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In which I brag about my apartment and life as an adult - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 16 20182:14:46 PM |
I have everything in my apartment all set up. Internet is being set up on Friday, but I got the gas and electric all squared away. The leasing office was dragging their feet in getting me the information I needed to set everything up, so I called them and was ASSERTIVE and NO-NONSENSE and they got me my information within the hour. Because I get things DONE.

I got a library card today. I like our local library. It's big and spacious and there's vending machines and places to just sit and read and chill. I think I'll probably spend a lot of time here.

My ukulele playing is going well. I'm learning Love Potion No. 9.

My boss is taking me to a stationery convention sometime soon. I didn't even know there WERE stationery conventions. I'm doing great at work and making heaps of money.

Oh, and I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND. Suck it, losers.

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Vote for me for YT president - Mood:Good
Saturday May 05 20188:56:07 PM |
I nominate Oreo as my running mate

My platform includes:
+ Changing the site layout to hot pink
+ Letting people change their usernames

So, I moved today! I was living with a student housing company before - the one with all the stupid rules that I hated - and got my own place. It's really, really nice.

Everything here was really expensive. Apartments in D.C. ranged from 2,000 a month to 3,000. So I got a place just outside D.C. in Maryland. It's right on the border so my job and school are still accessible by metro. It's 1,100/month plus utilities. I'm really nervous because, you know, I've never really done this before... but also very excited.

Had a really weird interaction with a dude today while I was shopping.

My apartment has A.C.! Yaaaay!

Okay, so, give me advice on apartment stuff.

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"Do you two know how much that pen is worth?!" - Mood:Good
Monday April 30 20187:06:58 PM |
My boss keeps this ugly, dumb pen next to the cash register to use for signing receipts. Someone left it there one day and never came back for it. A few days ago, a customer came in, stared at us, and asked if we knew how much it costs.

Nope. We shrugged.

Turns out the damn thing is made by Porsche and it's worth $350 fxcking dollars. Holy. Crap. And this thing is UGLY AND HORRIBLE. I'll put a link in the comments, it won't work in the main body for some reason.

I met a woman today who went to China RIGHT when Deng Xiaoping opened it up to the West. She told me all about it, it was so fascinating. And she's from Minnesota! She has a cute shop next to ours.

Also I made a new friend today at a local tea store.

Things are coming up Sleepy!

What's the most expensive thing you've unwittingly held in your hands?

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I`m procrastinating writing a paper. Come on in and help me do that. - Mood:Good
Thursday April 26 201811:41:00 PM |
I have three final papers that are due next one. One is mostly done (maybe some light editing), two are on the way, but I'm tired and I don't wanna write anymore and I just wanna watch stupid horror movies on Netflix.

Has anyone seen the Hexecutioners? It was pretty great, it's on Hulu.

Today at a panel discussion, we were talking about the likelihood of Russia trying to spoil negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea. Some dude piped up and said, "But Vladimir Putin promised he wouldn't do that! Why would he say one thing and do another?!" Uh... because it's Putin? I mean, there's lots of good counterarguments to the Russia-as-spoiler argument, but that's just not one of them.

Come in and I may say something nice about you. Or something mean. Who knows. It's a fun surprise.

I have gorgeous new lipstick and a gorgeous new dress and I got lots of compliments today and it was nice.

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In which Sleepy gives full reign to the depths of her pettiness - Mood:Good
Monday April 16 20183:35:54 PM |
So, I got an email from my school's office the other day. "Please participate in this survey about the environment on campus!" it said. And I was like "sweet, I'll do that sometime in the next few days."

And then the next day, they resent the email. You know, to remind me. Well, that's a bit annoying, I'll get to it, geez.

And then they sent another reminder email. And another. And another.

At this point, I'm like, nah. I'm not gonna take your stupid survey. You know why? Because your copious and unending emails are SO ANNOYING AND THEY ARE CLOGGING MY INBOX.

So I refused to take it out of spite, even though it would have been infinitely less irritating to just take it and get it done with. But they were badgering me and I hate to be badgered. So take that.

I reread Anne of Green Gables. Have you ever found a kindred spirit? I need to read the whole series now.

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“Coffee is incompatible with anarchy.” - Nieto Arteta - Mood:Good
Thursday April 12 20184:29:23 PM |
My professor assigned an unreasonable amount of reading again for this week. Uuuuuugh. I like his class and he's a great professor, but I can't wait to be done with this. He wondered why twenty people showed up on the first day and then all but four dropped. Because your expectations are unreasonable, dude.

I have bought/ordered a TON of books. Most of which I needed for school, but also some of which just looked like fun. Someone take my debit card away.

I'm having a hard time finding worthwhile horror movies to watch on Hulu. I think I've worked through almost all the ones on Netflix. Anyone have some good suggestions? I really liked The Hexecutioners.

