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Female, 24 years old
Fantastica, California, Western US

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I Love You Forever Jewel

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Occupation: student
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Fav. Book: The Neverending Story
Fav. Song: My favorite artists are Jewel and MJ.
Fav. Food: Escargot, mango sorbet.
Fav. Car: A couch on wheels
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I have successfully used formspring to make someones day. - Mood:Happy
Thursday December 16 20102:15:02 AM |
Today I found out one of my friends had low self esteem and thought she was ugly, so I went on her formspring page and wrote one, thoughtfully worded compliment, that probably made her day, or even her week.

This is what I do in my free time, and I think it is a good use of my time.

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wait, they have a clapper with a remote, that you can mount on a wall. - Mood:Good
Monday December 13 20109:19:12 PM |
Doesn't that defeat the purpose? it's just like a lightswitch.

I am the most contagious beast ever... with pizza! I never thought I'd be so excited to eat greasy food. I would die of anticipation if someone told me they were taking me out for escargot in a week.

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Sunday December 12 20108:48:33 PM |
My mom left me a voicemail that just said "hey Kaya, I'm doing it, call me when you get this message." I don't know what "it" is, but I'm iffy about calling her.
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Some days I`m just meh, and then there are days like this where you could do the most absolutely retarded thing and I will still find it funny. - Mood:Smug
Thursday December 09 20101:13:58 AM |
you could do the most absolutely retarded thing and I will still find it funny.
...and then everyone asks if I'm on drugs.

I'd tell you about what I did today, but I'd get scolded... so I won't...

I was looking through the images on my computer when I realized how much explaining I'd have to do to defend my sanity if someone were to look through them.

So, what's the strangest image you have on your computer?

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So many f*cked up people in one room - Mood:Bored
Tuesday November 30 20107:55:18 AM |
So I go to school in a ghetto area, and it's fun observing what kind of people are in my class each day. Today there were two teen fathers, a kid with an ankle bracelet, my semi-friend who's a drug peddler. It makes for some amusing situations.

I never thought I'd say this, but I actually have an idea of what college I might want to go to, and I don't think I've spoiled my chances of getting into it yet.

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I need to find a new room to be nocturnal in. - Mood:Hysterical
Sunday November 28 20107:03:57 AM |
Last night it was a raccoon and now there is this SUPER loud beep that sounds like it came from right outside my door. I am too chicken to investigate. This is the second night in a row that something has absolutely scared the bajesus out of me.

anyone know what causes two loud beeps??? and what's the lamest thing that has ever scared you?

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I`m such a wuss. And possibly crazy. - Mood:Shocked
Saturday November 27 20107:34:33 AM |
I'm so freaked out/surprised that I'm shaking. I heard a tap on the window above my bed (practically out of reach for any person) and saw a figure, but couldn't quite make it out since it was dark.

Somehow my train of thought when I saw it was GHOST! CAT! and then ohhh it's a raccoon. IT WAS SO F*CKING CUTE!!!! I tried to get a picture of it since my camera was right next to me, but didn't grab it in time.

What concerns me is, when I saw a figure outside my window, I immediately thought it was a ghost. Ghosts can't tap on windows.

Well anyway, I'm surprised I didn't gain any weight. I actually tried to eat thanksgiving food in good amounts this year. THANK YOU GOD FOR HIGH METABOLISMS!

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So I learned the main riff of the Gerudo valley song on guitar... - Mood:Depressed
Thursday November 25 20102:52:45 AM |
and no one seems to care. I worked hard to learn that, damnit! I'm not good at playing in that style, and it took like an hour.

If I sleep I'll sleep through thanksgiving stuff, so I guess I'll just grab an energy drink or try to nap sometime tomorrow.

The only dresses I have don't feel right. I think I'll just wear my usual frilly miniskirt, but try to make it look holiday-ish.

In other news my mom made a new "friend" who pretty much just sells her random poo. She's known her for like two weeks maybe, and she's already come to our house for dinner. Where she tried to sell us poo. My mom bought me a dress from her, but I don't really want it. This lady gets really defensive if you say ANYTHING about her sense of style, which sucks, btw.

Now I'm ranting. my oldfather and I have agreed to ban her from the house. Yeah, he gave me permission to call him my oldfather.

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Conan has the ability to make my day. - Mood:Surprised
Monday November 22 20109:52:47 PM |
The Coco blimp just passed in front of my house, which I find totally awesome, and now I'm going to eat at "coco's"
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I need lamington recipes! - Mood:Excited
Wednesday November 17 20103:15:58 AM |
I'm going to make lamingtons this week, I don't know exactly when, but I still haven't found the right recipe. Any aussie yters out there have a good one?
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I hope my back is broken. - Mood:Spent
Wednesday November 10 20104:06:56 PM |
My lower back has been hurting for 5 months straight. I thought it was just a temporary injury from a rough waterslide I went on, but it didn't stop, so last week I went to the doctor, and he said I should get xrays to be sure it's not my bones. I really hope it is my bones, just so I can get it fixed. If it's my muscles then I would have to go to the chiropractor or something, and that's just more difficult.
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I`M DOING IT WRONG!!! - Mood:Surprised
Friday November 05 20107:18:43 PM |
Every time I brush my teeth the toothpaste runs down my chin and I look like I have rabies or some sh*t like that. EVERY TIME.

