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cold and wet and dirty like the earth - Mood:Good
Friday June 29 201212:28:27 PM |
I'm going to lay outside.
watch the world spin in space
from my deck through the those willowy tree branches overhead.

I'm going to smoke a cigarette very shortly.
feels so good.

my boss asked me if I would be interested in a team lead position.
awkwardly i was like 'eh, nah'
'it's not something you'd be interested in?'
'thanks though'

I'm leaviing, I guess he'll find out soon enough.

I have this plan with moustache man. To have a night picnic where we aren't supposed to be with wine oh so good wine and hummus.
I think it'll be good. Could be sexy, he says.
It's flattering, because apparently he's kinda asexual.

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kitty - Mood:Good
Thursday June 28 20123:10:21 AM |
so tonight after work went to the bar
met the owner by accident.
he was nice, bought us some drank

went to leave, cops across the street,
so we walked to my friend's parents house.

and on the way, there came a cat,
the nicest, tamest, most affectionate cat.
who followed us for half a mile.

then we had to leave her,
I wanted to keep her,
I named her marbles
i feel like we were soul mates. in a cat-human way.
I feel bad.
as I was pulling away, she looked as if to say
i love you, why are you leavinggggg

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Ok I definitely want to move to canada - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 27 20121:00:07 PM |
unfortunately this seems like an impossible feat if i have to do it by succeeding at academia / in a career.

So.....any Canadian YT wanna marry me?

I'm good, I promise.

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I`m losin my balance on the tightrope - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 26 20121:25:30 AM |
tell me please tell me please tell me please tell me please

my little sister says:
"when i try to talk to you, you put your hair in your face, like cousin IT. How would you feel, if you were talking to me and I just put my hair in front of my face like this (puts hair in face)???"

I'm so weird.

anyway, these threads are getting too intense.
I wanted a fresh one.

with weirdness.
so gooo

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has anyone ever thought of living in a co op before? - Mood:Good
Monday June 25 20121:43:06 PM |
I never did but I found this one in boston (just out of boredom I browse CL)

Looks like they're pretty rare though.

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I know I already made a journal, but - Mood:Good
Sunday June 24 201210:32:03 PM |
2 things.

1. Anyone planning an east coast meetup soon?

2. I don't wanna go home because my roommate is all psycho bitch again. I texted her "I was thinking about maybe leaving the apartment in july if it's okay and you can find a sublet. Let me know what you think and we can maybe talk to the landlord"

Which she responded "I AM NOT SCRAMBLING TO FIND A ROOMMATE, you knew the terms of a lease....we can talk like this like adults, which means NOT by text"

(she's using my words against me, but I only said that when she flipped out on me while I was at work via text. I was simply asking her a nice friendly question)

Also "I don't need this right now, I'm done texting"

like holy sh*t bitch, it was a question.
She's so controlling, passive aggressive, anal retentive bitch. I don't feel comfortable in my own place.

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wtf subconscious - Mood:Good
Sunday June 24 20128:40:41 PM |
today I was watching a movie and I fell asleep, the dream that followed will disturb me for some time.

1. My ex. I was riding a motorcycle, his motorcycle. As I was doing so he was on the back, biting my ear AND smoking a cigarette.

Then I noticed there were no breaks on the bike, so luckily I pulled over.

And then he wanted me. He actually said "I want you" And we went to have sex. And I noticed all his girlfriend's stuff everywhere, and he said "it's not you I'm cheating on"

And I did it anyway.

2. Someone he transformed into my friend. It was the same person, but now in the body of my female friend.

And I said "c'mon let's go have shower sex like we used to"

But her apartment all the showers were see through. We had to hide behind dividers so the guards couldn't see us. We had to kinda hide.

And she went down on me. And I came.


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the positive energy thread - Mood:Good
Sunday June 24 20121:07:29 AM |
not to sound like a new age hippie

or anything.

this site is such a downer. And I'm like the star f*cking cynic queen of negativity.
But even I can't handle it anymore.



may my heart always be open to little
birds who are the secrets of living
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old

may my mind stroll about hungry
and fearless and thirsty and supple
and even if it's sunday may i be wrong
for whenever men are right they are not young

and may myself do nothing usefully
and love yourself so more than truly
there's never been quite such a fool who could fail
pulling all the sky over him with one smile

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B&n - Mood:Good
Saturday June 23 201211:57:01 AM |
great, going to barnes and noble. This place does things to makes me ambitious. It makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING. I want to learn about EVERYTHING.

