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i'm freeeeeeeeeeeee - Mood:Good
Friday December 22 20172:30:54 PM |
holy sh*t that was the insanest work xmas ever. so much overtime so much work so much stress so much memes
but now i've f*cked off and nothing matters any more and i can drink wine and be merry and not care about anything until boxing day when i'm back at work

but the main bit is over so that's nice and i survived

i got my secret santa present today (a bottle of wine and a magic eight ball) and my boss present today (a bottle of wine and a book from my amazon wish list) and i think people at work think i'm really into wine for some reason

tomorrow i go back to parents for holiday times and stuff and i know i'm going to be annoyed with everyone after like five hours but oh well

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it`s all ok - Mood:Good
Monday December 18 20173:51:23 PM |
today work was insanely busy and stressful and what have you, but my boss apologised for having a meltdown on friday and we're all doing our best and are in it together and it's gonna be ok
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oh no my last journal was mys - Mood:Good
Saturday December 09 20175:27:28 PM |
teriously delted but i'm still here

i decided to do YET MORE OVERTIME tomorrow from 9 till 1 but i'm getting drunk tonight anyway
f*ck it it'll be fine. just 4 hours of basic getting work cleared so monday isn't so overwhelmingly busy
work work work
who'd have thought that i had a work ethic and responsibility and sh*t

i'm still listening to that nice war on drugs album. man it hits such a sweet spot

and drinking beer, which also hits such a sweet spot

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what do normal people use instead of yt? - Mood:Good
Saturday December 02 20171:10:49 PM |
i mean yt is pretty much dead anyway so i guess most people found something

but i was thinking, the other day someone made a thread about all their sh*tty life stuff, you know venting as you do, but the sort of thing you can't post on facebook with all the people you know irl and your mom and dad and stuff there

and i mean, what's the equivalent. where do people go for that? do most people not do it? therapists? just irl friends?

is it in fact not healthy to share your life with strangers in this way?

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why am i doing overtime tomorrow - Mood:Good
Friday December 01 20173:50:17 PM |
work has been insanely busy and i've been doing ALL THE HOURS
starting early, finishing late
overtimefish they call me.

and i'm doing 8 -1 tomorrow as well

i don't care about money but i have a very strong impulse to please and to be helpful so here i am being helpful and pleasing


i'm not drinking MUCH tonight but i feel like i need to drink something jeez

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book group was OK - Mood:Good
Monday November 20 20176:06:18 PM |
that lady my mother argued with last time had chosen autumn by ali smith
it was just ok imo but everyone else seemed to love it
my mother and the lady were nice to each other and everything was civil and harmonious
the one lady got very drunk and loud and wouldn't shut up about politics but she's nice and i can forgive it
many people commented on my daringly fashionable pink sweater and INCREDIBLY NOTICEABLE BURNS ALL OVER MY RIGHT HAND
I confirmed that we're reading satantango in the new year and apologised in advance

all in all, things seem to be O. K.

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a bottle of the fancy wine a box of the fancy chocolates - Mood:Good
Friday November 10 20172:13:37 PM |
and i was wearing my smart new coat and looking really smart

i bet i looked like i was buying them for a special lady

little did anyone know that that special lady was I!

the perfect crime

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mfw i got into work 45 minutes early just so i can be the first one in - Mood:Good
Friday September 22 20172:21:49 AM |
take that, lady who always gets here ridiculously early for NO APPARENT REASON

two can play at that game

now I'm sat in a dark office waiting to say boo

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Friday July 21 20171:31:17 PM |

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in the orchard - Mood:Good
Friday July 07 20173:53:43 PM |
my parents have an orchard of sorts
it's very chill

I can hear
some kind of bird going chrip chrip chrip
sheep going maaaaa maaaaa like a guy yelling
faint pop music and distant revelry of young people
the lady next door going come on! come on bruno! come on boy! come on to her dog
the wind gently whooshing through the leaves of the tree above me

despite this cacophony it's actually incredibly quiet and peaceful
it's just when you remove noises, there's always noises behind them

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dizzy died - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 28 20178:19:10 AM |
my dad messaged me this morning
she was run over

rip dizzy, you magnificent headstrong crazy soppy huntress

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it`s easter tomorrow - Mood:Good
Saturday April 15 201710:33:32 AM |
what do you do for easter?
what does one do?

i imagine religious people go to church?
non religious people eggs?

do you say happy easter to people? gifts? i don't know!

sometimes i listen to a bach passion
this year i am toying with the idea of watching the passion of the christ again

or evangelion which is basically the same thing

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the day of reckoning - Mood:Good
Saturday April 01 20176:51:51 AM |
i've given my beard a month
and the plan was to shave it all off today

but i kinda like it. do i shave it or not?

looks surprisingly rad!
don't have to shave

moustache feels itchy under my nose and my allergies seem worse
face in general feels kinda weird although it's getting better by the day as i get used to it
although it looks cool, it could use trimming, like shaving the bottom of my neck, and if i end up doing that it invalidates the second pro

whatever happens, it has a few hours left, i need to do my cycling first, then i intend to watch shin godzilla, and THEN it's the momentous decision and i can crack open a bottle of wine and listen to needle in the hay and shave it all off

