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Female, 28 years old
Somewhere, Ohio, Midwest US

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Fav. Food: Lasagna.
Fav. Car: I like motorcycles.
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Hmmmmm, Youthink.. - Mood:Cautious
Thursday January 08 20159:54:15 PM |
Yes, this place again.
It's been a looooong time! I haven't had a laptop or computer of my very own for quite some time but now I do and here I am again.
Hasn't seemed to change much.
Do.. do I know any of you? Do you know me?
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I got yelled at during work. - Mood:Sad
Sunday March 27 20118:03:38 PM |
(Uhm, yeah. I got a job. And a license. Recently.)

But uh. Things aren't going too hot. I got yelled at because of various things but ultimately I've been working there for "four" weeks and I'm not doing a good enough job, I guess.
I'm super upset over this. I knew I wasn't doing fantastically because I don't know everything but now I've been called on it and I feel like absolute sh*t since I've been trying to do well and that has gone unnoticed.

Oh, and I cried. Right there. When boss was scolding me. I could not not cry. My stupid tears were like "LOL EFF YOU, WE'RE GOING TO EMBARRASS YOU EVEN MORE THAN YOU WERE BEFORE."


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So uh. I did something quite different today. (Or yesterday tehcnically) - Mood:Shocked
Saturday February 05 20112:32:35 AM |
Having to do with virginity. I got rid of mine.

I got with my guy four and a half years ago when we were both fourteen. Now we're both eighteen and sex has been done for the first time today. I am announcing this to you YT. Mostly so if I need to remember when I gave away my virginity I have it here to tell me when that was.. where only my closest friends and boyfriend (as far as I know) know of it.

Also, I'm realllllly tired.
I'm not making much sense.


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I think I need help. - Mood:Bad
Monday January 24 20115:56:47 PM |
I don't know, really. I just feel really f*cking sad. And I don't want to at all. I want to be happy.

Basically, I was fine and dandy before maybe Thursday last week. But Thursday night and then all Friday I was having panic attacks and I've been having them and crying a lot. Then Saturday I took the SAT.
Also, I don't drive, have no job, and don't go to school. I sit at home all day basically with nothing to do/usually no one to talk to except people on the internet which isn't the greatest at times.
Basically, I'm worried I may be depressed. I'm sort of hopeful that this is just something that will pass. I'm also on my period and I don't know if it can mess me up this bad emotionally because it's never happened before but seriously.. why this so sudden huge sh*t on my entire mood and perspective on things? I'm freaking out.

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I just want tO TALK TO SOMEONE SO BAD - Mood:Lonely
Tuesday January 11 20111:12:15 AM |
Surely there are some among you who stay up to talk to strangers on the internet at one ish in the morning?

I'm so lonely around this time. My boyfriend has a life to get to so he's gone to bed.
ON TOP OF THAT I've been sick and bed ridden with no human interaction for two-ish days. F*ck that flu business.

Mmm, listenin' to Fred Bear by Ted Nugent. Anyone else want to swallow that song whole?

Sup, gurl? Sup wit you?
Lemme holla at yew gurl.

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YT I need your help remembering the name of a game - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday October 26 201012:52:13 AM |
It was an online game. It was free.
I think you were basically a detective of some sort (probably murder mystery?) and it was placed in London or something back when they had pig skin condoms. I think that was in the game somehow for some reason.

Any ways, you would have certain goals to carry out and you would interact with other characters to find information about a murder or something!

I'm not sure! Which is why I'm asking you guys if you know what I'm talking about. Halp?

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Soooo, I know you all have been playing apples to apples.. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 14 201010:31:22 PM |
... but does anyone feel up to playing a game or so of iSketch? 'Cause I'm down. I'll make a room. I'll play the f*ck out of iSketch. And then I'll play the f*ck back into it.
Yeah. Intense.

Also, I made a banana shake and it is the most amazing.
Also, I went to the park today with my boyfran and it was very empty.


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Not sure about this whole... driving thing.. - Mood:Anxious
Saturday September 04 20105:33:41 PM |
I'd gotten my temps a few months back. I've been doing driving and whatnot.
I'm really terrible at it.
And it scares me.
People I know like to say "Oh, you'll get used it, you will. Don't sweat it."
It doesn't seem like that at all.
I'm still as scared of driving as I was before I had actually driven.
Screw cars. Can't I just ride a horse around?
I wish.


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Making a journal entry. That`s what I`m doing. - Mood:Good
Sunday May 23 201010:59:42 PM |
I want friends that are girls. I want friends that are liberals, are happy, and don't do drugs.
This is something I've come to realize.

So, uh, life news.
My nephew was born on Friday!
My niece stayed with us until Sunday evening.
She kept calling my name and pulling me around but she can't exactly talk yet so I didn't really know what she wanted. Although she's great at saying "no". Such a cutie.
I can't wait for the boy to start growing!


Do you have yourself some nephews and nieces?

