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Female, 28 years old
land locked , ., Western US

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New Poem. READ PLEZSBEISA! - Mood:Good
Friday October 12 20073:42:28 AM |
This is still DEFINITELY in the works. This is my first/second draft. Enjoy & please feel free to critique!

Title: He Who I See On Sundays


Last Sunday
when I learned you liked pears
over the peach,
I laid behind you
tracing stars on your back with my middle finger,
imitating ones the tenant before
had painted red on your backdoor.

I listened to it rain.

I watched you breathe
desperately trying to breathe like you,
breathe with you,
(out while you in)
(out while you out)
(in while you in)
(in while you out).

Despserately trying to make my heart dance
in rhythm with yours
as I pressed
my chest
against the warm flat of your back-
full well knowing
I will always breathe faster and my heart
can only murmer.

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Even though I woke up only a couple hours ago.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 10 200712:17:09 PM |
I already want to crawl back into bed, curl up and wait for tomorrow.

This happens sometime.

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I`m such a c*nt. - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 09 20073:38:13 AM |
And I love it.

What I did today (in order in which they occurred):
got high with friends
rode my bike to the bank to pay a bill
Realized it was columbus day and the bank was closed
picked up a hella cool looking bowl my friend painted for me
biked home
walked to bus stop (1 mile)
went to yoga
had self-defense class
got picked up by neighbor john
got high with friends
made bomb-ass spaghetti with meat sauce
biked to work
biked home
got high with friends
made bomb-ass spaghetti with vegetables in the marinara
talked on the phone
wrote paper
wrote poems
got high with friends

overall, fairly productive day.
Tomorrow is my long day.

Tomorrow I:
bike to bank
bike home
walk to bus stop
go to school from 10am-7:30ppm
walk home
bike to have sex
have sex
bike home

I need sometime to myself somehwere in here....

other than now.

Now discuss.

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f*ck it, i`m getting high - Mood:Good
Monday October 08 20076:04:25 AM |
today has been such an emotionally turbulant day for my soul.

I feel like I'm on not only a cliched emotional rollercoaster, i'm battling with a spiritual tyrant.

it's quite upsetting.

I miss my family.
But, I don't really miss my family per se, I miss the feeling of a family.

I have great friends here..

I feel like I need a vacation from this stupid sh8t.

Work and school are taking over my life.

Well that and life itself. I've been so busy the past week, I feel like I just need a breath.

This is the introvert in my, I've been all over and doing so much I feel very, very drained.


I have to go to the bank tomorrow, then to pick up a pot my friend made for me, then yoga, then self defense class, then work, then i have to write a paper.

I'm not looking forward to this busy life i've acquired.

fondness level equates negative three.

So, right now i'm about to pack of some beautiful purple greens.

Anyone care to join?

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free bluegrass festivals are the sh*t - Mood:Good
Sunday October 07 20075:02:50 AM |
The free fest @ golden gate park was massive! There were so many people and performances, it rocked. I got to see Victor Wooten! That's the sh*t.

I have this deep affinity for bassists

I went with my buddy Nick, and then I went to visit my friend Raul's pad. He recently moved to the City and I haven't seen his place.

I secretly think I'm in love with him. We lost "ourselves" to eachother, but only formed a deeper friendship because of it, and it never got weird or awkward, but then it never progressed.

He's such a great guy and such a big part of my life, but it's not there...f*ck, I dunno.

So then i also went to dinner with some friends that live in Oakland, that was pretty cool- AND THEN

picked up a surfboard and bike that my friend had left in San Fran. She is this swedish chick who lived in SF for 3 years, but then moved back to sweden and now is studying abroad at my school. She needed help moving some stuff so I gladly helped her.

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Portfolio - Mood:Good
Friday October 05 20073:12:24 AM |
i'm just gonna share it, you guys helped me with some of the revisions, so why not?

title: People-Summer-2007
He traveled 600 miles on the back of a refrigerator freight
with only the clothes on his back
and a stale loaf of sourdough bread.

She left the states to work in Vietnam
because Bush was re-elected in 2004.

They left the party early
in a bicker regarding her parents.

A girl in a bright floral dress
walks slowly up and down the street,
window shopping
with her little sister.

The mockingbird works as an alarm clock
for hung-over college students;
the RA pays him in crickets and grasshoppers.

He drated her too hard last night;
she showed him the sheets while he showered.

His best friend built a hospital in Mexico
designed for disabled children.

Men race each other
while their babies sleep ‘
in the strollers they are pushing.

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I`m so awkward and weird - Mood:Good
Friday October 05 20073:08:47 AM |
...which I figured out today.

I guess I always knew I was, but now I know for sure.

Oh, sadness.