I can't help but buy at least $50 worth of books or more (sometimes up to 150). Then I go home a and all my energy is gone. I don't have time for all this. Last time I went I bought a 'teach yourself korean' book and cd, not opened yet.

Does B&N do that to anyone else?

Also, I got a date for Korea. Mid august.
I'm terrified. But excited at the chance to overcome my fear.
Because then I know it's worth doing.

Also I feel like I'm gaining weight but lately I've been gorging on food like crazy...I don't know why? Hormones? Make it stop. It's harder to gain weight being vegan I think, but still entirely possible.

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I cannot fall asleep - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 20 20121:44:54 AM |
and I need to fall asleep.

Because I have to work tomorrow. for 15 hours.
And I have a hard enough time getting out of bed.

Someone, please...
sing me a lullaby or something.

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i don`t think I can do it anymore - Mood:Good
Sunday June 17 201211:02:12 PM |
I'm really f*cking crazy. That guy I've been seeing. I really like him as a friend, but....I'm not sexually attracted to him

It might sound weird but it's his mannerisms.

I don't know what's wrong with me.
I know it shouldn't happen this early on in dating. We aren't even in a relationship.

And I'm home.
And you know what looks really easy but isn't? Riding bikes up hill.

expectation: "pfft yeah, I could ride up that hill in like ten minutes"
reality: " legs are"

I'm at home for father's day.
Which makes me think of the only man who rides his bike in this hick town. Someone I dated last year

And i'm starting to wonder why I didn't date him more. And I'm starting to regret it.

I sent him a message a while back with no response, but I probably deserved it

and I'm leaving, I shouldn't even worry about this.
but I do.
It's messed up

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bitcoin - Mood:Good
Saturday June 16 20123:51:51 PM |
does anyone have any? I'm thinking about getting some alternative currency.

also about living off the grid, however I don't have the money to do it. this guy from garbage warriors lived in a tent for 11 years while he constructed his house.

I may be getting closer to crazy everyday.

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I am probably being super bitch - Mood:Good
Friday June 15 20128:53:17 PM |
but honestly I don't care.

I was all in a good mood, and I was supposed to meet the guy I've been seeing for dinner after work. Well, i get all the way to his house and he doesn't answer my 2 phone calls. I take a walk. half hour later nothing, so I leave.

If his phone is off I'm sorry, but charge it then!? you're obviously at home.

I'm supposed to go to my friend's going away party tonight with a mutual friend, but she didn't answer my calls either.

Wtf is going on.

So I'm at home drinking a beer and making pasta.

I'm simply over it. I'll still go to the party, but I'm just in a really bad mood right now. :(

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I never realize how drunk i am until I lay in my bed - Mood:Good
Friday June 15 20122:43:45 AM |
So drunk journal.

ask me anything maybe?

or, god the sky is smothered with marshmellow clouds that look orange in the city lights and the night reverberates the sound of sinister chuckles and pretension from hipsters all around, those angel winged high flying whimsical hipsters whose words float between my ears like rain on a smoggy mysterious city night.

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red blue or purple? - Mood:Good
Thursday June 14 20122:29:13 PM |
I want to dye my hair a weird color for just like a month.

I don't know what would look right on me.

here's some pictures

I'm leaning towards darker but still bright red.

what do you think?


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you kept invading my dreams - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 12 201212:51:45 PM |
so I had to murder you on my back porch.

Ironic how it burned

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this is worthy of a journal - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 12 20121:35:52 AM |
I just realized that you can change the size of the text box. How many years has this been available to us?

I'm a f*ckin dumbass.

Tell me if this is a good idea.
But don't steal it.

I want to open up a juice bar.
And have many a kinds of juices, smoothies, and tea/coffee.

And a bookshelf of good literary finds off the mainstream.

And also it's a music venue at night.

I thought about this, and I even looked up lease spaces on craigslist.
Basically I'd have to sleep in the store and work 20 hours a day.

Otherwise, good idea, right?

also we have this "give your change to charity" program.
You give your change to charity (up to the dollar) and every 10 times you do that, we give you a free drink and donate the cost to a charity.
Which changes every week.

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i feel the chaos around me - Mood:Good
Sunday June 10 201210:13:16 PM |
I went to canada again on a whim.

This time with the guy I'm dating.
At first we met for lunch, and I had this stuck in my head as soon as I left my apartment.
I said "wanna go to new york city!?"
He said "that's really far...toronto?"
So we left right then.

