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Female, 32 years old
Guildford, Surrey, England, Europe

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'Girls' makes me really sad - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 15 20143:23:31 PM |
I have no idea why.

I really quite like it actually, but for some mysterious reason it makes me feel really sad.

Seeing as I have just watched like 6 episodes I think I should take a break before I crawl into a hole.

It's your job to cheer me up.

Well it's not your job but I would be very grateful, please, thank you

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Apparently recycling is bad for your health - Mood:Good
Monday October 07 20134:06:24 PM |
Today when I was taking out some recycling I fell over. Literally just fell over for no reason. My leg is all grazed and there's a lump on my foot and my tights were destroyed :(

So I played video games all day and ate junk for dinner and now I am watching junk tv whilst my cat looks after me.

For some reason it won't let me post a photo of my poorly leg.

It did give me an excuse to buy new tights though so swings and roundabout I guess!

How is YT today?

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Oh Netflix, you`re such a tease - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 17 20124:47:36 PM |
Yesterday I was raving about how amazing Netflix is, then today it decides to throw a hissy fit, but then again it might be the internet on my wii that is being silly.

I still like that I can watch old TV shows without having to buy them or use megavideo though, even if my episode is stopping every 5 minutes.

I feel super lazy today, partly because I slept until 12 and then watched telly with my friend/boy I have a huge crush on, without either of us leaving our beds until about 4.

I keep saying I'm going to tidy up and then deciding not to instead.

Should I cancel lovefilm and go for netflix or not bother? What do you think?

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YT is like an old jumper, it sits in your wardrobe for ages and ages but you always go to it when you want to be comfy - Mood:Exhausted
Thursday September 15 20114:37:40 PM |
So it's been a while and a fair amount has happened:

I'm now interning which is awesome except it's not because it's really pretty boring, unpaid and in London which means it actually costs me money to work there. However, it being on my CV will hopeful be worth it.

Also, I had my very first date, I ran into a guy I knew a few years back, we swapped numbers, texted a bit and then he took me out to dinner. I was terrified but actually it was ok until the end where we got to that awkward to kiss or not to kiss part and I panicked and gave him a thumbs up.

I was going to give up smoking, but then I bought another packet, I think this might be my 5th last packet in a row. Somehow I don't think the 'I'm not addicted' excuse will hold anymore.

Commuting has killed my party animal side though, instead of being out tonight, I am curled up with Ally McBeal.

How are you YT?

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Being single sucks - Mood:Good
Thursday November 25 20105:12:26 PM |
Everyone says how great it is to be single, especially after long term relationships. To be fair even I say that whenever any of my friends in relationships ask.

But it is a lie.

Yeah, I enjoy the freedom of it but that is it. And surely in a decent relationship I would have freedom as well.

I don't want to do the one night stand thing again, that got boring.

What I really want is someone like Justin Long in He's just not that into you or Aaron Eckhart in No Reservations.

And you know what sucks the most? When friends in relationships are all 'I'm going to live vicariously through you' or 'I'm so jealous o you living the single life'.

It's bollocks.

That and I'm writing an essay on the death penalty which is just as cheery as it sounds.

Cheer me up please?

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I missed out on the guy I like but I did get new shoes - Mood:Good
Monday October 11 20102:25:55 PM |
I've recently discovered that I really like my friend but I kind of left it because I don;t think he felt the same and I didn't want to ruin the friendship. I think I also kind of hoped that he would discover he felt the same and make the move but no, he's already got a new girl!

However, I did buy new shoes

And a new hat

that made me feel better. A bit.

How are you YT?

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How much have you changed since joining YT? - Mood:Good
Monday October 04 20109:40:37 AM |
Or, if you haven't been with YT very long how much have you changed since a significant time?

I was 15 when I joined YT and this was the closest I could find

And this one was taken on Saturday night

I don't think I've changed that much physically...

I can't count the things that have probably changed in my personality though.

How about you?

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Do you get undressed in a particular order? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 30 201010:57:33 AM |
I hope it's not just me but if I change the order then it just feels wrong. Does everyone else have the same thing?

In other news I have re-dyed my hair but it isn't as red/purple/plum as normal, more of a reddish chocolate kind of colour.

I'm also waiting for Virgin Mobile to ring me back about a new contract and phone, is the HTC Wildfire a good choice? I think that's what I'll go for, if they get it back in stock.

I have to rearrange my DVDs as well today they are in no order and just look a mess.

How are you all today?

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Can you get surgery to make your ears smaller? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 23 20101:07:59 PM |
I don't mean having them pinned back, I mean like shorter. Eg. From this kind of size

To this kind of size:

My friend said you can't because it would affect your hearing but I've seen adverts for ear reshaping, is that just having them pinned?