I bought chalk. What should I draw on the sidewalk outside our apartment?

Our prof is having us stay late in class to listen to people give presentations because people wouldn't shut up in class to let her finish her lecture

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Has anyone seen Don`t Hug Me I`m Scared? - Mood:Good
Sunday April 08 201811:36:15 PM |
So I was on Pinterest looking up fan art and I kept seeing these really weird drawings tagged "DHMIS." I googled it and found this.

*Warning: NSFW

If you have half an hour, you can watch the whole thing there.

I... have no idea what I just saw. But I like it. But I think it might give me nightmares.

I went to a fancy formal dance the other night, that was fun. Got to wear a fancy dress and eat at a fancy restaurant. Which can be fun once in a while, although usually I prefer to stay in because I'm kind of lazy.

I'm about to start reading a new horror novel. It's called Horrorstor and it's apparently written as Ikea instructions. Weird? Yes. Stupid? Maybe. Am I gonna enjoy every second of it? Absolutely.

What's the weirdest Youtube video you've ever seen?

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This is a health-related journal - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 03 20181:42:50 AM |
I had some sort of stomach bug this weekend - lots of vomiting and all that. My symptoms lasted longer than was healthy, so my parents convinced me to see a doctor, just to get the all-clear. Thankfully, I'm starting to feel better now and I should be back to normal!

The only thing that's worrying me a bit is that, at the doctor's office, I discovered that I've lost a substantial amount of weight. This semester, I've started eating healthier and working out, which is going great! But I don't really want to lose any weight. My doctor told me I'm at the perfect weight for my height and I'm really happy with where I am. So I guess I'm not really sure where to go from here.

Also, my workouts are going well! I still hate running. But at least I don't black out after working out anymore.

Now onto non-health related topics! (continued)

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Hey ho, I`m Pippi! - Mood:Good
Saturday March 31 20184:39:06 AM |
This was one of my favorite movies as a kid! I found it on youtube and decided I needed to relax. I didn't know they'd made a TV show out of it! I kinda want to watch it, but also I don't because it's probably horrible. What were your favorite lesser-known movies when you were a kid?

I had kind of a long week. I'm not sure why. It wasn't like anything particularly bad happened. Just feeling blue. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna do Pippi Longstocking for halloween this year. It would be a good chance to practice my sewing skills! Her outfit wouldn't be too hard.

I should sleep. I don't want to sleep.

My roommate's boy toy got rid of a roosterroach for me. I give him my seal of approval. It was literally the biggest bug I've ever seen in my LIFE.

Link me your fave movies.

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What myth/story/fairytale scared you as a child? - Mood:Good
Sunday March 25 20182:55:39 PM |
My friend sent me a picture of something today and it reminded me of fairy rings, which I haven't thought of in a looooong time. My mom used to have this book about fairies, but not the cute kind, the ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING KIND that would trap you in fairy rings and make you dance with them for all eternity (or until you died, I can't remember which).

I gotta ask her where that book went. It used to scare the bejeezus out of me. I bet she still has it. She's always been really into fairies.

So, what scared you?

I bought new earrings today. Why? Because I deserve them. And they're adorable.

I also bought tiny coffin boxes so I can send presents to my horror writer friends. Very excited for their reactions!

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I am so proud of myself. - Mood:Good
Monday March 12 20187:06:09 PM |
I'm used to being a perfectionist, but grad school is really beating that out of me. There are some things I'm simply not as good at as others. And one of those is economics. No matter how much I study it and work on it, practice it, research it, it just doesn't click for me.

So rather than beat myself up about it (as is my go-to response), I readjusted my goals and decided to aim for something more reasonable for my trade midterm. And it paid off! I made it through with a B and I did much better than I expected!

In general, today has been a wonderful day. When my mom came up for the Oscars, she brought some Minnesota Walnut Grove fudge to give to people, and we had extra so I gave it to the security guards at school. They told me today that they loved it! That makes me feel good.


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Post your best memes - Mood:Good
Thursday March 08 20182:52:45 PM |
I have my Trade midterm on Saturday. I'm pretty nervous about it. Trade is definitely my most difficult class and I really have no idea how I'm going to do on this test. I hate the uncertainty.

My mom came to see me for The Oscars! Every year, she, my brother, sister, and I make our predictions and then see who wins. No one has ever beaten my mom... until this year.


Thank you, thank you, I'd like to thank the Academy for choosing The Shape of Water for best picture instead of Three Billboards.

My friends are throwing a Middle School Party this weekend. Basically, you come dressed up like your middle school self. Guess who's gonna be a Hot Topic goth? This girl right here. It's gonna be so fun.