What's weird though is I'm really good one on one with people, but large crowds and parties (I was at a poetry slam) only work for me if I'm sh*tfaced drunk.

I guess I'm not much of a people person.


And the guy I'm f*cking kinda ignored me tonight. I shouldn't be hurt though- I'm using him for sex too...

but it was apparently obvious that I'm just a f*ck tonight. I wanted to have the power, dammit!


Whatev. How are your guys' nights?

Today sucked for me, I had classes back to back to back from 10-5:10. It was awful, then I went to the slam and now I'm home...and I have to work on my portfolio (the one i've been b*tching about FOR DAYS)

it's due tomorrow.

I'm scurred.


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I just had... - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 03 20074:25:36 AM |
really kinky s&m sex.
again, he's passed out next to me.
I'm such an insomniac.

My butt hurts.

Tomorrow consists of:
Morning bike ride along the coast
Yoga class
Lunch w/friend @ Campus
Opera Watching (lame) for class
Poetry Writing & Homework
-3 poems
-portfolio workage
-repsonse to opera
-reading reading READING

Then hopefully that's it.

I hope your lives are as productive as mine as of late.

Everything is going well, I have a good f*ck, good friends, good school and good job.

I don't know why I'm not happy.
I think it's because I'm afraid of being content.
Contentedness leaves you in a rut 4EVA.

HOw goes it?

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John Frusciante makes me cum - Mood:Good
Sunday September 30 20074:58:04 AM |
It's almost like he's talking to me with his guitar. Most of these songs don't even need words, it's amazing.

I almost want to bust out in a Roberta Flack cover...

"Strumming my pain with his fingers..."


anyone agree? Have you guys heard his solo sh*t? I mean, I love red hot, but I can feel his soul here, it''s...

music the way it's supposed to be.

I have a lot of concerts I'd like to attend: Danzig, Pinback, Henry Rollins and something else.

My contacts are dry.

I drank a little bit by myself. Jagermeister is my friend. And I smoked. So in general, I'm a tad intoxicate. night..kicked it with the neighborinos. My parents came and visited me. I made my Nana a chocolate/strawberry/white cake.

It was delish.

My friend from back home visited me afterwards to avoid her abusive boyfriend.

I can't watch this anymore.


I ate way tooo much today.

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She said, "Pull the trigger. We`ll make a game out of this." - Mood:Good
Saturday September 29 20073:31:54 PM |
He shot her a look from across the room.
He was sitting in the chair.
The same chair her grandmother would read her stories from.
The same chair that protrudes nails and ripped her quilt.
He was sitting in the chair.

She pulled a cigarette from her red leather purse.
The purse matched her lips.
He thought about that as the cigarette rested on her bottom lip.
She looked like such a whore.

The look in her eye dragged him towards her.
He flicked his bic and lit her on fire.

Promise you'll pull the trigger.

But he came all too soon.

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this thread is not about DYW - Mood:Good
Friday September 28 20075:53:10 AM |
Well, I guess it kinda is.

My days of whoring have began. I'm sleeping with a guy I don't necessarily like because we have amazing sex.

He's asleep in bed next to me (he has work in the mornin') so I'm trying to type quietly.

I had my first day of school today- it was God awful. Apparently I'm taking an opera literature was titled "Intro to Music Drama."

I feel decieved! i don't want to watch/read operas! Boo-hoo.

I'm also taking an asian american lit class that requires 21 books. Do you know how many that is for one class? The quarters are only 11 weeks long. WTF is the teacher thinking?!

On other notes, I talked to many people today- hung out with many kids and made several friends.

Plus had amazing sex.

So i guess all is well on my doorstep. What baout on yours?

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Settling.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 26 20075:34:14 AM |
so, how many of you would settle for a guy who liked you but you didn't like back?

I know a lot of people do this. I learned about it in one of my classes; people tend to lower their standards or "settle" easier as they age, mostly because they don't want to be lonely anymore.


I was thinking about this, and given my current situation..

I don't think I could ever settle for less than I want. What about you guys?

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Dammit. Dammitdammitdammit! - Mood:Good
Monday September 24 20076:42:35 PM |
So, this guy came over last night. We had been on a couple dates and such, and I was tired so I invited him to my house so we could chill and like watch TV and stuff.

I initially planned to break things off with him because he has a crazy ex and he's not my type of guy. At all. I can already tell we don't have a lot in common, and though we click, frankly, I'm not that attacted to him.


We ended up hooking up. I was trying to be all obnoxious and boring so maybe he would just I smoked him out (he's kinda a square bear), and he didn't.

And we hooked up.

And needless to say it was some of the best hook-ups that I have had. He's into kink, which totally works for me.

