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Female, 34 years old
Boston, Massachusetts, Eastern US

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Interests: Cats / Cooking / Sports/fitness / Music / Feminism
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Birthday:10/4/1986 (34 Years Old)
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Occupation: Non-profit/Broke as hell
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Agnostic
Politics: Liberal
Fav. Movie: Rocky
Fav. TV Show: In Living Color
Fav. Book: From the Earth to the Moon
Fav. Song: Heliotropic - Failure
Fav. Food: Scallion pancakes
Fav. Car: Bike
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Sunday August 02 20204:50:24 PM |
You are the BEST I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Happy Larry bird!!!
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call me coach - Mood:Good
Thursday July 02 20204:38:07 PM |
I passed my exam and completed first aid/CPR so I'm officially a certified running coach

I'm so proud of myself. I know people already know this but I'm just so happy.

time to drink a beer, read some running theory, and create myself a training plan so I can run the virtual Boston marathon this fall

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Off the market - Mood:Good
Monday January 06 20205:23:05 PM |
For anyone not in the loop, I got engaged.

The proposal was super casual. We were in the living room drinking and listening to music. He sat on the ottoman and slid over and did his little speech. He didn’t kneel so he wouldn’t crease his travis scott jordans and I respect that.

Before anyone asks when’s the date: whenever we book the flights to Vegas.

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how big of a creep are you? - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 21 20195:57:46 PM |
first off I’m a creep. not even yt stuff but part of my irl job is to get into people’s business a little.

but anyways while yt was down and we were talking I brought up stupid little sh*t written in people’s profiles. I just got a weird memory for stuff.

so how big of a creep are you? are you completely aware of everything around you or do you mind your business and live in a bubble?

if you wanna play a game, I changed one small detail in my profile can you spot it (hell yea we’re updating profiles in 2019)

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how many sets of sheets do you own? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 08 20191:40:48 PM |
I've been so happy decorating my new home. I walk around the place in total disbelief I live somewhere so nice. every floor has a totally different vibe and I'm really happy with all the sh*t I've done so far.

but now I gotta fill in the little details. sheets, towels, etc. this part is fun because I love TJ maxx. I just don't know what's overboard. I've decluttered so much and I'm not going back.

but gimme a number here so I know when to stop lol

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THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER!!!!!!!!! - Mood:Good
Saturday May 04 20198:36:55 PM |



IM GONNA PUKE!!!!!!!!!!

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"no evidence for local recurrence" - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 05 20193:42:14 PM |
everyone who told me to die can eat sh*t because BITCH IM MAKING IT TO MY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!

got all my tests done in 90 minutes today. bypassed a huge long dunks line because I ordered on the go on the app. saw a fight on the bus. it's been a good day. don't forget to book your annual physical.

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marathon morning - Mood:Good
Sunday February 24 20198:16:12 AM |
I’m in the car on the way to the cape to run the Hyannis marathon with my dad. There’s a steady rain and the wind is picking up. It’s like Boston 2018 all over again. Not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse since Boston is still my pr and I can run in weather like this.

I set a crazy goal for myself. I don’t even know if I can pull it off. I hit all my training and workouts for the last 18 weeks but that doesn’t promise success. Just gotta toe the line, see what I got in the tank, and accept that the next few hours are gonna suck.

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two soul crushing disappointments - Mood:Good
Thursday October 11 201812:57:35 PM |
only gonna tackle one of them in this journal

I didn't do well at my marathon on sunday. it was super high humidity and dew point, and my body just didn't respond. my dad and I were running on pace for the first 8-10 miles. then I started feeling awful. I checked my heart rate and things weren't right. at the halfway point, I let my dad go ahead. he finished right on target. I finished but I suffered so f*cking bad.

this is just my reminder that progress isn't linear. this is part of the process.

so anyways, I'm signing up for another marathon in February because brutal winter running suits my strengths. I start training again in two weeks or so.

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Saturday September 08 20184:37:07 PM |

I went to T.G.I. Friday’s for a late lunch and I’m hammered and ready to GO

Also I ran a stupid hard half marathon this morning so I’m entitled to celebrate.

Gonna be so close to the boy I can make eye contact

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I`m shook like what`s wrong with you people - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 21 20183:13:00 PM |
literally just learned that top sliced hot dog buns are a new england thing

and that you dorks outside of new england have side sliced buns?!?

holy sh*t. this ranks #3 after learning:

2. other types of clam chowder exist and they're straight up nasty


1. big ball bowling is standard and you guys don't play candlepin

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happy birthday birdsong!!! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 12 201812:22:49 PM |
Happy birthday babe I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!
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vacation pro/con list - Mood:Good
Thursday July 19 20183:13:42 PM |
not being at work for a week
unlimited alcohol
there's a basketball court when me and bf can white men can't jump other tourists
getting even more tan than I already am

getting in a giant metal tube in the sky
being far from home
missing my cat
missing my parents
very limited wifi
is there some fear of being on an island? (even though I pretty much live on an island in the city)
maintaining marathon training in a strange place with no sidewalks
being around people who don't like me
no falafel king
no banh mi
things that are legal in MA are not legal in the rest of the world
the crippling anxiety I get every time I leave the metro boston area
the resort won't message me back if they have vegan food so I might just live off booze tbd

con list outweighs the pros. therefore, vacation sucks

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Tomorrow is the big day - Mood:Good
Sunday April 15 20186:09:25 PM |
Boston marathon time. It’s gonna be mid 40s and rain and I still have no clue what I’m gonna wear.

