals right now. I know a billion things about them so ask me stuff. If I know the answer to your question, I'll tell you. If I don't know the answer, I'll insult you instead.

Yesterday work really sucked. The only nice thing is that the cupcake lady brought us free cupcakes since we gave her some free tea. That, at least, was nice. I had a lemon cupcake. Not my favorite that they make, but I'd still give it a 7/10.

Today, I'm taking a test so that I can be a Tea Guide. Why? Because I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. Also you get this cool pin and I want one.

I got a package today. It was delivered at my home so my parents signed for it. The return address just says "Sleepy's Husband." Somebody is doing some shenanigans, I tell ya hwat.

Hey guys. Stingray time. Go.

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What`s the creepiest unsolved mystery you know? - Mood:Good
Thursday June 29 20173:20:22 PM |
Not a great source, but my friend was telling me about this today. Wuuuuuuuuut??

I'm working on some new stories, could use some inspiration. I have a ton of ideas written out, though, so maybe I'll work on one of those. No idea when any will be posted, but it's nice to have the time to write again.

Yesterday, I volunteered at the Butterfly house and aquarium again. I got to work with the stingrays! They have their stingers trimmed once every three months so they don't sting - and it's like trimming a fingernail, so it doesn't hurt (or so I've been told). They're really smart and can recognize human faces. So they know the faces of their feeders and stuff. They also love attention. If people don't pay attention for them too long (continued)

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What the fxck was that? Part a million and seven - Mood:Good
Sunday June 25 201711:42:58 PM |
So. I'm living with my sister and her husband again this summer, back at my old job, yada yada.

Some of you may remember that we had weird shxt going on last time I was here. People trying to open the door and break in during the middle of the night, that kind of stuff.

We just heard a door slam super loud, but we can't figure out where the sound came from. Could have been one of the doors in the apartment (not sure which ones were/were not open), but how would it have been slammed? The wind? It's not all that windy out... Or maybe it was outside the apartment? But it sounded so close.

I don't like this. I don't like this place at all.

ANYWAY. Probably just paranoid. Been watching a lot of horror movies. Now I'm watching one called Clown. Produced by Eli Roth so you know it's gonna be nasty. So far it's also stupid. Win-win!


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So we`re watching a movie about an evil bong - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 21 20177:16:56 PM |
It's actually not the worst/stupidest horror movie I've ever seen. in fact, the last few we watched were probably worse.

Suggestions for shxtty horror movies? I'm always looking for some new marathon material.

I finished the Rape of Nanking. Now I'm dual reading For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Plutonium Files, both of which start off strong, so that's nice.

I'm embroidering matching pillowcases for my sister and brother-in-law. I've learned some new stitches, including the woven rose and the fishbone, so I'm testing those out and practicing.

I want a new weird lipstick color. Suggestions? I also want to dye my hair. I'm thinking light pastel lavender. I can hear your screams of agony already.

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It`s my party and I`ll cry if I want to... - Mood:Good
Saturday June 17 20178:08:18 AM |
Pity Party

I'm 23, you rotten bastards!!! I got some wonderful gifts, including this awesome book from a YTer who is unnamed, but whose name rhymes with GooberBoxer.

I got lots of neat presents, like a new Sailor Moon bag and some good books. For my birthday, I went to the local butrfly house and marine cove. Here's some pictures:

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What do you think is your best quality? - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 14 20178:57:29 AM |
I'm so glad to finally be home. I missed American food and clean water. Additionally, I broke my phone during the last few weeks in China and I finally got a new one.

Minnesota has been stormy. Lots of tornado warnings last night and some bad thunder storms. Apparently there's some kind of typhoon happening off the coast of Hong Kong right now, so a lot of my classmates are trapped in China. Glad I got out when I did.

I'm reading The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang. Wonderfully written. After that, I'm reading For Whom the Bell Tolls as well as The Plutonium Files. This is my favorite part about summer - I have the time to read for fun.

I'm working on some new embroideries, too. I need some more supplies but I'm going to try some "subversive" embroidery. Basically mean quotes and stuff. Any suggestions?

What do you think is your best quality?

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I need some urgent advice at this exact second please - Mood:Good
Friday June 09 20173:10:50 PM |
Alright, I know I haven't been responding to messages I'm sorry but really really really in need of some help

So finals just ended, pakcing all day, my roommate just came home blackout drunk. I don't think she's ever drank before in her life (Chinese, super conservative). She is vomiting all over herself in the bathroom. Can't convince her to take her vomity clothes off or shower or move. She keeps turning on the sink and playing with it.

I feel like I need to do something but I don't know what? Someone please advise?...

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There will be absolutely no gimmicks in this journal - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 06 20173:45:22 PM |


I got my paper back on Iran's presidential election, I think my professor was reasonably impressed! I managed to get an A- (seems like he docked everyone who predicted the wrong candidate). I've heard he can be a kind of difficult grader, so I'm pretty thrilled.

