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Male, 29 years old
Project:New London(Atlantic) , Biosphere-138, Europe

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Fav. TV Show: Brass Eye, Jam, Spaced, Black Books, Green Wing
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I have the overwhelming urge too... - Mood:Bored
Friday May 04 20121:52:54 PM |
"bitchslap" stupid people.

yeah I said it. Too many people are time wasters and lame. That may mean I lack empathy, but why should I give stupid people the time of day listening to their bulls***?


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I`ve reached a new low... - Mood:Disgusted
Tuesday May 01 20126:15:47 AM |
I'm having instant dried noodles for breakfast ketchup...

On the packaging

400 calories,
60% RDA sodium
40% RDA saturated fat.
vitamins <1% RDA

MSG and hydrogenated palm oil FTW.

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9 years - the nine lives of raddicks - Mood:Good
Sunday February 06 20113:18:56 AM |
So it's been about 9 years since I joined this site, and perhaps 4 years since the last time I've logged on. Well surprised that my profile is still here. I've graduated from Uni in psychology, i'm not living with parents (who've split up anyway) and I have about 3 part time jobs to balance. I'm probably smoking weed a bit too much but it doesn't hurt me at the moment. Still going gym 3 times a week and yoga once a week.

Just revisiting an old haunt, let me know how you like your eggs.

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Naked Catgirl (pic) - Mood:Good
Thursday July 27 20067:10:42 PM |

Unlike people who mislead you with titles. I was being truthful. I did this today with photoshop :D I really like it, I only downloaded photoshop 3 days ago and i'm making wild progress. What do you think?

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Nothing wrong with ecstasy - Mood:Good
Saturday July 22 20066:11:00 AM |
just you get scare stories which always sensationalise - isolating a few dodgy dozen batches out of millions. I hate to say it but they're idiots who don't choose to do their research when taking a pill and drink too little or too much or dance obsessively, hanging out in the sun and drink crazy amounts of vodka have it coming to them.

I also don't like it when people take it all the time, I mean, occasionally is alright

why is everyone so scared of it?

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Running High - Mood:Good
Thursday July 13 20064:57:45 PM |
So i ran 6000 metres today
suprisingly I came 3rd out of maybe 60 competitors.
I ended up absolutely knackered, collapsing, vomiting three times a day.
How do I feel?

: Even though I smoke and lead a hedonistic lifestyle, i no longer value that pleasure so much
: running made me appreciate myself, made me test my limits, even with a knee injury i kept on

What can I say? I want to live as healthily as I can. Maybe not smoke as much (im now 2 fags a day) and perhaps go gym 5 times a week? (ive slacked for months by the way)

And i can love a friend and have a friend love me and not want anything sexual/relationship wise. I had a dinner with an old friend I use to be in love with, now we just have a platonic thing together and I am absolutely cool with that. It takes maturity to see above one's desire and be truly 'blessed' and 'happy' that they are people who can care and love you and have it not be in a physical/sensual way but an intellectual/emotional one.

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So I was messing around with - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 12 20064:33:50 AM |
3D one day and made this (Flash MX, just manually drawing)

After I discovered Swift 3D I played around with that and made some rather boring 3D Shapes. I then downloaded 3D Studio Max, read about 400 pages (out of 1300!) in a week and this is what I have to show for it.

Who needs sleeping pills if you've got some hench manual to read. It was so boring but it was worth it what do you reckon?

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Breakfast of the Gods - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 12 20063:51:04 AM |
My mum prepared me Argentian steak, scrambled egg with herbs and stuff, and crispy crispy bacon. And she also prepared me a strawberry iced smooth yoghurt drink. I miss having a well prepared breakfast (as im not in school today)

what did you eat?

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Regurgitation of acidic fluids from the oesaphagus - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 11 200611:29:41 AM |
what up peasants of the land
the journals off which dissapear like sand
Syd barrett, diamond in the band
with his magic fingers from his golden hand.

how did you react to his death?

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I talked to Milky Joe in my bed - Mood:Good
Saturday March 25 20066:19:48 AM |
I got back from a gig where Pitchshifter and Skindred were playing and some other bands, I already had a whole bottle of Gin. I accidently broke someones nose too, anyway, i got back home and man i was so drunk i just fell asleep. Then i was dreaming i had a party where loads of random people were appearing and disappearing, girls asking if they wanted to be frickbuddies and then disappeared in the air. I layed out all my virginia tobacco on the floor and set it on fire because 'Milky Joe' told me too.. He was the cocunut hanging above my head

He looks like this but eviller, his mouth is also animated and he sounds like darth sidius. he then told me too unpack my pipe and lick the magic tobacco residue to see visions (Which i did in real life). I ended up tripping balls and talked to random invisible people for several minutes, i genuinely believed they were real.
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OMG rape - Mood:Good
Thursday September 22 20053:04:50 PM |
Does anyone here have any favourite philosophers?

Mine would be Nietzsche, Sartre, Hume

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Dear Shakira7 - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 24 200512:18:18 AM |
Im going to bed, but before i do that. I will brush my teeth, good night.
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My Love Saga Part 3 - What is going on?!?!?.. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 23 200511:44:06 PM |
My Love Saga Part 3 – What’s going on?!?!...


Klaudia on right side, Shame she didn’t want this picture taken I think she looks rather beautiful


I warn you I’m not a very photogenic person at all (especially if I’m drunk on beer), though she is


Kat and Klaud on the swings


Rawrrr o_O uber-buffness – Kat


Kat queen of style




Klaudia in Spain, so sweet


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my love saga - Mood:Good
Monday August 22 20055:58:45 PM |
So um anyone who read my thread like yesterday or whatever know im falling in love with this girl. Well, i think i somehow ended up majorly paranoid, we ended up being in eachothers company for what seem awhile, however, i know lately ive been kinda depressed round everyone and anti-social. This is largely due to my anxiety.