Today I woke up exactly two seconds before an earthquake hit. and somehow I didn't freak out like I usually do. It was a weird quake, because it wasn't like a shaking motion, it was just one big BOOM. It felt almost like a vertical shaking. None of the chandeliers in the house shook, nor did the water in a bottle on my bed. That's never happened before.

This week was good. I did all my schoolwork, had good attendance, and actually tended to the sliver of a social life I have.

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Lovin` my new camera :) - Mood:Excited
Wednesday November 03 201012:57:08 AM |
I got a new camera on halloween as a late birthday present, and it's really nice. and pink.

I brought it aroud with me, and took some nice pictures.

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The grape who almost passes out - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday October 31 20105:46:56 PM |
I'm going as a grape for halloween, and to be grapes you need to inflate a gazillion balloons all over the costume. I'm not even halfway through and I feel lightheaded. I still haven't found a mustache that would look good with it.

I came to the realization that I have to go, in a car, while wearing balloons all over my body. This will be difficult, but at least I'll be topping last years costume.

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I`ve finally decided on a costume I can go with. - Mood:Happy
Thursday October 28 20109:09:36 AM |
I was thinking of going as magenta from rocky horror, but I decided against it, because I had to live up to last years ape in a dress.

So I've decided I'm going to go as a bunch of grapes, and then do my own personal touch like I did last year. It will be awesome.

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Anyone have any movie recommendations? - Mood:Bored
Saturday October 16 20101:43:45 AM |
I found a new site to watch movies, but I have no idea what to watch. I've realized my profile background is somewhat similar to Hael's, although he made his. I wonder if it's a popular concept to put various animals floating in space?
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I don`t think I could sleep tonight. I will dream of birthday unicycles. - Mood:Excited
Friday October 08 20102:57:34 AM |
It's my birthday in 3 minutes, and my party will be in the early afternoon for once instead of night. I just know my mom got me the silver unicycle I asked for, so I don't think I'll be able to sleep. Would chamomile tea help? Or am I too excited for that to work? hmmmm. Also, never put a wet paper towel on your face, tilt your head back, and inhale just to see what waterboarding feels like. Not saying I did it, just... don't try it.
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The district attorney is working in my favor. Sweet! - Mood:Surprised
Thursday October 07 20101:18:27 AM |
I went to court today for my excessive truancies, and apparently I had a good excuse, because instead of being mean or prosecuting me, the DA gave my mom her number and said "call me". Pretty much every person in the courtroom were on my side. Even better, a social worker at the dinner I went to works for the exact courtroom I was in. He was talking about truancy, and apparently was telling the parents about my case, and how they were discussing it yesterday. A bit awkward, but hey, it means I have yet another connection. Cool. So, I didn't go to juvie for my birthday. This is good news.
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we all have cell phones, so cme on, let`s get real. - Mood:Bored
Wednesday September 22 20101:47:49 PM |
I'm in class right now, and the teacher left for a bit, leaving me in charge of my ghetto male class mates. Little does he know i'm browsing the web on my phone. I really hope I don't see anything funny on the web, because laughing would blow my cover. 1984 is a good book until you choose it for a book report. Rereading it has never been so boring. Later i'm going over to the library, which happens to be across the street from my friends house. I think i'll find a way to mess wiith her.
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Mysocks just doesn`t get me. - Mood:Confident
Sunday September 19 201010:35:02 AM |
So today I come home with three new pairs of shoes. High heeled boots, a new pair of black heels (my old ones don't fit) and pair of flat sandals. She immediately starts scolding mom for letting me get them. :P too bad, sis. I'm gonna wear heels. Don't you remember my childhood aspiration? I believe this was inevitable, so there's really no use trying to stop me from wearing them.
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I need to get out more. - Mood:Lonely
Saturday September 18 201010:22:00 AM |
I just realized I only have two friends that I can/ am able to hang out with. I have friends, but I really am not good at hanging out with them. :S hopefully the one I want to hang out with today is free. if not then fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
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Candle wax is fun. - Mood:Mischievous
Wednesday September 15 20105:41:59 AM |
I must be pretty bored, because I'm typing this with candle wax coating all the fingers on my right hand.

So, being nocturnal is working pretty good, except I'm falling asleep in the car home from school. I plan on waking up or going to sleep earlier and earlier until I can stay awake throughout the day Friday, because I want to see a movie. Hopefully my 25 hour day habit will do this.

until then, I am extremely bored, staying up all night long when everyone else is in bed. It gets pretty lonely.
I changed my avatar recently. It's pretty spectacular, isn't it?
well, since this journal is pretty boring, enjoy this image.

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"I haven`t felt this suicidal since I was alive" - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 08 20105:28:04 AM |
The writers of Medium should know, you technically can't be suicidal when you're dead. I should stop staying up until 2 am every weekday just to watch this show. It's not a good habit. Oh well, at least I've been waking up for school.

Today I am happy to learn that my school is only for 2 hours a day. Getting out at ten, and very near Disneyland should b

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There is some extreme chafing going on between my toes right now. - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday July 28 201010:30:14 PM |
I just walked at least a mile home in the hot sun in low quality flip flops. Well, I didn't walk that far just now. I think I fell asleep shortly after I got home. My mom left me at the library without a ride. So I walked. In other news, today I saw a monkey! :D
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I love drag queens, how `bout you? - Mood:Happy
Tuesday July 27 20109:01:17 PM |
I just love RuPaul's Drag U. IT IS AMAZING.
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