I am on the final stretch of my finals work. I have three essays written and now I just need to translate them into Chinese. That's actually the easiest part of the whole process, it's just that it's tedious and time-consuming.

Some people just run their papers through Google Translate and then go through and correct them. I would never do that (because really? Google Translate?) but at four in the morning, it's tempting.

This past weekend was the anniversary of a very big event in China that no one is allowed to talk about, so internet access was shxt. Blegh.

How was your day?

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Paint me like one of your... on second thought, don`t do that. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 03 20176:34:34 AM |
My friend at the teahouse asked me for a favor. She has an artist friend (they went to art school together) who wanted to take some pics of me so he can draw me for some art project he's doing. I don't like modeling and I'm not good at it, but she asked me as a special favor so I was like "alright, as long as you're there, too, I'm not doing it on my own."

I went down to the teashop today and he was there and wanted pics. Okay. At first everything was going just fine. And THEN he wanted me to take my bra off. I was wearing a tanktop and if I didn't have a bra on you'd be able to... you know, see everything. I told him I was uncomfortable with it but he kept insisting. I offered to change into a shirt where you wouldn't be seeing all that but he kept saying "no, no, I want you without a bra in that shirt."

Yeah, no. So I left and I think my teahouse friend is a little mad at me. (Cont)

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A little motivation would not go amiss right now - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 30 20174:24:56 PM |
Is that the right turn of phrase? "Go amiss"? Whatever, I don't care.

So, I have four final papers and one exam (not a final exam, just a poorly-timed one). I have mostly prepared for the exam, which is on Thursday, but I will have a study session tomorrow with another student to ensure I'm ready. One of the papers is mostly finished - just need to edit it and fix one or two citations. I wrote another one, but I need to translate it into Chinese. I have all the research done for the third and I have an outline written, but I have to actually write it and then translate it. Haven't started the fourth yet.

It feels insurmountable. Help please.

We did our cheerleading dance. I was bomb. Lots of Chinese people filmed us. I got some videos and pics, I'll try to post them at some point.

Dragon boat racing was fun. Our team lost. So it goes.

Okay, give me motivation please

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Wednesday May 24 20172:54:21 PM |
I got something stuck between my teeth the other day. I've been trying to get it out forever. I was flossing like crazy, brushing all the time but it would. Not. Come. Out. And it was getting so painful I actually started wondering if I should see a Chinese dentist or something. BUT it FINALLY came loose today and I pulled it out... with a tweezers. There was a hefty amount of blood. No idea how this happened, but I'm glad it's out.

Hangzhou was super fun. Except for that on the second day I dropped my phone in a Chinese toilet (eww) and now it doesn't work. But my friend is letting me use her old phone so that's okay.

To be honest, I enjoyed not having a phone. I was so much more relaxed. I wasn't worried about constantly checking for messages, taking pictures of every single little thing, stuff like that. I enjoyed myself so much more. If it were possible, I think I'd ditch (cont.)

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Hm. That ice cream was a mistake, and not for the reason you think. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 20 201710:38:52 AM |
I'm in Hangzhou. It's pretty here and also another tea city. I went to the local tea museum which is surrounded by tea fields, had a nice walk through. Met a cool dude who works at a nearby museum who asked for my help - it's his job to design an exhibit to bring to America and he doesn't know what kind of stuff Americans would want to see, so he just wanted to kinda chill with me while I went through the museums and see what stuff caught my eye.

Anyway, after that we took a walk and got ice cream from a street vendor. It's the kind they make with liquid nitrogen.. you know, so it gives off white smoke while it cools down. Neat, huh?

Did you know that liquid nitrogen can give you some really sick burns?

I can't feel my tongue very well, which wasn't concerning me all that much until I looked at it in the mirror and...

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Today was... good? - Mood:Good
Thursday May 18 20178:52:27 AM |
Had a rough couple of days the last few days. I didn't sleep well, I was really stressed, and just overall felt like I couldn't accomplish anything. Today was markedly better, not really sure why but no complaints here.

Dragon boat race next week. I'm on the cheerleading squad (just like in high school!). We're dancing and I have a dance solo. Those 8 years of dance actually paid off.

My friend is pretty sick and she's not getting better. Like, she's got really bad anemia but has been taking iron pills and it isn't improving. She went to the hospital again today - third time this month.

My life isn't that interesting, sorry y'all.

Go compliment somebody. I'm too lazy to do a compliment thread today.

Favorite animal fact?

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Things and stuff: Yixing edition - Mood:Good
Friday May 12 20177:05:02 AM |
So I decided to take a trip to Yixing this weekend because why not? It's only like 45 minutes from Nanjing by train. I'm staying overnight in this super swanky hotel. I like it except that the staff follows you around everywhere trying to serve you and it weirds me out.

First, I went to a Zisha museum. Zisha is a special clay found in Yixing and it's used to make the fancy teapots I buy. Here's some pictures.

Then I went to Bamboo Sea. It's not a sea, it's a forest, but the bamboo is so thick it looks like a sea so... you get the idea.


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