Well today was pretty cool, we basically cuddled with eachother for hours on end yet we haven't kissed (probably due to nerves, or just taking it slow). Yea i think she loves me, but neither of us have the nerve to ask eachother out, when people say we should go out with eachother we both kinda act stupid and quiet.

This is really unique for us, i don't think ive ever been so emotioanlly attached to a person before. Im going to go with her down London in Trafalgar Square so i will see what'll happen.

It's kind of like over thinking which is a silly thing to do really, but im kind of new to this experience. I would do anything for her

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I need some urgent help quick! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 21 20051:46:04 PM |
ok long story short, ive found myself attracted to this girl who means the world to me, she says she loves me and i love her. But then my heart feels sort of broken as im not sure she really feels the same feelings i do about her (im feeling a little one way)

Well anyway she just got out of a relationship with someone, but i don't know if shes interested in me. Because lately ive been feeling defeated, depressed, and im in a constant state of paranoia (ive not slept for 2 days)

Now there coming over for a barbeque, im finding it really hard to find my depressed state of mind. I can't seem to be happy, because even though i know we have some love for eachother, im worried about it also being doomed and rejection and not being able to shake my feelings for her.

now its kind of awkward, i have somewhat of a nice guy personality, i don't know if im being emotionally used or not. Anyway, i think she loved the non-depressed version of me more. Im worried im sending troubled vibes.

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So like today i turned into a steve-loving Emo - Mood:Lovestruck
Thursday August 18 200510:06:51 PM |
So like for a laugh today i decided to be very emo, i was sad, and upset, and couldn't talk at all because my boyfriend Steve left me. I could only communicate by pen and notebook, like oh my god. I went out and got so popular being a poser-emo, without talking i just made a polish girl love meh. And yea i love her, so sweet and awww... I wrote an Emo poem about her and she was so struck by it, and yea she has like a boyfriend. I ended up talking to her via pen and notebook and wow it was really fun.

we drew hearts and thingies and emo stuff on the pages.
*how romantic*

***Commence emo poetry***

For long my eyes fall prey
your saintly face
blessed are you with gentle grace
like an angel you are divine
your beauty withstands the sands of time
i am trapped in your icey blue eyes
drowning in your ocean
im surrounded in emotions...
your heart i treasure
in my arms i hold you
a beautiful snowflake
no words can describe how i feel

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I...Just made a girl pregnant... - Mood:Good
Sunday August 14 20055:31:07 PM |
not really, i just want you to check out my music

a newer song i can't fit on myspace (Dance of the dolphins) is at

that is all

and yes it is in journals, do i sound bothered?

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"There will be fog on the shore tonight, Boson..." - Mood:Good
Sunday August 07 200511:15:17 PM |
"I like it when the red water comes out"

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Green tea anyone? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 07 20058:43:15 PM |
Oooo i just put some vit c + zinc tablet in my green tea and its yummmmm... im going to drink green tea non stop (maybe 12 continously, im on my third one right now. wont sleep tonight baby)

i once went 5 and a half days without sleep, it rocked and sucked at the same time. i was with friends, and yea, we tripped pretty darn hard.

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check out my music - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 03 20059:58:09 AM |

so yea sounds like aphex twin or squarepusher so it may not be to your taste but have a listen anyway

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Lol, heres some random movies of crack/shroom heads at festival - Mood:Good
Sunday July 31 20059:22:29 PM |
yo! i went to music festival, it was ok... but ugh, to lean and pissed to remember. Infact i think i saw and talked to Boredofu(brian) but i didn't think he recognised me, oh well.

go there and check the movies out, this guy was a proper legend!

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I am better then you all - Mood:Smug
Thursday July 14 200511:23:02 PM |
yes, there is no ratings bar. so i can say what the hell i want f00ls
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My `first time` will be on sunday - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 14 200512:10:05 PM |
I don't know what to feel, nervous or excited? It's not like I haven't done anything sexual before. Just not the in and out, I really like this girl. She's probably way more sexually experienced then me but im very certain we share mutual feelings as we flirt alot (and she asked me directly for a shag on her birthday on sunday) :-o. We gonna do some tabs maybe saturday, shes not having a party on sunday so hopefully no interuptions. The usual time it takes for me to masturbate would be 15-45 minutes and im not sure how the hell it would be when fully aroused.

Anyone got any advise, I look forward to it and im not 'rushing to get laid'. Ive had feelings for her for awhile and its got to a stage where we're physically comfortable in eachother's presence

I hear stories of guys who prematurely ejaculate early and i don't want to have sex where its shortlived and live with the embarassment. Any advise?

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So yesterday i signed up for Vampirefreaks.. - Mood:Good
Monday June 13 200511:57:31 AM |
And i got bombarded by dozens of girls commenting on me lol some added me online on msn which was both weird and cool. Someone wanted to ask me for their babies :-S anyway, if anyone's on there check me out my user name is Jeremythemadaxeman . Today i should be revising maths but the demons of lethargy have tooken over. So how is everyone today?
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So where have i been? - Mood:Good
Saturday June 11 200510:10:57 AM |
if anyone really actually cares. Ive just been doing my exams and i bloody hate maths, evil evil bastards. Im usually an A-A* candidate for almost all of my subjects but the maths exam where taking the piss.

Anyway i left her for maybe 3-4 months due to school and well i will be honest i got bored quite quickly here. Anyway how is all feeling today, i have a dirty caffeine comedown after being stocked up on the most powerful coffee all week.

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