I bought about ten books the other day. Did I need them all? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Stupid Questions Dude from Micro is at it again. Goddamn it.

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Wise men say... - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 27 20183:23:21 PM |
Last week, I SLAYED. I had a lot of stuff due so I had to be super productive, and I did an amazing job. So grats to me for being awesome.

My mom is coming up to DC to watch the Oscars with me this weekend! Super stoked! We are going on a tour of the Capitol. I've got to research the nominees so I can hopefully beat my mom this year. She ALWAYS has the best predictions.

I picked up Future Shock. Once I'm done with the books for book club, I'll be reading that one next. It was always in my "recommended reading level" when I was in elementary/middle school, but my parents wouldn't let me read it because they said it was inappropriate for a child. We'll have to see!

My friend's roommate as the most ADORABLE cats. One of them is super unfriendly but she loves me.

Tell me something good about your day!

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I am a goddess - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 21 20181:30:35 PM |
Guess who changed her septum ring on her own? And I got it right ON THE FIRST TRY. Why? Because I'm amazing. And very good at stuff and things.

This week I have also been very productive. It's mostly to make up for not being so productive last week, since I was feeling kind of sick for most of it. And I have three thins due this week so it's a pain in the butt. But that's okay. I'm gonna write the best paper that's ever been written.

Some guy tried to grab me at the metro station last night. Freaky.

I realized today that I should probably update my death binder. Seems like something I should do... I dunno, every few years? Does that seem fair? That seems fair to me.

My mom is coming to DC to watch the Oscars with me! It's a family tradition. Who else is going to be watching?

I have an urge to watch old kid's movies. Should I watch them as an adult, or will it ruin it?

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Thursday February 15 20187:10:29 PM |
So I've started getting into the swing of things at school. This semester is already going WAY better than last semester. A big part of it is I purposely chose my classes so I'll have a more balanced schedule.

Another part of it is that I'm doing something called bullet journaling. It really helps me stay focused and organized and I feel like it's improved my quality life a million percent. Anyone else to bullet journaling??

School stuff aside, I've been doing some fun stuff. I started playing Pokemon and I beat my first game! Now I'm gonna catch all the Pokemon. Except Pelipper. That piece of shxt can go straight to hell.

I'm about to start editing my novel. I hope to release it before the end of this year. I'm so proud of myself! This is the second novel I've written. And it's infinitely better than the first.

I went to a bar with some buddies to watch the opening of the Olympics..

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Goodbye Minnesota, Hello South Korea! - Mood:Good
Saturday January 20 20181:44:21 PM |
I got to South Korea on Friday. Made it to the hotel by about 8. I'll be staying in Seoul. I was really struck by all the lights. There's tons of different colored lights all around the city. It's beautiful. I've been in a lot of cities but never seen anything quite like this.

On Saturday, we went to the DMZ. It was very different than I expected. There's a lot of tourist stuff outside the military checkpoint... including a carnival?

We went through the military checkpoint and got to go inside the third infiltration tunnel. If you didn't know, North Korean soldiers have attempted to dig tunnels into South Korea for invasions. There's a ton of them, and probably more that haven't been found. When South Korea finds one, they close it down with barriers.


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Merry (almost) Christmas! - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 201710:15:37 PM |
It's been a crazy whirlwind these last few days.

I passed my Micro final! And I did better than I did on the midterm so yay!! I passed the class and never have to go back, that's all I wanted. Thank you god.

I had an issue with my housing company. I'd signed a lease for two semesters and then, with four days left before I was going to need to be out of the room for Christmas break, they decided they wanted me to move to a new complex. But they won't let me move my things yet because they want to clean the rooms or something so they told me to find somewhere to store my stuff. With four days before I had to be gone. Fxcking bastards. We had a VERY tense conversation on the phone.

Fortunately, I found somewhere to store my crap. I'm having issues changing my address though, which sucks. Hopefully I can get it fixed tomorrow.

I'm reading a really fantastic book right now (cont)

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Walking in a winter WONDERLAND - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 13 201711:52:28 PM |
So I got an early Christmas present from a special YTer...

It made my day when I got it yesterday. Well... I think it was yesterday... my brain has been fried since taking finals.

I had my Micro final today. I spent hours studying for it, so hopefully I did okay. I'll give you guys an update once it's been graded. On Friday I have my Macro final (I'm not nearly as worried about that one) and I have to turn in a take-home final, which I'm basically done with except a few citations and edits.

I'm so close to being done. Which is great because I've just about reached my limit of exhaustion.

Anyone else out there taking their finals?!

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Compliment the person above you! - Mood:Good
Sunday December 10 20171:05:12 PM |
We haven't done one of these in a while, so let's spread some positivity!

It's been a really good week for me. I wrote a kickass paper last week, and it was my final so that class is over and done with.

