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Female, 36 years old
Phoenix, Arizona, Western US

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I need Bike Help - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 03 20077:27:40 PM |
Okay, so I am thinking about buying a bike. I really don't need anything fancy I don't think. I plan on just riding the bike routes around the city.

I don't know if later on I might want something that I can ride on the mountain paths.

My question is, what type of bike do I need? I don't know anything about bikes. Do "they" make bikes that are good for city riding and mountain paths? I really like the look of a cruiser.

Can you help? Thanks.

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I`ve only be lurking... - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 13 20072:57:18 PM |
I’ve just been lurking and it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

I went to Europe. I went to Ireland, Amsterdam, Switzerland and Paris. I really like Amsterdam and I am seriously considering moving there for a year or two after I am done with school. It was amazing. Andrew is a European citizen and said that he really want to go with me. I didn’t like Paris. It was full of walking stink bombs and rude people. I am sure that it’s different outside the city though. Switzerland was fun. We went canyoning and rafting down the Swiss Alps. That was really neat. Ireland was really pretty, but kind of boring.

Oh, and I ended up getting into the Physical Therapy assisting program that I thought I wouldn’t get into the last time that I posted. I start in August. It’s going to be a huge change for me because I’ll be going to class full time and working part time. It’s always been the other way around...

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Brain Garbage - Mood:Disgusted
Thursday April 12 20074:21:15 PM |
So I found out today that I am not going to get into the physical therapy assisting program that I wanted to get into. I worked pretty damn hard to apply to that school. You have to complete observation hours and there are tons of prerequisites before you can apply. I managed to get all that stuff done while work full time and I didn’t do it fast enough

The school only lets in 20 people a year, and I “have been assigned” number 28. Unless 8 people drop off the face of the Earth, I will have to wait until August of next year to start. This is incredibly depressing. I am not going to wait that long to get an associates. I never found a suitable backup plan. Basically, I am drated. I keep trying to tell myself everything happens for a reason.

I guess this will give me a chance to get out of my parents house again now.

On a positive note, there’s only a month and 4 days until I go to Europe.

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The weekend - Mood:Good
Monday April 09 20073:10:54 PM |
My weekend rocked. Friday was First Friday. Downtown they have an art walk that is super awesome (AND free) the first Friday of every month. Then we went to the Newsroom, a dive downtown with lots of pool tables and cheap drinks .

Saturday was my birthday and Andrew planned a surprise birthday party for me. I’ve never had a party before, not even when I was a kid. I got a bunch of cool stuff. Andrew got me the CK Euphoria Blossoms perfume. Ha, I got him the guy version for Valentines Day, so now our smells compliment each other. I really like it.

Yesterday, we saw Grindhouse!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I was surprised that Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror was better than Tarantino’s. I guess it figures considering I love Zombie flicks, especially zombie flicks with THAT much gore.

How was your weekend?

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West End Girls - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 04 200711:21:29 PM |
It’s been a few months since I have been on, mostly because my job blocks youthink. How’s everything been? Has anything interesting happened? I skimmed over something earlier about a problem with nine year olds deleting.

I just downloaded some Pet Shop Boys. Shhh don’t tell. I obviously have nothing going on tonight.

You’ll be seeing me around more.

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Social Club and Vodka - Mood:Good
Monday July 17 20065:00:32 PM |
So, Friday night we finally decided to go to the social club. We weren't going to pick anyone up or anything, just to see what it was like. NEVER AGAIN! The people were all very unattractive. But even worse, all of them seemed very broken. It was kind of disappointing, but I guess I know now.

On Saturday we had game night at my friends. We all got drunk and played Taboo and poker. I drank vodka. I usually don't drink vodka because it makes me sick, but i love vodka drinks, so I figured it'd be a good night to experiment. I didn't get sick!! So, now my drink ordering options have expanded!

How was your weekend?

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Keeping busy... - Mood:Good
Monday June 12 20063:05:11 PM |
Hi YT!

I quit smoking on Saturday. Isn't that exciting? I am trying to do anything to keep busy, hence this journal.

Friday was mine and Andrew's year anniversary. It was a really good one. He got me a really pretty ring. I'll post pictures if you guys really want to see, but I doubt anyone will. He also got me a gift certificate to a boudoir photography photo shot. I am so excited, but a little nervous. It might be a little awkward, but I think it's going to be fun.

Oh and he told me that he loves me. We’ve never done that before. It was very refreshing and I am going to make sure, with him, that I’ll only tell him that I love him when I am truly feeling it. It becomes a common phrase for too many couples. I think that after awhile it just doesn’t mean the things that it should. I mean people say I love you out of habit when they’re hanging up the phone.

What's going on with you??? Please keep me BUSY pretty please!

