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hey yt - Mood:Good
Saturday April 25 20201:54:19 PM |
i thought i'd make a drunken journal for old times sake
because i still have affection for this site even though it's a broken mess
how's it going

i've been working from home for a while now and it's getting weird. i kinda like my kitchen office. i leave the house once a week to go shopping, i zoom with my family once a week, i get daily whatsapp photos of cats
it's all so surreal
and i guess it is one of those things that teaches you about yourself
turns out i'm not quite as introverted as i thought. i do actually require irl human contact

hey cowdung sorry they banned you

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93 years / the escape - Mood:Good
Saturday February 08 20204:22:46 PM |
it was my grandpa's birthday yesterday
we all went to see him today (my mum did go yesterday but today we did a whole thing when we were all there)
my sister made coffee and walnut cake
we drank sauternes
it was nice
he's very diminished by this point but he enjoyed it
my parents moved house to a small village a month or so back
and they've been keeping the cats in the garden
but they accidentally left the gate open the other night and delphi f*cking went missing
they scoured the village
they put posters up
they put messages on facebook

so anyway after 24 hours she just turned up bedraggled and wet
but that was dramatic

she spent most of today asleep on my lap enjoying not roaming a weird foreign village or exploring a magical kingdom or whatever the f*ck she was doing

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a tale of two temps - Mood:Good
Friday January 17 202012:10:21 PM |
this will be long and tedious and culminate in a moral dilemma. please take notes

so we have a permanent position going in my department. at the moment the department consists of me and my boss and at christmas we hire up to 6 temps as well as having people from the main part of customer services loaned out to us on a daily basis.
during the rest of the year, it's just me and my boss and the permanent customer service people who get to work in my department from time to time but also have other jobs and duties depending on the day

so anyway, this year we're actually hiring a full time dedicated member of our team who'll do just that work mon - fri rather than shifts

a bunch of people went for the job (including people already in permanent customer service positions, because this is a desirable role), but it's come down to two of our temps, both of who we would be delighted to have:

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some things i acquired over the christmas period - Mood:Good
Saturday December 28 20196:59:34 AM |

a standing lamp with an adjustable little bit and dimmer switches for both bits

a videogame where you make friends with a big weird monster and climb around serene and beautiful ruins

a nice glass teapot that you can see your super expensive bamboo shoots green tea brewing in and easily top up with hot water, reminding you of the lovely time you went to the cute chinese teahouse with your mother and they had these and it turns out they were for sale

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hmm spotify - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 16 201911:15:34 AM |
so i got a new phone and this one doesn't have a memory card slot
previously my way of music was i'd put albums i like on the memory card to listen to on my phone

but now i thought 'let's see how if i did the streaming thing'

so i have finally made a spotify account
it seems ok

so the test, i have a gigantic playlist on my computer on foobar of tracks that i have liked enough to listen to repeatedly since i got this computer like 5 years ago. it's 692 songs long

so today i assiduously added them all to a giant spotify playlist to see how many it had. and it's not bad, but not perfect
the ones it has are
the ones it doesn't are

so that's 53 it didn't have

(i bet this shrinks to unreadable)

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the man who knew everything - Mood:Good
Friday June 21 20192:03:03 PM |
this guy at work i know is an idiot, but he's the very definition of dunning-kruger and vastly over-estimates himself. he has this habit that whenever he has to ask you a question (which obviously pains him) when you tell him the answer he always goes 'yes, that's what i thought' so as not to admit that he didn't know the thing
it's great
that's not the main gist of this journal, i just thought it made for a catchy title
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kittens - Mood:Good
Friday May 31 201912:21:11 PM |
so last weekend my parents acquired two kittens
they are the most darling creatures in the whole wide world and in this journal i shall be posting a million photos of them
let us begin

this is rocket (formerly chilli)
he is a ball of intrepid energy and constantly playing, full of mischief. he likes you fight him with your hand and he's on his back wriggling around clawing and kicking and gnawing at you, but he's very good and never actually scratches you or bites, just fun playing

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RAINY FAIR - Mood:Good
Friday May 03 201912:05:48 PM |
hooray, it's time for the annual fair and the centre of town where i live is clogged up by sh*t rides, dodgy looking stalls and millions of annoying people getting in the way and making noise outside my flat along with the continuous drone of machines and collage of fractured pop music

so imagine my delight when it's raining like a motherf*cker

actually people do still seem to be enjoying it. when i walked through the rain there were still kids having fun and people smiling and making the best of it

it's not so bad really, i'm just going to have my headphones on all night anyway so it makes no difference to me

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i was going to do a long photo journal of the long and cursed sardinian walk i went on - Mood:Good
Saturday April 27 20193:34:29 PM |
but i really haven't the energy to sort and edit the pictures so i'll just tell you

so my dad and my sister and i went on a long walk up a sardinian mountain
it was going great and we saw the radio tower at the top and were walking round the sardinian mountain countryside and we found a skull with horns in a tree

so obviously me and my sister both did silly poses with it
and obviously this angered the witch of the mountain

so she visited three curses on us:

1. the curse of COWS
a terrifying horned beast blocked our path and we had to sidle past it. my dad is hilariously phobic of cows so this was great