In other news I go back to uni on Saturday, finally, this summer has been far too long.

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I`ve lost my life to rubbish facebook games - Mood:Ashamed
Monday September 13 20101:29:30 PM |
That's right, I've become one of those people, those people who clog up everybody's newsfeeds with stupid game updates eg 'Sarah just clobbered a bear, have some bonus coins' or 'John is now an expert doctor send him some congratulations'. The people you don't even love to hate, you just hate.

But I can't stop it, I love being a cowboy in frontierville and a doctor in hospital town or a roman in city of wonder. So much so that I just added 9 strangers from a group so that I could have more neighbours and unlock the school for my next mission.

In other news I have to strip wallpaper this evening which depresses me, I hate wallpaper stripping.

Please tell me your lives are more exciting than mine?

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Do you think you can ever really be friends with an ex? - Mood:Good
Sunday September 12 20106:35:58 PM |
So me and the boy had a really messy break up I think around March. The only things I heard from him were messages telling me how much he hated me etc etc.

Then suddenly this summer he wants to get back in contact, funny timing as he had just broken up with his new girlfriend, coincidence? I think not.

But I went and met him for a drink anyway because it's easier to get along than to not. Actually since then it's been really good, just going for drinks every now and then or watching a film with dinner.

Suddenly though he's like: 'I really want to kiss you' and I say 'No'. He was really shocked which is fair because this is the first time that we've been broken up and I've not been at his beck and call desperate to get back together.

Anyway, I explained that I thought we'd had our shot and we weren't getting back together and since then he's still wanted to hang out all the time tbc..

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Bye bye Betty and Hi YT - tell me about yourself - Mood:Good
Friday September 10 20102:56:58 PM |
This seems to have turned into an annual hello before I disappear again, I know, I'm sorry.

It is slower than it used to be though, I'm not just going crazy?

On good news, I sold my car today! Hence the bye bye Betty (Betty was the name of my car) make room for Judy!

That's about all I have done though, summer holidays are really starting to bore me now.

I think I might have pretty much finished Sims 3 World Adventures, or at least done as much of it that's fun. I can't afford the new expansion pack though.

Other good news, I bought this amazing pomegranate and raspberry, body, room and linen spray and it smells like heaven.

I do miss YT actually, I hadn't really thought about it, but I do.

I think to welcome me back you should all tell me a fact about yourselves.

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Anyone know of any British things you can`t get in Australia? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 29 20108:27:35 AM |
I'm sending out a birthday package to my friend who's doing a semester in Australia and I want to send him stuff he can't get over there, any ideas?

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Christmas with Sims 3 - Mood:Good
Sunday December 27 200911:53:12 AM |
Hi guys, long time no see I know, I expect I am long forgotten now.

Christmas was good, me and the boy spent it apart at our parents' houses but having our own mini christmas on the 30th.

I've spent most of the holidays playing Sims 3 but think I'm about to burn it seeing as I have been trying to get one couple pregant the whole time and it's just not happening!

Did everyone else have a good christmas?

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I am punishing myself - Mood:Good
Sunday March 01 200912:40:06 AM |
I am part way through an all nighter designed to correct my sleeping pattern.

I am about 5 weeks into being single and still not over it and decided to spend said all nighter watching sex and the city.


Not only because Charlotte once said that half the length of time you were with a guy is how long you will take to get over him (That leave me with about 10months to go).

The main problem however is that Big reminds me of my ex and I am watching Carrie and him being all romantic and couply.

Also the fact that he is probably tucked up in bed with his new girlfriend who he started seeing a week after dumping me by text doesn't help.

And that I'm sad and the only person I would be able to call is him.


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I hate how happy I am here - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 21 20095:44:41 PM |
Well not right now, right now I'm pretty miserable because everybody has gone out except me because I have a stupid exam tomorrow.

But I hate that I'm happy here a lot of the time, because it shows me how unhappy I am at home, with the boy.

I don't realise how unhappy I am while I'm there until I get here and suddenly the comparison is remarkable.

And my room smells kind of funny.

And I have nobody to talk to because all my housemates are out, my two best boyfriends are with their girlfriends and the boy was in a terrible mood and wouldn't talk to me for more than a minute so he was useless at making me feel better.

This is why it is now upto you YT, I want cheering up.

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Why living with 5 other girls is the biggest mistake I have ever made - Mood:Good
Thursday December 11 20087:39:11 PM |
Ok, so first some background about the one girl in particular, Ellie. Over the past year and a half she has proven time and time again that she will do anything for attention and drama. She has pretended that she wanted to kill herself twice, told us terrible stories about her home life that just don't quite make sense enough so that we're thinking they're very exaggerated and constantly disappeared on a night out without telling anybody where she is going and not answering her phone. She is a terrible drunk, and I mean the you're not only embarassing yourself on a regular basis but you're embarassing me.

