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Male, 40 years old
Perth, Scotland, Europe

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Fav. Food: Fajitas, steak, pizza. Not all at once!
Fav. Car: I`ll have to think about that one...
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Engage! - Mood:Lovestruck
Friday October 05 20185:34:42 AM |
(Well, E does come from James T Kirk’s home state of Iowa...)

TL;DR: “she said yes”!

Things have moved pretty quickly this year. “Officially” telling our parents at dinner together at the end of this month - they did all meet once before, back in 2004, but that was before we were dating.

So, now we need to sort out venues, speeches, outfits, guest list and honeymoon. Plus a UK visa, which isn’t a fun or easy process...

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Weddings, health, studies, career... - Mood:Anxious
Tuesday June 13 20172:51:11 PM |
I haven't updated here for ages now, time to catch up. Seems like a lot to fit in one post, looking at the subject line.

Two girls I knew from school got married (not to each other!) earlier this year. One, Lisa, had kept it a closely guarded secret until after the event - apparently not even telling her own son!

Mum has diabetes, as well as blood pressure problems. She's dieting to try to get the diabetes under control. (And she's worried, since I'm now eating less than her "drastic diet". Maybe just a bug?)

PhD finishing soon (it's taken long enough!). Then on to job hunting. Not near here, of course; probably London. Which does happen to be where Ana is living, but ... we've been on holiday together a few times now, but "moving in together" doesn't seem like an option.

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Farewell Stripey - Mood:Sad
Tuesday November 08 20164:06:36 PM |
Five years ago, a stray cat came sneaking in each evening looking for food. He grew bolder until eventually I could stroke him, then he became a permanent resident. He played gently with my niece (not yet two), who adored him.

His health deteriorated over the last few weeks, though: his balance and eyesight both fading, so he was starting to struggle. Today, we had to take him for the final trip to the vet - polite and well behaved to the last.

Rest in peace Stripey! (Pictured napping on his favourite cushion last year.)

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Voted - Mood:Good
Thursday May 05 20165:14:29 PM |
Well, I've gone and made my mark on a little piece of paper ... tomorrow, we get told who won.

The bad news is, it'll be a politician!

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Lon done. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 10 20162:41:51 PM |
Safely back home from London, to placate my angry cat - Bramble does not approve of me travelling, work-related or not!

Some great food - thanks to Chips2001 in particular for the recommendations of Tibits (Tuesday dinner) and Mildred's (yesterday lunch), both excellent places.

Good conference out in Royal Holloway University of London, too: good stuff to learn about, interesting people to meet too. Plenty of alcohol, too, for those who could drink. (Not me - still on lots of prescription things that don't react well to alcohol!)

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Planning - Mood:Cautious
Monday March 21 20163:32:40 PM |
Off to a conference in London next month. Nearest I've had to a holiday in years! (Mind you, I'm off on a real one in June at last.)

Plan: travel down Tuesday, stay at the conference hotel until Friday evening when it finishes. Train back home Sunday morning - leaving two nights and one day free to explore.

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Drugs and the memory dilemma - Mood:Confused
Sunday February 28 201610:30:55 AM |
The roostertail of strong painkillers I've been on since last autumn work pretty well - I've been able to go back to work/study more than full time so far this year* - but I'm getting worried about the side effects.

One brief "absence seizure", and at least three incidents of aphasia (where I fail to remember a word or phrase I know). Known side effects of the pregabalin, apparently, but not ones I want to keep!

Trouble is ... cutting down is hell too, with withdrawal and the risk of pain returning too. So, what should I do - keep the dosage the same for the last 4 weeks of term, then start cutting back during the Easter break at the end of March? Or risk being screwed up at work by cutting back sooner?

(* We're short staffed, so I'm working way more hours than I'm supposed to at the moment!)

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A broken week - Mood:Enraged
Saturday February 13 201610:44:28 AM |
My week was pretty tough, but my brother's?! First, he breaks a bone in his foot (dropped a bottle on it). This morning, his car is broken into - nothing taken except his glasses (no use to anyone else, so why?!) - but means the car's out of action and at risk until the insurance company get round to repairing the window, on Thursday. (He's in a flat, so no secure parking, just the public car park outside.) So much pain, stress and expense, and nobody gained anything but a pair of glasses they can't even use!
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Ugh, ill again - Mood:Lonely
Friday February 12 20169:15:37 AM |
Back in bed for the day. Too hot, too cold, sweating and shivering, just the way to pass the day!