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MY AGE BRINGS BAD THINGS. Also, opinion please? - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday April 06 201012:50:18 AM |
I was on FB and some girl who lives down my street starts talking to me..
Eventually she says that she wants me to go outside so she can talk to me. Keep in mind it's 12:15 AM.
Being my paranoid self I'm all "HAH, NO."
So she starts going on about how she's coming over right now!
To which I reply I won't be answering the door for her. Tells me she has two other girls with her.
And suddenly she asks me if I have an ID.


No, tiny minor child, I will not buy sh*t for you. F*ck off.

As for what I'd like your opinion on:
Do my boyfriend and I look like we'd make a good couple when apart?
Like when you see some people and think "Oh, they'd make a nice couple!"

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Okay I hate chatroulette - Mood:Anxious
Monday March 29 20103:15:36 PM |
They see my face and disconnect.
What exactly are they looking for? My face isn't good enough?
Damn you chatroulette, damn you and your large amounts of rejection..

Oh hey I have pizza and soda pop.
What are you doing? I want to talk to someone.
Maybe perhaps possibly on webcam but right here in the forums and journal I have is just as well.

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I know what kind I want. - Mood:Spent
Saturday February 27 201012:30:29 AM |
What kind of tattoo. I want a heart on my arm because..
I wear my heart out on my sleeve!
What great meaning.
Well, better meaning than some.

I missed a lot of school this week. Three daysss.
And I still don't feel good.

And tomorrow I'm going to see my bf's show with my friends and parents. From there we are going to spend the night at my friend's house.

We were going to spend the night here but both my mom and I have been sick so she said no even after saying yesss. Ticked me off a bit, but meh. She has a point. I don't want them sick.

But then I have so much make up work to do. hababreATSJG,TDUM.

I miss my boyfriend.

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I`m siiiick, so siiickkk. Ramble. - Mood:Bored
Tuesday February 23 20106:01:41 PM |
I am ill. Missed school today. My mother is going to force me to go to school tomorrow and I might just have to say "f*ck that sh*t" in a nicer and more polite way. I don't want to make others ill. And I want to get better. I must rest.

Do you ever get bored of certain human interactions? Not the people themselves, I guess.. Idunnooo..

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I got new clothes. - Mood:Spent
Sunday February 21 20108:38:37 PM |
Some of them are in the wash. I took pictures of me in the others. Do you want to see them? I'd show you.

My wisdom teeth removal was canceled due to insurance thingsss. Mmm.. Be weird to walk into school Monday when I've told them I won't be there. Eh.

I can't wait for vacation.
Or this weekend. Going to see my boyfriend's band play. Again. They're good.
My parents are leaving me Sunday night to go to a concert.
Oh the possibilities!
I'll probably just sit around and lurk on YT like usual, though..


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Oh, uhm. Oh. Uhm. OH! Uhhmm..! Oh, uh. Hm. - Mood:Anxious
Monday February 15 20109:33:09 PM |
Hi there. Feels like I haven't made a journal in a long time.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed soon. The upcoming Monday. I pretty afraid. But it's good because my parents will be paying for it.
Thanks, parents! But still scared.

Had yours removed? Tell me about it.

I'll be eighteen soon. March 24th. F*ck.

Been eighteen? Tell me about it.

I've decided that I'm going to drive. I'm going to study and I'm going to f*cking learn how to drive. Hell yeah. I can do this sh*t. Yeah.

Can you drive? Tell me about it.

Also, I'm inviting you to ask me anything for the sake of conversation or something.

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I loved break but it caused an issue. LODFLSGm. - Mood:Shy
Wednesday January 06 201012:54:09 PM |
That issue being that I go to bed at eleven thirty and have to get ready for school at five thirty when sleeping had never occurred. Just laying there.. waiting for sleep that fails to show up.

Because I stayed up late during break.

When I do go to school, by the time I get home I want to sleep so bad I can't keep my eyes open and end up sleeping my evening away.

I don't know what to dooooo..!

Anyway! I want to get a video game. Fallout? My friend described it and it sounds pretty awesome.

I have pink fuzzy slippers that cover my shin. They are the best.

Yesterday I wore pink pants, an orange shirt and these fuzzy pink slippers. I was so comfortable and bright. People had to shield their eyes when they saw me. Because I was so bright.

I am imagining my voice in a robot sound as I type this.

I am a robot.
I am a robot boobs.

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My school has a case of MRSA. - Mood:Cautious
Sunday September 06 200911:57:04 AM |
Not my school, actually. A student in the school.
I don't really want to catch it. I'd better show up with gloves and a face mask. Or not show up at all because I definitely do not want that. My BFF's mum had it recently.

Right now there are people outside my house cutting my front porch made of stone. So we will have a new entrance because the other one if just a drop off into the side of a new garage. I'd like to show you but I'd rather not..
Everything is shaking.

And I am itchy.

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OH MY GOD. I am ITCHY! - Mood:Sad
Saturday August 29 200911:06:03 PM |
So, I have what I believe to be poison ivy. This itchy bumpy rash showed up on my arm and back a day after I saw my boyfriend who had poison ivy so that's why I'm not so sure it's anything else.
But the internet just keeps telling me that I can't catch it from other people.
F*ck you internet.
Perhaps it's another one of the poison plants but I thought they all worked the same.