2. the curse of the OVER ZEALOUS SHEEPDOG
in the woods there was the clanking of bells and a rustling of sheep and an angry dog patrolled past and barked at us

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sardinian cats - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 23 20194:28:30 PM |
i'm on vacation with my family in Sardinia
it's this tiny little place which seems more or less deserted except MILLIONS OF CATS just lounging around everywhere on the hot streets
i took a couple of pictures, but the big gang all scarpered when i got near




while my family went out shopping, there was a guitar and i wrote a song
it goes:

sardinian cats
won't you come to me
sardinian cats
i wanna be your friend
sardinian cats
i can give you sardines
sardinian cats

it's a pretty great song tbh

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the three eggs - Mood:Good
Saturday April 20 20194:55:05 AM |
let me tell you a tale, yt, of the three chocolate eggs that i received this week; of the varied nature of their acquisition, and what they symbolise

1. the first egg i received on monday. a cadbury's dairy milk egg, containing a small packet of chocolate frogs. this egg i won in an easter raffle, and as such symbolises FATE and LUCK

2. the second egg i received on wednesday. this egg is slightly larger and comes with two packets of m and ms - one peanut and one chocolate. my company gave all of its employees such an egg this year, presumably as some kind of morale boost. as i received this simply for being a part of my company and working my job, this egg symbolises DUTY and SOCIETY

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it`s my grandpa`s birthday tomorrow - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 06 20196:00:27 PM |

we're all going out to a nice gastro pub for a lunchtime meal. my immediate family and some friends. i hope it's nice. it's a place we've been many times and he loves it and the owner loves him or is at least a good enough host to make like she loves him and it should be good
i hope it isn't too much for him though. he gets so tired so easily these days. but i spoke to him tonight on the phone and he sounds in good spirits and i think it should be good


it was my book group on monday, and i think it went well. fathers & sons. everyone except one person loved it and everyone had things to say. BUT i feel in a way everyone liked it too much? because the book debate/discussion died out after an hour and it went onto other things and honestly, f*ck other things. i just want book discussion. but no one was contentious enough to get a real good conversation going

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throwing out fatfish - Mood:Good
Sunday January 27 20192:28:49 PM |
so i'm a massive hoarder, i hate getting rid of anything because i'm like 'but what if it's useful later??'
and anyway as i've gone on about a million times before i lost a sh*t ton of weight
and also i work for an online clothing retailer and get loads of cheap clothes

so the long shot is i had a whole load of binbags full of clothes that don't fit me any more in my closet just in case

anyway tonight i went through f*cking everything and tried it on and checked the condition and anything that doesn't fit has either been thrown away or is in a pile to go to the charity shop

this feels like it means something to me. i'm saying to myself that i'm not going back, this is me for real

anyway look at this pile of dead weight i've just shifted

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whenever yt goes down i assume it`s for the last time - Mood:Bored
Friday January 25 201911:21:01 AM |
i was like 'take that everyone, i got the last post'

but now it's back

it's holiday season for me. i saved up all of my work holiday and now i need to take it all by the end of february so i'm just having half days and random days off till the end of next month. this week i worked mornings only
all i've done in the afternoons is play bloodborne in the time i would have been working and then done my normal post-work routine (cycling, meal, shower, light cleaning/tidying, bed with a book)

except today i'm having a bloodbreak and watched that crazy documentary about the kidnapping thing and then just sat on the internet browsing stuff listening to music. might watch a star is born a bit later

i feel like this would be more fun with alcohol, and can't f*cking wait for this month to be over (i am doing dry january)


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the unease of having a workman in your house - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 15 20198:51:35 AM |
what do you do??
i'm just sat in my kitchen feeling awkward whilst he changes my broken shower.
also my shower broke

in other news my friend beat the boss on bloodborne that i couldn't so now i have to, ugh

once this guy disappears i'm gonna get into it

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happy new year!!1 - Mood:Good
Monday December 31 20187:39:28 PM |
i went back to my grandpa's and had it there
you may know, if you follow this blog, that he's not been doing great recently
he had a second stroke and is a lot less mobile and more confused and has signs of dementia and altzheimers. we've had to move him downstairs in his house and he's teetering right on the edge of needing a nursing home

that said tonight he was great
he's doing great in general

my aunt and uncle (his son) are down and staying with him and we went there and it was me and them and my parents and two old friends who were lovely
we had so much nice food and plenty of nice wine, of which my grandpa had a small glass of each, including a fancy dessert wine from 1988 (!) from his wine cellar

and everything was so chill

the guests left at 10.30 because we're all lame old people but then the rest of us kept going until midnight

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a very skyfish christmas - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 25 20183:17:35 PM |
first thing i went for a while walk with my mum in the mist

and it was beautiful and nice and chill
on the way back we stopped into my grandpa and made him coffee and got him started

then back home we had fresh coffee and croissants and opened huge quantities of presents
i received
- two nice jumpers
- a pair of socks
- an ironing board with pink flamingos on it
- books:
1) charles ports - true grit
2) jon mcgregor - this isn't the sort of thing that happens to someone like you
3) madeleine thein - do not say we have nothing
4) stella gibbons - the yellow houses
- an edward hopper calendar
- pyjama bottoms with polar bears on them
- a nice candle
- a small bottle of port
- a wine stopper
- a corkscrew in the shape of a parrot
- a nice scarf

