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Female, 35 years old
Dallas, Tx, Southern US

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Hey! Lets talk about SCIENCE (heart surgery) - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 24 201910:45:59 PM |
Hey guys! Haven't been around too much but thought I would check in The tiniest little goes in for her heart surgery on the 1st...

I'm ready for it...but nervous. It's kind of neat because it's not Open heart surgery. They are closing a PDA valve and basically they run a cath up through her leg and cork it up...because science! If all goes well her other holes will close up on their own and we wont need open heart. So that's good news!

ALSO I will be in NYC the weekend of September 14th for the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk and I am going to shamelessly plug my fundraising page My littlest girl was one of the few kiddos picked to be in a video they will play on a Times Square video screen before the event.

I'm pretty excited ANYWAYS

Hi guys

NDDS Buddy Walk fundraiser for Linnea!

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I forgot to show you what Lilly got me for my birthday! (Nerd alert) - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 13 20192:56:28 PM |
I got this a couple weeks ago-ish...meant to post on here since there are probably more people who would appreciate it, and just how amazing it really is.

BEHOLD: The Doctor

I'm just in love with it so.

I got some pretty yucky news I came home and put the kids down for a nap...and played him a bit. It's amazing this site has actually given me some of my best friendships.

ANYWAYS...isn't he lovely?

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Personal Opinions on Resumes/Cover Letters and pregnancy - Mood:Good
Friday December 28 20183:45:44 PM |
So i resigned from my job...basically like 2 weeks ago. Long story...but it was time.


Our original plan was for me just to not work at all for awhile, at least until the baby comes, and then just focus on the voice work from home.

But, by chance I found a public speaking job in my area that is just about perfect 16 hrs a week teacher scheduling September to May with a minimum 2 year contract.

Seems a hard opportunity to pass up. are my questions. The job posting says nothing about a cover letter, all it has is an email for the hiring manager...Most articles I have read say that cover letters are quickly becoming obsolete due to the internet, but a few articles are like "NO ONE WILL EVER HIRE YOU DIMWIT PUT A COVER LETTER ON YOUR RESUME OR FIRE WILL HAPPEN"


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Son needs an epi :-/ - Mood:Good
Friday November 16 20183:00:00 PM |
My anxiety is now through the roof as we just got his test results back on his allergy test and unsurprisingly he is highly allergic to fire ants.

So now an epipen is in our future...

Do any of you have any idea how hard it is to avoid fire ants in Texas? I mean...It's manageable, we manage...but even being super helicopter parent he still managed to get bit recently and he had a full blown reaction.

He is also allergic to mosquitoes (albeit not to epi level)...which is like, a literal impossibility to keep him away from.

Do any of you have fire ant allergies? need an epipen? Had any severe reactions? Am I over reacting because its my baby?

My parents own an effing farm...even when they treat their property they still get ants. I really have no idea what this is going to entail to keep him from getting bit....

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I`m going to Canada! - Mood:Good
Friday September 14 20186:26:23 PM |
No really...I'm taking a weekend trip next weekend...I've never been to Canadia!

It will be my first time travelling Solo in like 5-6 years (bachelorette party was the last time...YT N.O. forever)

Ended up with kind of crappy flight times...why are there basically no non stop flights to Canada from Dallas at any normal times? It's Canada for goodness sakes...there should be all the flights

Have been anxiety free for a few days...then today I've had a massive breakdown...I left my husband and children in the living room and am hunkering down in the bedroom reevaluating every aspect of my life ...I'm YTing to try and slice through the obsessive thinking.

Anyways. Do you like to travel solo? I used to love it...I might still...just feels weird to think of myself outside of my family unit now.

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So once I made muffins... - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 28 20181:14:47 PM |
And after I finished making them I realized that the apple sauce I had used had mold on it

So those muffins got scrapped...

Today I am remaking said muffins...and I have 20 minutes to spare.

I have missed you all.

most of you.