Nothing serious, at least, I'm sure it'll pass in time - just a horrible feeling now. Someone cheer me up please?

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Work - Mood:Spent
Sunday January 24 20161:02:03 PM |
This time last year, I was teaching 12 hours a week at university. Hard work ... my head of school actually got angry about it at my annual review: the limit's supposed to be 7! At least they were all lab work, no preparation needed.

I spent last semester off ill - literally unable to stand for most of the time, with a spinal problem. (Herniated disk, crushed nerve, leg not working.) Back now.

So, this semester I "only" have 8.5 ... but two of those are lectures, which both need preparing ... why do I let myself in for this?! (OK, mainly for the money, I know - plus we're still short-staffed, since they laid five people off.)

Oh well. Hopefully, a year from now I'll have Dr in front of my name and a proper salary for ... erm, about the same workload I have now, but without the PhD to get through. That'll be nice.

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Short girl appreciation day! - Mood:Spent
Monday December 21 20155:25:37 PM |
Apparently, being the shortest day of the year, the 21st of December is Short Girl Appreciation Day!

Personally, I need some longer days - too much coursework still to mark, not enough hours in the day... Hopefully I can get through it all by sometime tomorrow, though! Then, one last gift to buy, a load of wrapping to do (thanks, Amazon, real helpful of you to turn off the "wrap this for me" option, bum openings!) - and Christmas!

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Ow. Changing medication... - Mood:Exhausted
Friday December 11 20156:46:06 PM |
The pain was pretty bad again today, first time in quite a while. The reason is obvious, I've been slowly coming off the previous pain medication, decreasing that dosage ready to start the new stuff tomorrow.

Then it hit me. I'm in pain, because I am "only" taking the other four painkillers ... including 80 mg of morphine. If you'd told me a year ago I would struggle to cope with "only 80 mg of morphine"...

(150mg of other stuff hitting the bloodstream starting tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll be back on my feet in a few days.)

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Tropical Storm Abigail - Mood:Spent
Thursday November 12 201511:12:43 AM |
Apparently it's pronounced a-big-gale...

So far, windy with a crazy amount of rain falling; talk of wind speeds hitting 90mph later. Luckily, I don't need to go out anywhere until tomorrow afternoon for physiotherapy...

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Another "phantom" PM - Mood:Suspicious
Wednesday October 28 20151:13:52 PM |
It hasn't happened for ages now, but I just had that good old yellow bar at the top - first time in ages, since I've not been active here for a long time.

But no - no actual message. Either a bug in the site, or someone having sent then deleted a message before I could read it ... come on, I want to know what it said!

Am I alone there? Even if it turned out to be a spammer, I'd rather read the spam than be left wondering what the missing message had been!

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Being dumped - Mood:Lonely
Saturday October 10 20155:34:15 PM |
A few years ago, it happened to me via Facebook ... the automated status change, "X is now single". In this case, X being *my* new ex, as of that post.

With hindsight, clicking "like" on it probably wasn't the most tactful option though ... (in my defence, when I clicked that I thought it was my *other* friend of the same name - OK, not a *good* defence, but it does happen to be true!)

The weird thing? I just spotted she's still in my Skype contacts list, so neither of us has deleted the other yet!

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Size does matter! (New TV) - Mood:Good
Thursday December 07 20063:34:39 PM |
On Sunday, I finally bit the bullet and bought a nice new TV - 32" of shiny LCD HDTV goodness, and a Sky subscription to feed it!

I'm surprised - even with regular channels (the Sky stuff doesn't get installed until Tuesday), the picture's much nicer than I had on a regular TV.

Now I just need to cancel cable TV - for some reason, whenever you call Telewest and say it's to cancel a service, your call goes into a long queue then gets disconnected... funny, that, huh?

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Two near misses... - Mood:Good
Thursday July 27 20064:35:53 AM |
After hearing from a surveyor friend, the flat wasn't such a great deal after all: the maintenance and repairs in that block would cost a fortune.

So, out of four I've viewed with my brother, two have been structural disaster areas, one was a concrete block (literally: something ex-military, built for things other than comfort and looks!) - and one was nice, but a bit cramped and dark (very small windows, long thin rooms). Back to the drawing board again...