At first it reminded me a lot of the trips I'd take with my ex. But then I realized I was having a lot more fun than I ever had with him because he was always so miserable.

doll in an antique shop

random blurry moment w/drinks:

awesome graffiti:

condom shack:

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not what I remember, not what I miss. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 07 20121:43:01 AM |
I looked at my ex's blog,
because of a missed connection post
which was a long shot, which kinda only sorta applied
I have this horrible habit of self depreciation of this grandiose sense of the past, this horrible nostalgia but the nostalgia is better in my mind than it ever was in real life.

And I saw his picture
And I felt nothing
It only made me realize my delusions.

I'm different now, and no one seems to be able to appease my state of mind, to satisfy my thirst for passion or intellect or chemistry.

And you know, it's not them at all.
It's me.
And I wonder if I will ever change. If I will be stuck in this limbo forever. The only person who could impress me now is a better version of myself.

And I'm not even sure what that is.

I went to the bar with my friend, and she flirted with this guy she knew. I felt awkward and left. And I wasn't depressed, I was just fine. Almost

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Breakfast - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 06 20129:19:46 AM |
Will be a tofurkey and bun and juice.

What are you eating for breakfast?

Going in to work in about a half hour. That's a 12.5 hour day. If I wasn't such a wimp I'd have left a half hour ago. 9:30 am to midnight. It'll happen someday, just not when I have these TEFL modules to finish.

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chaotic anarchy conversations - Mood:Good
Sunday June 03 20123:25:07 PM |
last night outside a bar. The guy I'm kinda dating says he's an anarchist.

He's not though, he's a laissez faire capitalist. I'm not an anarchist either. I reject all political systems as being incorrect (which isn't to say that makes much sense either), my friends are kind of the same way, but call themselves non conformists who don't care about anything. Nihilists?

It was interesting.
Things got intense.
"you call yourself an anarchist but you believe in property rights and you're wearing a shirt with the statue of liberty on it"
"libertarians are closet homosexuals?"
"life doesn't matter, living matters"
Like half of this sh*t doesn't make sense at all, ah drunken debating.


We should talk about what you believe would be the most beneficial socio poltical system.

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so tired, so so sleepy. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 02 20124:31:51 PM |
afternoon nap? yay or nay?

I bought this today (lychee perfume):

i'm reading this

and I'm seeing this guy, but I think he's kinda desperate. Like one of those guys who has to be in a relationship. On our third date he showed me this groupon he bought for a vegan restaurant.

Am I overthinking?
I just get this creepy feeling. That it isn't me he likes, but anyone.
Does anyone else get that when they date certain people?

I cried today, because I think I'm weird.

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random things on my mind - Mood:Good
Saturday June 02 20121:00:07 AM |
lately the past has been haunting me.
Not in the typical sense of me regretting things or re living bad experiences but
in a weird way, all these memories are coming back to me.

And I feel like it's demented and twisted. It's the same memory, but darker.
Fan in the apartment when my ex told me he loved me. Blowing hot hair from outside in, not helping the heat of summer.

Dark, sunlight filtering through the spaces of the fan, through the blinds. Sticky summer air, the distinct musk scent of the apartment. Mattress on the floor, storage boxes everywhere. Music equipment everywhere.

It's unreal.

And it's more. Of everything, childhood, everything.
Memories I didn't even know I still had. Darker ones too. I blocked out. And why are they all coming back to me? And the ones that weren't even unpleasant at the time are all dark.

I was driving today,

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I need to go to bed - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 30 20122:59:47 AM |
The time is late, and I'm posting another useless journal of my faux avant garde videos.

my eye

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is there anyone heeeere? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 30 20121:06:12 AM |
I feel like chatting. It's only 1 am on a tuesday. Where is everyone?

I have no news to report, sadly.
Actually, I almost died in a candle induced fire. That was pretty cool.

Also I met mario!
And eh, it was okay.
I also met someone else.
I found a drug dealer who has cuts of sour d.
That was a bad idea, giving a random gas station drug dealer your actual phone number.

But if I never need the hook up later, what what.

Just kidding.

Anyway I think I like this normal guy I met.
But I'm not sure yet.
i'll know right?
I had the longest first date ever.
It just continued into the next day.
We acted like a couple the next day.
It was a little odd I think, but fun. We joked that we'd just move in together and everyone would be cool with it, unsurprised, not shocked.

LIke "oh yeah, of course, you're moving in together"
After your first date.
Weird humor I have.

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