Also they are chocolate zucchini muffins...and my daughter saw my shredding the zucchini, and was highly OFFENDED. Apparently vegetables in sweet dishes are an abomination.


At the beginning of this year we got a new pastor. As a reward for "keeping the church together" during our pastorless period...they gave me a month off work to be taken at my discretion.

So September it is.

I'm taking a small weekend trip sans family ....and then we are also taking a vacation with family...and I don't even know what to do with myself.

I'm excited though...I think.


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So maybe I come off as a bit over protective of my family... - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 17 20184:42:49 PM |
My sister in law sent me neice apparently thinks I have violent tendencies.

That kid probably deserved it though...

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I`ve been YTing for basically ever...Also help with the yellow bar - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 20183:51:06 PM |
So used to be...if you got the yellow bar and you didn't actually have any new could just erase cookies and it would disappear.

But I've done that, a lot of times.

It's still there.

My anxiety literally cannot. take. it. I feel kind of dumb, because I feel like this is something that should be an easy fix...


If you help I will sing you a song...or answer a question...or tell you a story.

Just make it go away

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Husbands out for the evening...lets do a thing...Throwback Saturday - Mood:Good
Saturday March 24 201811:17:55 PM |
I was looking for a particular photo of something today...which led me down a rabbit hole of looking at old photos...

So I thought I would do a bit of a throwback...because these photos amuse me...and what I was doing in each is almost equally as amusing

Circa 14 years ago - probably literally my first time in a bar...and I had just got my nose pierced.

10 years ago...ish - I was dating a dude in jewelry school. I was at the same school on a theatre scholarship. It was one of like 4 colleges I never finished up at. I got distracted easily.


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Lets catch up! And complain! - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 21 20182:24:38 PM |
Hey guys!

I've been YT absent for a decent stretch...But I could never really quit you.

Both kids are asleep, and I am procrastinating from exercising or working on a current project. SO HELLO THERE

HERE IS MY COMPLAINT and kind of a question...

So most of you know that I do some freelance voice over work...Usually its commercial, IVR, and the occasional Childrens book etc.

Though I sing I have never really done much vocal recording as it's really different...and we just haven't experimented with it too much.

With that being said, I was hired to record a song and a dramatic read for a women who wrote some sort of book/webinar on Bullying (specifically as it relates to depressive eating and weight gain)

It's strange yall...

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YT Colorado? (Breckenridge) - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 15 20173:20:46 PM | 7-10th of september.

Any CO YTers going to be in the area?

It's going to be Lilly and I and the boy and a couple friends...but we literally have zero solid we're open to ideas!

I am super pumped about this tiny little vacation.

I have never been to CO!

I'm a little scared because I will be without my kids...and every time we have tried to travel without them my anxiety pretty much ruins everything...BUT I am on some new medication and hoping that will not be the case this time.

Even if you won't be able to meet up...the few CO people should give me some solid leads on things to do....

also HEY GUYS!

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So they told us we couldn`t adopt from China - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 12 20172:57:51 PM |
I was pretty devastated.

We finally began looking into agencies to start the process of adoption. We want to adopt a special orthopedic needs child as we live near Scottish Rite and have experience with Club Foot. We specifically were looking to adopt a club foot child, but were open to any orthopedic needs...

But anyway...China was our country of choice since the need for orthopedic intervention seems to be the greatest there.

I interviewed with an agency...they said we were perfect and were going to go ahead with starting the process...But when asked about our criminal history we said we had none...but I mentioned that I had an expunged charge from when I was younger.

Apparently China does not allow ANYONE with ANY record AT ALL to adopt. Even though it wont show up on a regular background check...they will do an FBI check and then it will show up.

I was devastated.


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Anyone in Indianapolis? - Mood:Good
Thursday June 29 20172:11:06 PM |
Headed there for a week...husband is going for a work trip...but he will have a lot of down time so we decided to make it a vacation.

Will also be in Memphis for 2 days.