Then, on Sunday I went into Perth for some shopping with my brother, and bumped into someone I recognised from school, but couldn't remember her name. She seemed friendly enough - it wasn't until we were out of earshot and my brother told me who she was: someone I once gave a lift home from school, but crashed on the way* - so three years later, she popped up and sued me for the time off school she claimed it caused. Luckily, the school still had attendance records showing she was lying!

* - check your brakes. Now.

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No flat, and one less cat... - Mood:Good
Monday July 24 20066:11:38 AM |
Well, the flat doesn't look so good now - we haven't been able to get a straight answer out of the agent on ANY of our questions - they just said "find out for yourself" to everything!

On the bright side, there's another flat in the same street for sale, through a different company - they can hardly be *less* helpful than this lot, so we'll give that a try...

Oh, and the (un-neutered) ginger tomcat who had been making our lives miserable for the last year (attacking our cat, stealing her food, "marking" our house as his territory) has gone at last. If cats drank champagne, Bramble certainly would be!

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Used sheep condom?! - Mood:Good
Saturday July 22 20064:34:14 PM |
Scanning through some comments, I caught a few words of "this brown english beer that tasted like a welshmen's urine filtered through a used sheep skin condom": specifically, "welshman ... a used sheep condom". I love my subconscious's sense of humour!

Then again, there's a joke about Scotsmen wearing kilts because the sheep learned to run at the sound of a zipper, so it's not just Welshmen...

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New flat... - Mood:Cautious
Thursday July 20 20066:27:56 AM |
My brother and I went to look around a flat last night. Great location (just a few minutes' walk from the university), good price, comes with furniture and kitchen contents (not great, but good enough for the time being)...

The downside: we'll have to move pretty quickly, and the lift is out of order at the moment - and could be expensive to repair. No parking, but apparently you can get a cheap permit for a nearby car park as a resident.

So... what do you all think? Any tips, anyone?

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Coworker delenda est - Mood:Enraged
Friday July 07 200612:11:06 PM |
A few months ago, a researcher here got a serious telling off for printing out an article she needed, rather than reading it on-screen. Just about understandable - after all, printing does cost money - but still, it was work...

Now we have a new hire. In the last week, she has printed 221 pages - including literally EVERY SINGLE EMAIL SHE RECEIVES, even routine circulars about traffic diversions - and she doesn't drive! Worst of all, just now, she printed something - then dumped it straight into the bin, without even reading it...

Oh, and she appears to live in the office - from eating breakfast here, to still being here at 8 or 9 at night.

Anyone know when the next "Bring your chainsaw to work" day is being help?

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Whoops... - Mood:Embarrassed
Wednesday July 05 20064:45:26 PM |
My old school ("high school" for American readers) had its end of year thing on Saturday. Quite a big event, with lots of former pupils there - nice to see so many familiar faces, many for the first time in a couple of years.

Then my best friend contacted me on MSN yesterday: "Are you coming to Commem?"

Oops. He's off to enlist in the USAF in September, so this was his last chance to go to one - and I forgot to tell him when it was...

To be fair, I only found out myself a few hours beforehand - it's always a Saturday in July, but I don't remember it being on the 1st before. I doubt he'd have been able to make it at such short notice, but still...

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Off to London tomorrow! - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 21 20061:55:31 PM |
Off down to London for the day tomorrow, to meet my company's biggest client...

The bad news? 9am flight from Edinburgh, getting back sometime after 10pm, with a longish car journey either end

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The plane in Spain - Mood:Confused
Saturday February 11 20064:07:07 PM |
My mother is in Spain this week with a friend, and is wondering what to bring back for us as gifts/souvenirs - any suggestions, anybody?

That airport is not lucky: after a lousy landing on the way there, apparently the bridge on the main road there has now collapsed, causing four hour tailbacks!

Meanwhile, my mother overheard some British tourists ordering food: paella - without the rice...

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I`m going to court! - Mood:Indifferent
Friday October 21 20055:14:08 PM |
In today's mail, a letter to me from the local court... a little scary - was I being sued? A speeding ticket? No - jury duty!

I haven't had a date set, yet, I just have to confirm I'm eligible and the details (name, DOB etc) are correct, then I get contacted again later.

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