Basically, we're very very sexually compatible.

But i still don't want to be with him! Blah. Would it be wrong of me to keep him around for sex? How am I supposed to bring this up??

I think I'm going to say something along the lines of..

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Saturday September 22 20075:59:08 AM |
So, I'm kinda dating this guy, and I went to this party where both he and his ex-gf were attending.

Needless to say, she was such a B*TCH to me. She would shove (not push, SHOVE me when she walked by), she would loudly and obnoxiously shoot down every idea I had or anything I would say (ie, I love the mars volta, and she went on about why they sucked WITHOUT sufficient reasoning), and she tried to make out with every guy I ended up talking to.

She tried to make out with the 2 guys I came with, and they were so disgusted by her it's funny.

Then, THEN

I was about to leave, and she was like, oh, Andrew would be really hurt if you didn't say good-bye to him, I'm hix ex-girlfriend, blah blah blah.

And all I could say was "This is really weird"

because it f*cking was. And I was drunk and high and i didn't need to deal with daram ex-gfs. c*nt rags! all of 'em.

So, I think I'm going to break it off with this guy. Not only is she close with the group I'm slowly getting admi

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drunk biking - Mood:Good
Friday September 21 20075:37:25 AM |
I made it home safelly. Yay!!

Now i"m on the internetzor. Yay!!

Umm yeah. I went to see a nighttime showing of A Clockwork Orange on the big screen, (really high, duh) and it was a-f*ckin-mazing. I've always wanted to see ACO on the big screen- i'm super happy they decided to show it.

Then I went to a friends house and played apples to apples drunkenly.

Now i"m back here.

today was my crushes birthday, and i made him a cake and we went out to sushi. I owe him like 20 bucks lol because i was going to pay for his lunch..then i forgot my wallet.

'but we didn"t hang out all night, I feel kinda rejected.

a*shole. whatever. I had a great time.

Tomorrow i'm going to a 21st brithday extravaganza at the house i was at tonight.

saturday i'm going on a party bus in san francisco (clubs and bars0

and then i have work at 7:30 AM on sunday morning

but i'm happy now and that's all that matter


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best friends 21st (pictures) - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 19 20076:14:18 AM |

Went to san fran
smoked/drank at her house
went to cheesecake factory (ate & drank)
went to bar (drank more)
came home and smoked
went to bed around 3

ya know, normal 21st b-day stuff...

the one on top in red is the birthday girl

us again

taxi panic

"no you're not hardcore"

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wake and bake! - Mood:Good
Sunday September 16 20071:18:15 PM |
I'm texting my neighbors to smoke but i'm getting no response.

I know they are awake.

My swedish friend just left, he stayed the night (again)

He slept on the couch.

For breakfast I'm having chocolate soymilk, and a banana mushed up in my vanilla yogurt. Yummy!

I need to eat breakfast more often.

I woke up at 9:30. This is the earliest I've been awake in a loooong time.

My neighbor just responded. I'll be back!

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Heres a poem. heres a pantoum! - Mood:Good
Friday September 14 200710:00:58 PM |
title: identity room
poem type: pantoum
what I need: critique and help (i'm adding this one to my portfolio)

Discovering who I am
the world opens a previously locked door
I am no longer a cow, sheep or a lamb
My feet are firmly placed on the floor

The world opened a locked door
Where it leads? I do not know
My feet are firmly placed on the floor
Expecting my identity to show.

Who am I? I do not know.
Though I know I belong to myself
I need my identity to show
For so long I've been sitting on the same shelf

I know I belong to myself.
I am my own puppet, my own doll
I've been sitting on that suburban shelf
But now I am in this chasmic hall

Being my own puppet, my own doll
No longer a cow, sheep or a lamb
I venture through the door in the hall
discovering who I am.

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eating organic - Mood:Good
Friday September 14 20071:57:45 PM |
So, I've been eating healthier lately (well, not since my swedish friend came, 'cause I've been taking him out and about to eat) but, when he's not around, I tend to eat healthier.

Lately I've been purchasing a lot of organic fruits and veggies, more so just because they are available at Trader Joes and Shopper's Corner (some local place across the street).

Yet, I'm not completely sure on the benefits of eating organic. I mean, I know they aren't using pesticides, which is definitely better for my body- and they do contain more vitamins and such, but I still don't know what the big deal is.

They tend to be smaller than the "manufactured" fruits/veggies/milk whatever, and they all taste the same.

I dunno, I guess I just don't understand the trend. I feel the same...I think...

maybe I should try to go on a strictly organic diet and see how I feel.

What do you guys think?

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25 pounds down, 10 more to go.. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 12 20074:59:18 AM |
until I reach my next goal . Then it'll be about 30-40 pounds after that...which I think I can do.