I will be by myself a lot (myself and 2 babies) so if anyone is in the area I would be down for a meetup!

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just weird situations... - Mood:Good
Monday June 12 20173:59:43 PM |
So...I don't know why this is weird...but it is

I mean I know why it's weird...but...I don't know


My first boyfriend in college...My first love...first serious relationship...first time...etc. Is now a pretty famous author... best sellers list and all that jazz.

That in and of itself is not the weird part. It doesn't bother me to have successful ex's

The weird part is that he is basically famous for writing a current book that falls smack dab in the middle of the millennial book catalogue. So basically my age group.

People bring this book/author up in conversation pretty much on the regular.

I have not read it...I have no issue with this's just...Honestly reading a book from someone I have slept with just feels weird

It's honestly just probably me making things weird


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Here is a story in pictures... - Mood:Good
Friday May 19 20171:35:14 PM |

and that's why I haven't been around lately YT...but I've missed you. Both of my children are asleep at the same ask me things until they undoubtedly wake up with a poop-splosion.

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couple things...1. I bought a bunny 2. Abz wrote a book. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 08 20179:23:02 AM |
Here is the bunny I bought for my daughter (We won't get her until after my daughters birthday as she still has awhile before she can leave her mommy)

I realized after yesterday that with 2 babies at home I am not mentally or emotionally prepared to get a puppy.

So we bought a bunny the SIZE of a dog (Flemish/Continental Giant)

I'm pumped to get her...but also glad we have some time to get the house bunny ready.

NEXT Abz sent me this for the exchange...and its honestly one of the best things.

He gave me permission to hold tight:

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A veritable ex YTer weekend - Mood:Good
Monday February 13 20179:18:47 PM |
So Superkay now lives in TX and for a period was living with me...Lilly was in town this weekend for her birthday (and the three of us had dinner last night)...and I bought my husband Valentines Cakettes from Lyntess today...

I remember a time when the internet was scary...Now the internet is all up in my real world bubble.

Honestly...It's so strange to me that some of the most wonderful people I know in this world I met here...

I'm grateful for YT in all its drama and dysfunction.

Next stop: Canada! Because Slinks

(Also...I'm sleep deprived and emotional...I love you all...mostly)

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You know it`s true love when they hold your hair while you vomit and have explosive diarrhea simultaneously - Mood:Good
Monday December 26 20167:18:07 PM |
So the husband and I both came down with a terrible stomach virus....What follows is a TMI account of said virus...

So every time I vomited I had diarrhea at the same time...At one point I ran to the bathroom and forgot my bucket...I had to vomit on the floor..

At one point I did all of the above so violently that I passed out...Woke up on the floor in my own vomit with a hurt face from landing on the tile...Couldn't move...Screamed for my husband...He came in and cleaned me up and that's when I continued losing everything from my body.

We are not that couple that pees/poops together...But I was grateful he was there in pretty much my lowest moment.

I said that to say get you a person who still wants to see you naked after pulling you up out of a puke puddle and being there as you expell bodily fluids.

The end/

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Guys I want to chop my hair off - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 14 20163:21:18 PM |
I totally get it why moms get the mom cut now...I had shorter hair when I had my daughter and didn't have the "OMG The Hair ia getting EVERYWHERE" 3am in the morning trying to make sure my son doesn't get my hair in his mouth or wrapped around his hands etc...and generally it gets pulled on and ripped out and I am done

With that being said I have been looking for awhile now and have no idea what would look good on me...even when my hair is's still long...

So help me pick a hair cut.

My current situation :

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If I die...question the squirrel - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 25 20161:26:14 PM | I have this squirrel that lives at our house.

Normally I like squirrels...they are cute and carry little nuts in their cheeks and make adorable little sounds...

But then there is THIS squirrel.

I have never seen a squirrel jump like this one. He never misses. He can jump farther than I have seen pretty much ANYTHING jump in my life...He basically flies.