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eating suspect meat with my grandpa - Mood:Good
Thursday March 30 20174:23:17 PM |
hooray i have tomorrow off so it's friday tonight!
my parents are still away (they come back tomorrow evening)
so i came back Home and the cats are so attention starved
well, two of them are
freddy is on my lap
and delphi is moithering around demanding attention and i'm playing with her with a feather on a string on a stick
dizzy is nowhere to be seen because she's presumably out hunting animals or whatever the f*ck she does

then i went to see my grandpa and watched some crappy detective shows with him. i brought a bottle of wine which we drank (honestly i drank the most, he drinks so slowly these days the drating lightweight) and then he was all 'I KNOW I HAVE JUST THE THING' and disappeared off and turned up with a piece of dried salted meat and started methodically cutting incredibly thin slices off it with a knife towards him as i cringed in fear

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the lights out - Mood:Good
Friday March 17 20176:41:28 PM |
so tonight i went back to my parents
and my mother is away and so it was just me and my dad and my grandpa and the cats
and my dad was doing belly pork which my mother does not like do it's the perfect opportunity for us to all indulge in it
so i get home and there's a power cut!
so we light lots of candles and fortunately our cooker is gas powered
and we have a wood stove
and we just talk and drink good wine and eat good food by candlelight AS GOD INTENDED

oh my god it was so nice

and then the power came back on and i was sad
but it was still a special evening

now i'm drunk and shall shortly go to sleep

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quick question first answer wins - Mood:Good
Sunday February 19 20174:18:44 PM |
should i watch moonlight or hacksaw ridge
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i love this season - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 29 20162:22:54 PM |
when as you walk to work in the morning, your breathe freezes in the air, and the cold bites at your face, and the park is covered in a hard glistening blanket of frost
and when you walk home through the dark empty streets under the icy christmas lights the air feels unbelievably fresh and hyperreal, like you're experiencing it in HD
and you get home and wrap up in a blanket against the elements outside and drink some hot soup
it's so nice
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feelinn real drating fancy tonight - Mood:Ecstatic
Friday October 21 20162:31:27 PM |
so what you do is, you get some real fine flour, and mix it with some salt, and put it on the countertop with a well in the middle
and you crack an egg in there and also add some olive oil (why not)
of course you've already poured yourself some white wine, an essential component to the process
so then you gradually mix the flour and egg together until the egg inevitably breaches the wall and starts flowing magnificently, unstoppably over the countertop and you just cram the flour all over it and mix it up and knead it until it becomes a springy ball of protopasta and you wrap it in clingfilm and put it in the fridge
and you're obviously listening to some rad music, in this particular case, the sound of silver by lcd soundsystem
so then let's say you have an onion or two, you chop them up real fine and also some garlic and put it in a big pan with a load of olive oil
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sunday morning - Mood:Good
Sunday October 16 20166:03:34 AM |
it's a nice day today

i slept long and deep and woke to the sound of church bells

started doing chores because it's chore day and it's so satisfying. i got a new vacuum cleaner (my sister gave me her henry hoover as she's going away for a year or so) and it's so good. i did one of those cleans where you move all the heavy furniture only to find that mysterious dust has accumulated in places that haven't seen the light of day for years

washing up all done, kitchen nice and tidy

now i'm breakfasting on strawberries and blueberries and thinking about doing some exercise

i'm half thinking about quitting drinking on fridays as well as the rest of the week. saturday is always such a bust because i'm hungover and although i enjoy just lying on my sofa watching videogames for an entire day, it might be nice to have two long clear headed fresh days off a week rather than one

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homeon the ranch - Mood:Good
Friday October 07 20162:09:54 PM |
somy parents are away this weekend and i'vecomeback to catsit

also i've brought mylaptop i never use back with me and it turns out the spacebar is somewhat...inconsistent
so there'll be a lotofthis

greeted by cat a) freddyimmediately
he'sthe oldaffectionate onewho is the one that reallyneeds someone to take care of him
he rushed up to me saying hello,then ran into the front room and looked hopefully at the sofa waiting for me to sit down so he could sit on me
that's where he is now

catb) delphi is the one who always likes to be mischaevous, but likes human company
she yawned and looked balefully at me and i put her some food down and she scoffed it down and then followedme from room to room

cat c) dizzy is the one who just likes going outside and hunting animals
she's presumably outside hunting animals

i have lit a log fire and have a happy siamese on mylap and now here i am

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im in venice!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 09 201610:50:26 AM |

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you ever have a cool south american wall hanging, and then one day you go to move it and one of their faces turns into a terrifying swarm of moths, leaving behind a grim faceless void? - Mood:Frightened
Monday July 20 20151:06:27 PM |

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who is this possibly hindu deity? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 11 20155:35:02 PM |

so my mum bought me this when she was on holiday in india because she knows i love this kind of thing and i indeed do love the guy, he's so f*cking cool and evil looking

but who or what is he?

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station cat - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 11 20159:35:20 AM |

as you wait for your train, why not enjoy the company of station cat?

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Monday February 09 20152:01:46 PM |

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