So, last night it was my friend Laura's 21st birthday, we had all made this big effort to make sure the 6 of us were out and would make it really good for her. Everything is going well but then Ellie gets drunk and decides that is the perfect time to go to the toilet and spend...

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Let it be - Mood:Good
Sunday March 02 20084:36:26 PM |
I love the Beatles.
I'm reading this book called Tainted love which is about a 60s prostitute, and she took heroin with John Lennon. That's why i started listening to the beatles.

I think that this song is right though. I'm home for the weekend and I saw Ant (The ex boy) today. And although it was really nice as he's been ignoring me for about a month, he spent a lot of time complaining about his current girlfriend.

And yeah, I miss the hell out of him, but I know it won't work and I guess I just have to let it be.

That truth makes me sad but also it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I just want him back, as my best friend.

I just ate a massive curry and now I feel ill.

I want to go to the pub as well but nobody is going out tonight.

I could also do with getting laid. That would make me happier.

Happy mother's day!

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Photo thread... what`s your favourite feature? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 28 20084:23:25 PM |
Pretty things make me happy so post a photo of your favourite feature.

Mine, and I know it's a cliche but is my eyes

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Pubby`s sad tonight - Mood:Good
Sunday February 24 20086:55:40 PM |
I'm feeling very sorry for myself.
I need cheering up.
Can you cheer me up YT?
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Pubby dyed her hair again (photos) - Mood:Good
Friday February 01 200811:32:38 AM |
Well my friend did it for me because I was having a bad day so she wanted to make me feel better.

Also it's snowing/hailing outside which makes me happy because I'm inside and in the brief time I went to the shop for cigarettes it had stopped snowing so I remain dry.

Both my new posters have fallen down though which isn't as great but also not a huge disaster.

I really want to dress up tonight but there is no theme, last week we had school disco theme which was fun:

So yeah, life is actually treating me alright.
Which is nice to know.

How is life treating you?

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Pubby should officially never again get involved with a guy, ever - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 01 200812:57:21 PM |
In a serious way at least, sex is still allowed, obviously.

But seriously I don't know what's wrong with me, it's almost like I'm trying to get hurt.

So me and the boy break up while I'm at uni. I come back for Christmas and it's weird because we both want to be together but know it won't work. So we'll kiss and then realise it's a bad idea etc etc.

However between break up and my return he decided to get friendly with his ex again (she was one of the reasons of the break up). And now, they're practically back together.

When it's just me and him he complains bout her constantly and tells me it's me he wants. But then when she's there they just act like a couple. Last night he told me he was upset because he couldn't have me and he was only with her because he hated being alone. Yet it was me sleeping on the sofa.

After all this, his face still makes me smile, his texts and phone calls still give me butterflies and he still knows me better than anyone ever has.

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I`m very tempted to start working for one of those phone sex places - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 04 200710:51:11 AM |
I'm so broke. It would be pretty easy money I assume. It's either that or start selling my stuff on ebay.

My ear still hurts from seeing Pendulum on Friday night. And I think I've damaged my rib muscles from this chest infection that I also think I have.

But I did have an awesome lunch: Smash with philly and brie.

I really wish I was at Portobello market right now, that would cheer me up. If I wasn't broke, and it was a Saturday and I was somewhere near there I'd be there now buying random quirky antiques to clutter up the house I would own in Notting Hill.

And every morning I would have a cup of tea on my balconette and watch over the streets. And there'd be this rugged but good looking man who I'm seeing who will dip me if we're dancing. And he'll kiss me in the rain.

That's what my life should be like now.

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Pubby is in pain - Mood:Good
Saturday November 24 200711:44:42 AM |
So I was an idiot...again. And yet again it involves a guy.

I brought this guy back to my room and he was so aggressive sexually that I am in so much pain. AND by the time sex came round I was hurting too much to do it. Today downstairs hurts and is bruised, my neck is covered in bruises where he bit me, I have a bite mark on my cheek and my hair was all matted from where he was pulling it.

He was a twat.

The worst bit is that I know I could have done more than just tell him to stop when it hurt because when that obviously wasn't working I could have gotten up and kicked him out. But for some reason when I'm in a one on one situation with a guy I turn into a wimp.

Self inflicted I know but I am feeling sorry for myself. So I have maltesers. And tonight I am going out with my boys who are just friends to cheer me up.

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Remember remember the 5th of November - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 06 20077:28:09 AM |
We got some fireworks last night and trekked it to a field somewhere on campus as we're not allowed them.
It was awesome, I was wearing about 60billion layers to keep warm but we had fireworks, beer and sing alongs, it was awesome.

And I dyed my hair purple again.

Did you do anything fo bonfire night?

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