Also...He threw a nut at Superkay the other straight up hit her in the forehead as she was walking to her car...

THEN today he eyed me down from atop a tree as I was leaving my house this morning...and basically blocked my path to getting back in the house today when I returned.

He is not afraid of me. But I am most definitely afraid of him.

I feel like he is some sort of intelligent mutant squirrel...

My daughter loves him...which is also terrifying as I am already convinced she is plotting against me.

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So in this last stage of pregnancy I have lost my ability to not fight on the internet - Mood:Good
Thursday October 20 20161:19:00 PM |
Especially facebook...

I am actually on the verge of taking a facebook break since I obviously just can't handle it right now.

This time was because someone posted some disgusting meme implying that because Donald Trump is married to Melania that he wouldn't possibly assault any other woman because they are not as attractive as her (all the while using the photo of the 72 year old victim whose assault was in 1980...but whatever)

SO abusers don't assault steroetypically unattractive women because logic.

This is all coming from a guy who wants to have a professional music career but can't actually sing and whines about people not respecting him.

ANYWAY I have a little less than a month before I pop this baby out so maybe I should forego the internet until then....because hormones are not allowing me to ignore people I could usually ignore.

HAI you hate facebook now?

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of Facebook warriors and sexism... - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 11 20161:06:53 PM |
So the other day I got into a...what I thought...was a friendly disagreement about something regarding Football.

Yes. A normal...I believe I'm right about this aspect of the game of football in regards to my favorite team...and you believe you're right etc.

It was normal and fun....until I had stuff to do and bowed out of said discussion.

Then the original poster said something to the extent of (I'm paraphrasing because he erased the comment): Don't worry's not like we are dealing with an actual fan...just a female who thinks the QB is cute.

I wanted to just walk really doesn't matter. People that say things like that are not going to change their mindsets because I berate them on social media...But against my better judgement I responded in kind.


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So an ex-YTer moved into my house today - Mood:Good
Monday September 12 201610:33:52 PM |
Probability of being murdered dead?

Just kidding! Well about the being murdered part...

I basically start my maternity leave this week! Very excite!

ALSO the black death plague seems to be slowly lifting off of my household...we all survived...but only just.

ALSO ALSO I have been leading music at the church I work at because we have been trying to hire someone...and I have been pregnant and sick and miserable...but THIS Sunday we actually have someone coming in on a trial basis. So here's hoping on that count...

I went out to our coop today and checked the nesting boxes for eggs and there was a chicken in there laying...she looked at me and squawked at me and I actually felt a bit I had interrupted her.

Then I remembered she was a chicken.

This is my journal...It's not the best journal...but it's mine.

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AMA voice edition. - Mood:Good
Monday August 22 201612:33:25 PM |
I took the day off today because I had a rough go of it this morning.

So I'm laying in bed... Daughter is napping... But typing stuff out would take too long... So I'm willing to record answers.

I don't think there are a lot of people on now... So I may fall asleep before this comes to fruition... But we will see.

She sleeps for like 2 1/2 hours...I could be so much more productive right now...

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My Roo dog died yesterday - Mood:Good
Monday July 25 20161:17:51 PM |
and I'm not doing well...

I left her with my parents for a night as my husband and I were out of town (only 3 hours away) at a family reunion.

My parents said she was so happy there, as she got to run around on the land and play with their puppy Koko. She was eating...and drinking...and everything seemed fine.

Sunday morning they left for church and Roo dog didn't want to come in from outside. Seemed like she was playing...they gave her bowls of ice water (The whole area is shaded with trees plus they have a huge overhang on the porch.

When they came back she was dead in the back yard.

Doesn't seem like she got bit...or ate anything...she wasn't bloated. Just dead.

My baby dog died with no one...for no reason. Probably scared. And I am devastated.

Plus Ora Lee wants her "puppy" and that is heartbreaking.

So today is not good.

Plus I have my GD appt. today and can't eat.

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