My legs hurt pretty bad, I went on a bike ride today for about 3 was fun though. We ran our errands and biked up the coast. Though I did eat pizza, ice cream and candy , but that's about all I ate so I think it will level if I didn't work out more.

So, for the past 3 days, I've been hanging out with this swedish dude I met at my hotel. He's studying abroad here for a year, and I'm helping him acquaint himself with the area.

So far I've taken him to bars, a kegger, smoked him out, helped him get a cell phone, showed him REAL mexican food, and today we set up his bank account.

I think we might be spending too much time together; I feel like I have a boyfriend, without the sex.

It's like I got my gay best friend back! ('cause the real one moved to LA)

though I don't think this guy is gay. We'll see

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So that swedish guy I asked to come to the bars with me a few weeks ago... - Mood:Good
Monday September 10 20076:39:15 AM |
is now sleeping in my living room.

Haha, I totally swooped on him. He's so innocent and naive, and I feel like I'm completely corrupting him. He slept here last night as well, since I invited him to his first kegger lol.

And he's been stoned the past few days.

I don't know if I like him. He's really nice, and he's super cute, but he's not a Dom and that could eventually break the deal.

BUT i've been enjoying his company. Hell, I don't even think he likes me like that but we've been hanging out A LOT (on account that he doens't have any other friends)

so my friend from san fran came out to the part last night, I'm really glad i got to see her.

Back to Dom status, I went on a date wiht a guy into S/m the other day, and he has yet to call me. We went out on friday, so I'm assuming he's doing the 3 day rule.

I met him at a party last week. We kissed a couple times on the date, but I ended up paying for it and well..

he was kinda boring.

BUT we'd have great sex.

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I have yet another bum story - Mood:Good
Friday September 07 20074:44:33 AM |
So, there is this guy I see all the time in a wheel chair, and a couple weeks ago, on the way back from a party- my friend and I decided to help him up this hill he was going since he seemed to be having a rather difficult time.

Anyways, I've ran into him a few times and had short conversations with him, but tonight...I had about a 3 hour in depth conversation about his life.

It was really, really, really sad. His daughter had been taken away from him, then his ex-wife commited suicide (she was borderline w/OCD...which led to his daughter being taken away [she had lied to CPS about info about him because of her mental instability])

and he told me how he lost his leg to diabetes, and broke his other leg in a hospital in which they didn't care for him b/c they forgot he was there...

amongst other things.

I don't know what it is about me. I'll say it once and I'll say it again- people always, ALWAYS tell me their life stories.

It's weird.

Now it's your turn.

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"So good to see you; I`ve missed you so much." - Mood:Good
Thursday September 06 20075:39:14 AM |
The tone of maynards voice in this song kills me. Kills me! It makes me want to cry, it's kinda weird.

Anyways, I'm kinda lonely/homesick or something. I guess I'm not homesick, but I miss being with people who love me.

Not that I'm not loved here, but I miss that unconditional love my parents and best friends give me. I need love, and I need it now.

But I guess I can wait. I've met 3 guys worth dating within the past week, so hopefully one of them will lead to something little more fulfilling than this empty existence I've been floating around in for the past 8 months.

I'll find someone.
I'll find something.
Hopefully soon- but I guess I'm not ready yet.


I just wish I could let myself love and be loved!

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I think I (me, moi, yo) just asked a guy out! - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 05 20076:02:08 AM |
So, I work at a hotel as a receptionist, right?

And this REALLY CUTE GUY from Sweden is studying abroad here, and staying at my hotel 'til he can find a place. flirted, then we added eachother on MSN and talked while he was in his hotel room looking for housing and I was downstairs working the desk.

While I was working SO HARD, a friend I haven't seen since June called me to tell me he was back in town and that he was getting a group together to go to the bars.

SO, I invited my new friend. At first he declined, because he was ill, but then a few minutes later accepted my invite.

We were so flirty/sexual, but no touchy touchy. It was great. I want to see him again, but I don't know how to do it. I don't have any of his info except his MSN.

But he sounded like he'd want to hang out again- so I guess we'll just wait and see...

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my clitoris itches - Mood:Good
Sunday September 02 20073:57:37 AM |
but I don't really want to bother scratching it 'cause then my fingers will smell all vagina-like.

Though I AM alone, so I guess it doesn't matter.

I think I might have found someone to share my bed with soon- so that should be fun and interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

How goes the life of the workinghorse?

well it's slow but not dying
fast when ahead
while mediocrely eating
and sleeping
and reading time away



I do what I want.

Anyone care to smoke a bowl conmigo? I'm about to light up and I think we should have a YT smoke sess.

who is down?

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