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psychic - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 31 20066:34:05 PM |
I have a question that may seem kind of stupid…are you supposed to tip a psychic? I am going to my first ever reading tonight and I don’t know if I’m supposed to tip her. I’m already really nervous about it and I don’t want to worry about if I should tip her or not. Eh?
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Help planning the anniversary...Please? - Mood:Excited
Tuesday May 30 20065:34:50 PM |
Okay. I need the help of all the creative YT people. Mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary is coming up (just 1 year). I was going to go get Boudoir Photos taken, but it’s so expensive and he’s living with his mom while he finishes up school, so it’s not like he could hang the pictures up or anything. I decided to rent a resort. It’s really nice. It has a private Jacuzzi and everything. He is always stealing my feather pillow so I bought him one and I am going to decorate a pillowcase that says happy anniversary and all that jazz. I still feel like this isn’t enough. The hotel’s really expensive, so I don’t want to spend anymore money, but I feel like all I’m doing is kind of thoughtless and brainless. I was thinking about putting sticky notes all over the room with notes on what I love about him, but I did something similar for an ex and I think I already told him about it. Do you have any good ideas?
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WTF? I`m a little confused... - Mood:Good
Friday May 26 20061:13:24 PM |
So, last night I went to my cousin's high school graduation. It was in the hockey arena, which was really nice. It would have been much nicer if I could understand the ceremony though. Yeah, the entire thing was in Spanish, apart from a ten minute introduction that was in English! I couldn't believe it. So in order to keep myself entertained I took silly pictures with my niece. Isn't she adorable? She can always make me laugh.

Anyway...What does everyone think? Is it right for a high school to conduct a graduation that is in another language besides English?

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Here I am... - Mood:Good
Monday April 17 20064:45:33 PM |
...I haven't been on in awhile. My work blocked YT!! I got a new job that doesn't block YT, so now I'm back. I missed some of you. I hope everyone's doing well.
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Weiner - Mood:Disgusted
Thursday January 12 20065:53:17 PM |
This is going to be long. I know that most of you will not read on past this point.

I have been in hiding for awhile.

I don’t like my new job. The people here are nice, but weird. Everyone kisses ass. I am an outcast because I refuse to get my boss water or clean her desk. That’s not MY f*cking job.

And, they just informed me today that they no longer want to pay for my schooling, even though they did when I worked at the other facility because it didn’t pertain to my job. Oh well. What can I do? F*cking bastards.

Andrew and I are good.

I hate living at home. I want out. I’ve been saying that forever, but yet I’ve goon nowhere.

I am in the worse mood, worse than I’ve been in awhile.

I want to go home so bad that I am thinking of faking an illness. But I really do don't feel well, but I'm not sick enough to go home.


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Throw the wrench in the gears - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday December 07 20053:21:18 PM |
I am so happy that this semester is almost over that I could cry. It's been a busy one.

I got laid off on Thursday, but luckily the corporate office had a position available for me. I start my new job on Monday. I am so super nervous. I know that the change will be good for me right now though.

I'm thinking about moving closer to the new workplace. I feel like I have so much going on.

Me and Andrew are better. He's awesome.

In other news, I've been incredibly emo lately. I've even taken a liken to Death Cab for Cutie...but shhh, don't tell.

I was just taking a break from my finals that are due tomorrow.

And how the eff are you?

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This is what my social work final makes me want to do... - Mood:Good
Monday December 05 20053:28:16 PM |

So, I'm taking a break. How's everyone?

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panicking. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 01 20056:21:30 PM |
I desperately need help. I need to quickly (long story that I don’t have enough time to tell) write a paper on a social policy that was developed and discussed during the current federal administration.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of social policies that was developed and discussed during the current federal administration.

Please help, I’m panicking and google is failing me. Please?

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Frustrating - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 29 20055:34:08 PM |
My finals for my social work class are getting so irritating.

I have four, two part questions that have to be answered in 2-3 pages. I have to include both historical and contemporary cultural competence in my answers and I have to think about the process of empowerment while answering. I love this class and I understand all the questions, but I am still having issues writing the stupid papers. I have sat down five different times and tried, but keep ripping them up and throwing them away. Next time I try, I’m not going to trash what I’ve come up with.

I need to write about a US social work policy that has been developed in the last five years and I don’t know what to do it on. Anyone have any ideas? Ekkk.

In other news, I talked with Andrew last night and today I am feeling much better than I have been. I begged him not to close the door on me, and he said that he couldn't even though he said that he would. I think that I really trust him more th

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Regrets? - Mood:Spent
Monday November 28 200512:22:53 PM |
I left Andrew because I felt like I was a burden. I am so depressed and miserable. I left Chris (the guy before Andrew) in search for someone to help me find me. I thought Andrew was that person. Then, I thought that he really didn't care enough about me to help me. I figured Chris might, so I've been spending a lot of time with him.