So, not sad news. Last time I saw my boyfriend it was our three year anniversary and he got me Fable for the computer. It's awesome.
I just made him a card-ish picture and made him a bracelet.

Anyone have insight about this rash thing..?

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Oh, hey, here are some thoughts from me. - Mood:Anxious
Friday August 21 20091:50:21 PM |
My boyfriend started school today. I miss him.
On the 26th we will have been dating for three years.

I spent the night at a friend's house last night. We watched TV. We made some webcam video things that cracked us up.
I had a dream about this boy. He was from Canada and I apparently knew him from online. But we had been in person before in the dream.
And he was in love with me.
He ended up rounding his entire class into a room with a gun and threatened to kill them all, but I don't think he did. He escaped and ran to the U.S. to find me I think.
He was texting me his progress as he went.
And I fell in love with him.

Which reminds me, I just received a new cellular device on.. Wednesday. Holy sh*t the spelling and pronunciation does not match up with that word.

I ranted to my friend about how it was ridiculous that people are disgusted by guys who wear clothes that are made..

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I`m so super excited... - Mood:Excited
Wednesday August 12 20094:06:43 PM |
for sea monkeys!
I bought some a while ago but I just put the powder in the water yesterday and today their eggs will be released! :'3

I had some when I was a child but I neglected them and their water was sooo murky. I swear I saw a giant one hiding in there though.

Oohh, so excited.

Some people don't even know what sea monkeys are.. pssshhh..

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Hey man, hey. - Mood:Anxious
Thursday July 09 20092:13:54 AM |
I'm on the internet, it's pretty late. I'm looking for people to talk to but not only am I shy in real life, I am now shy on the internet. Suuucktastic.

Today I got a coffee from some coffee place. It was pretty good. There were some snobs there. Little teenager snob things. They bugged me.
But I'm looking to find a job, I guess. The employee there had crazy hair. I wanted to get a mohawk thing in the somewhat near future but I thought it would take away the chance of job getting. Plus mom says no.
Maybe I could work at a cafe coffee place and get a mohawk thing anyway.

WUT? What's up? Let's chat it up. Anything about. About anything.

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I am NEVER having a baby. - Mood:Anxious
Saturday May 09 200912:24:27 PM |
I'm sure real babies are a lot better than these electronic ones... right?
Probably not.
I really can't decide which ones are easier to deal with.

But as you may have already guessed, I have gotten a baby for one of my classes. It kept me up for most of the night. It was unpleasant.

Today we're just chilling at home. He cried a few minutes ago but nothing would console him.

I named him Autumn Jackson my-last-name-boyfriend's-last-name.
Yeah, I had to come up with a name to leave so it was on the spot. Poor kid. You know he'll be teased as an older doll boy.

Have you ever dealt with these fake babies?

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I used to do this journal thing a lot. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 22 20097:31:12 PM |
I haven't journaled at you for a while but I have exciting news to tell and no one to tell it to at the moment.. except for you! Yay!

My parents bought me am acoustic guitar for my seventeenth birthday in March! But wait! That's not all!
I have no idea how to play. Lucky me, a friend has offered to teach me! She's great.
I'm also now in a band with her and some other chicks. They invited me to be the voooocals! I accepted. Though, they.. er, we(?).. only have one drum right now.. Heh. Oh well. It's fun.

And right now I'm trying to play the guitar.

Exciting stuff, guys.

How is it going? Are any of you in a band? Been in a band? Play the guitar or anything else?

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Today is Easter. - Mood:Happy
Sunday April 12 20091:49:30 PM |
I went to church this morning and got baptized. I'm pretty happy about that.
My boyfriend gave me a card and a cross necklace. The card said he was proud of me. Also happy about that. We had to take him home after church, though.
Afterwards we went out to eat at a buffet. I'm not sure about that. I think I would have rather had some kind of at home family meal but since we had church and my sister has to work this evening there wasn't time to make anything. But that's fine, the buffet food was good and I was was with family.
My niece is ADORABLE and is acting so happy and smiley today.
We're waiting on the eggs to boil so we can color them! How exciting.
Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it and I suppose to those of you who don't.. Or maybe just happy day..
What are you up to? What did you do today?
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I was totally wasn`t at school yesterday. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 13 200811:26:32 AM |
Instead, I went with my choir class to sing at a Catholic school. Then we went to one of those malls that I guess you would call a strip mall.
We caroled there for probably no more than five or six minutes and then we ran off, shopped, and ate food.

Here are some pictures of my friend and I while we are waiting for food at Max & Erma's.

This is me being weird, trying to lick my hot chocolate.

This is a blurry picture of my friend and I.

And that's me looking at something on the table.

I don't have that many, sadly. But it's all good. We had some fun.

Except for the part where I had to ask strangers for a tampon/pad.

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