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Male, 23 years old
San Jacinto , Western US

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Born This Way Lady Gaga
this is my fave Lady Gaga song!

Interests: Music / Music / Flirting / Theater / Feminism
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Birthday:11/27/1996 (23 Years Old)
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Occupation: Lady Gaga obsessed fan
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Gay
Religion: Other
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Fav. Movie: Burlesque with Cristina Aguilera and Cher
Fav. TV Show: Rupaul`s drag race , Rupauls drag U and Noahs Ark
Fav. Book: The Cornicals Of Vladimier Todd and Let Me In
Fav. Song: Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez
Fav. Food: ice cerem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fav. Car: eneything that i can`t blow up
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A massege to Rebecca Black Haters - Mood:Enraged
Thursday August 18 201110:44:11 PM |
I feel everybody deserves to be famous, it depends on what you do with the fame that's important, the video "My Moment" was a confidence booster for Rebecca, but this was also a message to other teens that have been bullied in school or online like she did. i think its absolutely unacceptable for human beings to ridicule a child the way you people do! nobody deserves the the hatred Rebecca Black has received, what if it where you?
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lady gaga is not a man - Mood:Ashamed
Sunday January 17 20101:53:32 AM |

Okay one thing that really is bothering me right now is the number of people thinking that Lady Gaga is a man! What is the big deal anyways? What do people get out of knowing what her gender is? Is there some sort of prize for whoever can find out if Lady Gaga has a man's private part? In my opinion, I think that this is seriously ridiculous. She is probably one of the most looked up people on google. What some people don't stop to think is that she is a human being like the rest of us. There are men who get sex changes. So what? That's their choice. And if Lady Gaga says that she's not a man, then she is not a man.
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BEST DAY EVER - Mood:Excited
Sunday August 30 20092:01:42 PM |
yesterday i posted a journal about the WORLD competition wel it was the best but it started bad we went on 1st but in the middle of the dance the CD skiped and went right to the end of the dance and we wher so sad that we did not do the whole dance and they whould not let us go again but anothers team CD skiped to and they let them go again so we went to the onwner and he let us go again and we got best theme

after that i went to walk around and i saw the beat ya feet kings and they sighned mt shirt and i huged them then i waited till the end and quest crew was up i went to the front of the room for them when they where done they went to touch our hands and the captin touched my had for like 30 seconds i almost pulled him off stage then he let go and i put my other hand up and he toched that one to i got ther atographs and oics i will put them up later

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WORLD competition - Mood:Anxious
Saturday August 29 200910:14:18 AM |
today is the day the world competition for dancing my crew No Color Lines is going to be going on 1st and the judges are people from jaborwokes and quest crew wish us luck
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back to school - Mood:Excited
Saturday August 22 20099:42:30 PM |
well school just started a week ago. i think all my teacher are ok most of them are funny but that will go away in about a week or to. Last year i sucked in math because it was right in the morning i was still halfway asleep (and i berly did my homework) but this time i will do my homework because my feild trip will be to disneyland they will let us go by are selfs and do what we want to do i am not missing that.
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hip hop world tour - Mood:Happy
Saturday July 04 200912:49:52 AM |
hey guys i'm so happy i just pooped a rainbow me and my dance team finally got exepted to the hip hop world tour and now we have to practice hard if we want to win in 9/27/09 wish us luck
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groos practice - Mood:Disgusted
Wednesday June 24 20099:29:50 PM |
ok by now you should know that i am on a dance team and we usualy practice at my school monte vista but know it is summer and we have to go to a different place but because monte vista is not open but north mountain (our rival school) is open because of summer school so know we have to go there for dance practice. know you are saying whats grose about that well there are small dead roches every where in the MPR and that is where we are practicing and that is also the place that all the students eat eeewwwww
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frog disection - Mood:Disgusted
Tuesday June 09 200912:04:26 PM |
ok on monday we had 2 disect a frog it was so groos i we chose the same groop as the sheep eye ball disection and the same thing happend wanda got groosed out i did a lot of the disecting blackcatluvr did some and aron cleand
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hip hop after wards - Mood:Good
Sunday June 07 20097:26:28 PM |
i naled it if u read my last journal u would know that i messed up the bigining but i did not panic and i did grate but my dance teacher is moving away so this is our last preformance w/ her it is sad they r going 2 get a new teacher but it might be a balerena if it is i am so quiting
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hip hop - Mood:Anxious
Friday June 05 20097:48:16 PM |
ok in a little bit i have 2 go 2 my hip hop performance and i'm so nevous
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sheep eye ball dicection - Mood:Disgusted
Wednesday June 03 20099:58:18 PM |
ok just yesterday in sicence class we had 2 disect a sheep eye ball it was so gross and slimey me'blackcatluvr'and a girl named wanda was a groop and wanda she only toched the eye 1 time (w\ glooves on) and washed her hands 23 times to her elbows (oh and so u know she is blond)
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summer - Mood:Bad
Monday June 01 20099:33:19 AM |
so far allmost every 1 i ask is on summer vacation but i have a hole week ahead of me god y can;t it be summer
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tolit head - Mood:Hysterical
Sunday May 31 200910:07:10 AM |
ok just 2day me and me and my cousins wher talking about the most funnyest stuff that hapend to us then a subject got brout up that i think is relly funny (now). do u knoe those tolit traning seats the ones you put over the normal tolit seat . well my lil sis was going throgh potty tranning and 4 some resion (i don't remember) i put my head in the tolit and it got stuck and i was ther 4 like and hour until my dad pord oil out of my head and got it out ^.^ i still laghfin about it to day

now the following people have to make a jornal about ther most funnest memoroy 9it dosn't have to be about u)


now those people post about ur funneis memorey and chous 4 other people to tag

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team try outs (again) - Mood:Anxious
Friday May 29 20099:23:40 PM |
the no color line dance team was getin 2 big like 32 plp and we had to have try outs again and he is oniy geting 10 girls and 7 boys but i think i naled it
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pereshous - Mood:Good
Friday May 29 20099:21:25 PM |
i just got a puppy (but she is 4 my sis ) she named her pereshous (and yes that is how is spell her name) and she is just so cute and she is only 2 months old
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fight - Mood:Good
Saturday May 23 20099:56:06 AM |
if u have seen my journal jassmin the u know about her just today during dance practes we all went out side 4 a drink of water but the jassmin and a girl named rama got into a fight 4 the usual resons i girl talked sh*t obout the other and they both got kicked off the team
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danny - Mood:Bad
Tuesday May 19 20098:38:59 PM |
ok so thar is a boy named danny and i don,t like him i,m fereinds whith all most every 1 on the team but him (and jassmin) grrr i know we need them on the team but i don,t like them
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jassmin - Mood:Bad
Sunday May 17 200912:04:44 PM |
thar is a girl named jassmin on my dance team and she is so b*tchy everything that comes out of her mouth is something mean and she was suposed to be captain but she left early and i got chosen god i hate her (it is good no 1 on my dance team has a youthink it i can talk whithout the drama)
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CAPTAIN - Mood:Shocked
Saturday May 16 20091:42:35 PM |
i,m on a dance team called NO COLOR LINES and i thgoht i was 1 of the worst ones and i got captain i,m a captain of a state champion dance team can you say that whithout lieing
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