I see now that he can't help me. I feel like there is no one that can help. I know that this is something that I have to fix on my own, but I don't have the strength to do it by myself. So what am I supposed to do? I have to do this by myself, but I feel like I can't. I am starting to wonder if Andrew was good for me. Did I make the wrong choice? Did I just not let him know how much I needed him there for his support in bettering myself? ...

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I left him - Mood:Frightened
Friday November 25 200512:14:07 PM |
So I left my boyfriend that I’ve been seeing for eight or so months. I really liked him. I had so much fun with him. I am really going to miss him. I left him because something just didn’t “feel” right. I have never made an action based on something that I am feeling. I always do things based on logic. So, I’m a little nervous about my decision. He made it a point that if I leave him he doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’m really sad this morning because I want to send him our regular good morning text messages but I can’t. I really am going to miss him. I’ve never had a break up like this.

I don’t know what direction to go from here.

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Name that song.... - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday November 17 20051:17:12 PM |
I keep thinking of this song that I heard about a year or so ago. They played it on the radio (an "alternative" station) a lot, then just stopped. I want to hear it again, but I can’t even remember enough of the lyrics to look up who the hell sings it.

I sort of remember the video. I think it might have been black and white. The dude that sings in it is bald, I think The video has him sitting in a wooden chair, I think. He has a thick accent and he doesn’t really sing, just kind of talks in a singing tone. The song is about how devastated he is that his girl left him. I can remember thinking…wow I song.

I know I haven’t given ya’ll much to work with, but does anyone have ANY clue to what song I’m thinking of?

Any help is appreciated, RAWR!

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Ahead of the game - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday October 12 20055:47:50 PM |
For once I am not a procrastinator. I ordered my Halloween costume today and I should be receiving it within 3-5 business days. Here it is:

You like? I think it’s sexy. Andrew is going to be a doctor that’s all bloody so I decided to go with the “gothic” nurse.

I still need to order the shoes. I found some that are perfect, but they’re $40.00, and I have a hard time justifying spending that since I’ll probably never wear again. Plus, I like trying on my shoes before I buy them. Here they are:

What are you doing for Halloween?

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I should`ve stayed in bed today... - Mood:Smug
Thursday October 06 20052:45:14 PM |
…I had a feeling that it might be one of those days that it’d be best if I just played hooky.

The sale team is in training right now, and well, I’m not…and that worries me. Oh well, not much I can do, right?

What’s up with all of the Amy Brown Avys that I’ve been seeing lately?

I realized that I totally take my boyfriend for granted. I am lucky to have someone like him in my life.

That’s all I suppose.

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Brain Activity - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday October 04 20051:25:18 PM |
My brain is extremely active today, which may not be such a good thing.

I’ve been wondering what people think about the way couples decide to pay for things. Me and my boyfriend usually split thing down the middle. I’m questioning if this is right way to do things. I think it’s okay for the gal to pay her own way most of the time, but shouldn’t it be the guy’s responsibility to treat every now and then? For some reason, I hear of other people’s relationships and how they go about splitting things, and I feel like I’m getting ripped off. I don’t want to be showered by gifts or anything. I just want to be treated to a movie or dinner or something once in awhile.


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Birthday Thread - Mood:Good
Friday September 23 20053:57:58 PM |
It's bgraham23's birthday


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Sandwiches, Sex Shop, and Army Surplus - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 20 20054:09:31 PM |
Well Andrew started working nights yesterday, so I won't be seeing him as much...

BUT he came to my work to meet me for lunch. He got to see where I spend a chunk of my life. He got to meet all of the people that I complain and gossip about. I'm happy that all my work people can finally put a face to my stories. We went and ate sandwiches (that's all his new diet really permits). We still had some time so we went to one of the many sex shops around here. I didn't see anything that grabbed my attention so I didn't buy anything. They had those booths that you can go into to watch movies. I would've liked to go in with Andrew, but there were signs that said only one person per booth and it would've been obvious if we decided to disobey.
Then we went to the Army surplus store. Andrew got a hat.

It was a kick arse lunch.

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Vegetarianism - Mood:Happy
Wednesday September 14 20054:05:26 PM |
Friday night I watched this horrible PETA video about what they do to the animals that are our food. It was absolutely nauseating. That led to Andrew deciding to give up meat. I would too if I didn’t love it so much. Maybe I will sometime in the future though…

…But until then, I have a concern: I trust every decision that he’s ever made because he usually researches things extensively before making his decisions and I know that he has researched vegetarianism . I stand behind his decision and I actually admire him for this choice. I guess what I am wondering is how this is going to effect me? Are there any vegetarians out there with a significant other that’s not or vise-versa? How do you handle meals together and whatnot?

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