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help me with my work secret santa - Mood:Good
Monday December 03 201812:42:23 PM |
so this year they're doing a stupid 'choose a gift with the same initials as the person' thing, ugh

so my person's initials are A L
wat do

she's a nice lady in her forties (possibly fifties?) who i don't know that well and has recently lost a LOT of weight by scrupulously following weight watchers so i guess chocolates are out

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f*ck - Mood:Good
Thursday November 29 20181:37:51 PM |
so i was home on my lunch break and i go to flush the toilet and the whole f*cking thing comes off the wall. it's like screwed into the wall and the wall has crumbled and the screws come out and the whole thing leans off the wall and water starts trickling from a joint

so i put a bowl down and phone my landlady and at first she's like 'i'll see if i can get someone around on monday (!)' and i'm like
and she relents and says she'll call her guy and see what she can do and then phones back and says that she can get her guy there at 4:30
except i have to be back at work so i have to let him get the key from the estate agents and just go into my flat without me there which makes me uneasy but what choice do i have

so i get home at 5:40pm and the toilet is now more securely screwed to the wall but held in place with various makeshift tools and there's water all over the floor

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the worst christmas present - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 27 20183:06:54 AM |
we were discussing at work what the worst christmas present we'd ever got was

and the one lady told the story of how one time, in the run up to christmas she'd mentioned to her husband that they needed new shopping bags, so he got her shopping bags for christmas and she was so annoyed. "my present to him was really good that year too!" she says, "i got him one of those things where you can go drive a ferrari on a racetrack, and he never even used it!"

i asked her if she still uses her shopping bags and she says she does. so i put it to her (and you) that actually his gift was the superior one because it was actually useful and has improved her life on a regular basis

two questions:
a) where does yt weigh in on this debate?
b) what's the worst present you ever got?

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grandpa getting old blues - Mood:Good
Friday November 16 20183:19:54 PM |
so he had another stroke last weekend
he didn't have to be hospitalised but he's obviously affected
weaker, slower, can barely walk now
he's had an assessment which indicates a degree of dementia and alzheimers.

my dad sent me a picture of the completed form and one bit made me cry:
"x is a very pleasant, smartly dressed gentleman who was warm and welcoming upon approach"

it made me so proud of him and how good he is and it drating killed me

so anyway my parents are away this weekend and i'm here looking in on him every day. he has help as well but i stopped and had a coffee this evening and am making him a meal and spending the evening over there tomorrow and i'll probably go round in the morning too

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twin peaks chocolate - Mood:Good
Friday November 02 20182:36:47 PM |
the girl who used to work for us who left to go to a better job popped back into work this week. she's the one i got on great with and got into twin peaks
anyway she bought me this!! she saw it and thought of me and just bought one for me

i think this may be the most thoughtful unexpected present i've ever received. god bless her
also i just noticed the upload image button is two peaks


work has been super stressful this week what with the fallout from weird temp resigning/getting fired/trying to drag everyone through hr as he goes. AND my boss being off all week so i had to deal with everything and training someone new and doing all the work she normally does as well as other disasters but it's OVER drat yes. time for wine


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can`t be bothered to do anything - Mood:Good
Friday October 26 201812:54:42 PM |
the plan when i got home was:
>cook delicious soup
>eat delicious soup
>watch that overhyped netflix show whilst drinking wine
but what has actually happened so far is
>gone to store on way home
>got beer and a steak slice
>sat down
>eaten steak slice
>drinking beer
i can't even be bothered to get up again. i'm not sure what will happen when i finish this bottle of beer. maybe i'll just go to sleep here
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is this inappropriate workplace banter? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 09 20188:46:42 AM |
so today i went to go make myself and the new girl a cup of tea, but someone was already in the tea room making tea and they kindly offered to make ours too whilst they were doing a round
so they brought our tea into our office
this was still before the new girl got there
so she gets in and goes 'aw, who made me me a tea, that's nice!'
and being a hilarious cheeky japester i said 'me, it was me, all by myself, you're welcome '
and then immediately, as planned for comic effect the other two people in the office who just saw the actual tea maker bring the tea in were like NO YOU DIDN'T OMG SKYFISH YOU LIAR LOL

so then i put it to them that even though i didn't physically make the tea myself, i still commissioned the tea, and as such was responsible for the tea on her desk

it's like, i said (and this is where is gets potentially dicey)

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on holiday with the fam - Mood:Good
Thursday October 04 20188:36:19 AM |
just for a couple of days. we're going to suffolk to see my aunt i don't know that well, currently driving down a motorway.

my mum had the great idea of looking up nice cafes in the vicinity of the motorway instead of a service station, so we ended up in a lovely little village for lunch like five miles away from the motorway in a cute friendly cafe
then we walked to the tiny church which had this cool thing

and i liked this solitary grave under a tree

and me and my sister threw conkers at each other

so far this is very chill

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