If you know my government name you can track me if you want. I have a bunch of people following along hoping it will help me not f*ck up

Carbo loading is a lot of fun though. Just kinda trying to do things to take my mind off the anxiety

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what are weird things you’ve googled that don’t exist - Mood:Good
Thursday March 22 20189:41:58 PM |
fan fiction about Ivy and Mary from storage wars

someone twerking to idioteque

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got my feelings hurt - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 13 201811:26:12 AM |
hey happy 14 year anniversary to me. I'll add content. don't kick me when I'm down.

so I'm really lonely, which is usually fine, but right now it's not. it's worth noting all my top tier friends left Boston. also I'm balls deep in training. I guess I got slapped with reality that some of my friendships probably shifted from "good friends" to "buddies/acquaintances"

I had an incredible day saturday running along the marathon course. but then I was riding the subway home and checked the gram. one of those good friends had a birthday party and it looked like everyone was there except me.

I didn't even get an invite man. was it because she assumed I wouldn't go? would I have gone? is training this hard worth giving up what little social life I had? none of my friends give a sh*t about what I do. that part kinda hurts.

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how do I file a lawsuit - Mood:Good
Monday December 04 201711:42:54 AM |
I will settle for a pair of of airpods and some cash

racquel vs. apple
court date TBD

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I ran a marathon - Mood:Good
Monday October 30 20179:04:54 AM |
4 months of hard training really paid off.

It was down cape cod so it was super scenic but the hills were brutal

My mom and bf rode bikes around the course to see me at certain points while my dad ran the routes they biked. My mom carried around a huge light up Q sign and rang a bunch of cowbells because she’s the best

I never hit “the wall” at mile 20 because I ate a sh*tload of sour patch kids and salt tabs

When I saw my dad at the mile 26 point he ran with me for a bit. we both burst out into tears and it might have been the first time I’ve ever seen my dad cry.

So yeah...super emotional, totally worth the pain, can’t wait to run Boston in April

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overcoming travel anxiety - Mood:Good
Monday September 11 20171:22:41 PM |
anxiety: leaving my cat
solution: hired a cat sitter

anxiety: leaving my house unattended
solution: hired a cat sitter who is from the hood, let the downstairs neighbors know to keep an eye out

anxiety: long ass flight
solution: buy snacks, comfy items, drugs

anxiety: taking medicine I need to live
solution: split it so, carry on medicine, checked bag medicine, printed out script with me, extra medicine left home

anxiety: passing through customs to connecting flight
solution: looking up a map of the whole process

anxiety: being far from my home
solution: getting to see my favorite yt lady

anxiety: being in a place where all my street smarts are irrelevant
solution: never forget that I'm a petty scammer at heart and those skills are valued everywhere

anxiety: everything going on at my job while gone
solution: f*ck it?? idk

am I missing anything? is everything going to be OK??

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maybe UK people can help me!! - Mood:Good
Friday July 21 20172:16:44 PM |
doing some research for my upcoming trip. I guess I'm staying in harrogate + some place north while I'm there.

would the train be the best way to travel from harrogate to london?

could this be a day trip?

you guys got any dunkin donuts over there? is it trash?

is almond milk common or nah?

is york worth the trip?

am I gonna sound like a huge bum opening with my accent?

anything else major that I should make a point to see?

any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I don't understand the world outside of boston.

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Hospital stuff - Mood:Good
Monday July 10 20171:25:37 PM |
On my way to the hospital to get a x ray and to also probably get a needle shoved in my foot

Then going up a few floors to visit my uncle. He's having a double by pass tomorrow but he also flipped a table on a nurse

I've been trying to find an actual print newspaper to bring him to read and I can't find them ANYWHERE. I found the Boston globe finally at Starbucks lol, but no Brockton enterprise.

So yeah everything is pretty chill around here. How are you

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enough is enough, help me get to 20k - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 23 20179:44:15 AM |
after this I'll only have 31 more to go. and it's like I've been here 13 years ffs. maybe I'm just shy.

you can ask me anything
I can give you recipes
I can give you advice for whatever problem you got going on

this is the weekend that I'm going to a 3 day festival and running a half marathon so that should be cool.

please. seriously hmu

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my YT dream - Mood:Good
Saturday May 06 20178:34:04 AM |
you know that mtv show the challenge? it was the challenge yt. omg this dream ruled.

I can only remember who we eliminated super early, then next thing I knew everyone else was out and we were in the finals.

first part of the final challenge involved swimming in really rough waters. Dis and gail lost this part, thus securing a solid 3rd place finish.

So then it was us vs. socio and hylian (they were both physically dominating all competition) and the challenge was puzzles and really old sports trivia. sorry guys, we whooped you. Hylian was super graceful about losing.

it was a super fun dream!!!

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my ex is running for city council - Mood:Good
Monday May 01 20171:53:24 PM |
he has the nerve to run on affordable housing and I'm SCREAMING because I remember that time he lied about paying rent for several months and almost got us evicted

do I wait patiently for him to lose and laugh for months straight

do I show up at a campaign event and ask him if he's still a cuck

do I expose his real fb page that reveals his gratuitous use of the n word, 9/11 jokes, and his 18 year old gf

oh man the possibilities are endless

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if you have an iphone and you block a contact - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 26 20172:26:30 PM |
and that contact keeps messaging you, what do they see on their end?

is there some message saying "hey you're blocked buddy give it a rest"

do the messages just never say "delivered"

are the messages lost in an abyss somewhere?

asking for a friend.

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