I've gotten compliments on my eye makeup the last three times I've worn it, and last time one woman said I had the most beautiful makeup she'd ever seen, which made me really proud because I've been working on it a lot lately.

I tried this holiday beer yesterday. It was... not my favorite. It was like weirdly sweet? I don't like my beer sweet. What is your go-to for festive booze?

I'm attending a Macroeconomics review session today. I'm feeling pretty okay about the exam. I shouldn't have a problem passing this class. Relatively speaking, I'm much more worried about Micro. Yuck.

Also, what Christmas movie should I watch tonight?

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Post your favorite quote in here - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 05 20178:17:45 AM |
Especially if they are motivating quotes. I gotta hammer out a paper today.

Today and tomorrow are my last days of classes! Yay! I'm in Macroeconomics right now. Trying to concentrate, but I always find it hard in this class. Every class. I get tired of sitting for so long.

Look at how pretty it is outside! I heard that it's snowing in some parts of Minnesota. But it's gorgeous here.

My sister wants me to embroider a set of towels for her for Christmas, ones with mean phrases on them written all fancy and with flowers and stuff. I need to get started on that. Any ideas?

How's all your Christmas shopping going? Found anything great so far?


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I`m back at school! Merry almost Christmas everyone! - Mood:Good
Sunday November 26 201711:32:26 PM |
Everything is all fancy and decorated for Christmas now. It's still like a month away but WHATEVER IT'S FINE...

I had a really great trip, but I'm glad to be back. Sometimes family time is a little too... family time, if you get my meaning.

Before I left, my sister gave me a gift! I had sent her a care package with a bunch of dumb, goofy stuff from Claire's a few weeks ago, so she got me...


She got me a Panda one and... wait for it... POCAHONTAS. My favorite princess for many many years.

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I have NEVER seen library books so mistreated, I swear... - Mood:Good
Friday November 24 20173:52:06 PM |
I had to help my mom the other day at the library. We needed to withdraw old library books that hadn't been checked out in x number of years. They'll be going on the book sale. I couldn't get the checkout slips off the title-pages without leaving behind tape residue or tearing the pages. I told mom that, and she shrugged and RIPPED OUT THE ENTIRE PAGE. I think my gasp was loud enough to be heard across town.

She loves doing that. She laughed her ass off when she saw my face.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it went well. Did you guys enjoy it? Everyone have a good time?

We spent it with my dad's family. I think the last time my dad went to Thanksgiving with mom's family, it didn't end up so well.... (continued)

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Tuesday November 14 20178:03:08 AM |
I'm kicking ASS this week.

Thanksgiving break is coming up and I am flying HOME sort of impromptu kind of so I am trying to get as much done before I leave as possible.

I am just slaughtering all this work. Like a BOSS.

AND I made it past 25,000 words in my novel so I'm halfway to my goal! Which also means I'm ahead of schedule! GREAT SUCCESS.

Other happy things:
I bought some cool stuff from Amazon
My roommate has stopped bringing people over to scream and party at 5 am on Wednesday mornings
My room is clean and organized which always makes me happy

It's been a good few weeks

Tell me nice things about your day and fun things you've done!

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There`s a t-rex (DUN NUN NUN) in the neighborhooooood.... - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 08 20173:44:51 PM |
Today is a fabulous, very good day. Hello to you all!

Good things in my day:
-I got to sleep in
-Annoying guy wasn't in class today
-Going on a date
-Bought some cute new shoes

I'm doing NaNoWriMo. Anyone else participating?? I've already written over 15,000 words so I'm more than a quarter of the way done! If anyone wants to be a writing buddy, let me know! I'm hoping to release this book once I finish it! This will be the second novel I have written.

My midterms went really well! I did quite well. I could have done better on Micro, but overall I'm pretty pleased with how it went.

The local Walgreens sells Wonderballs. My life is complete.

Tell me all the happy things about your day/week. Let's have a happy thread for once!!

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I had the dream again. - Mood:Good
Monday October 16 20177:39:52 PM |
It's been about two years since my last one, and it's always the same premise. In my dream, I see my best friend, and she's inexplicably not dead. She explains to me that the whole thing has been one big, long misunderstanding and that she's actually okay. And I'm so happy and we talk and then... I wake up. And it's like losing her all over again.

I haven't had one in so long. I'm not sure what brought this on. Stress? But it sucked. I woke up confused and disoriented and upset.

I bought the latest issue of Cosmo. We used to read it together. That was one of our things. I thought it might make me feel better.

My first midterm is tomorrow. It's Macro. Wish me luck! I think it will go well, but who knows. Maybe I'll fail out of grad school.

(Kidding, kidding.)

I need some study tips. I can't concentrate at all today.

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