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Female, 28 years old
land locked , ., Western US

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What the f*ck is non-verbal participation? - Mood:Good
Sunday July 22 20074:35:35 AM |
So, I just got one of the evaluations for my classes and this is what it says:

Jamie's performance in this class was good, and she received a B as her final grade. She attended classes regularly, and though she rarely spoke, she always maintained a strong degree of non-verbal participation. Jamie's mid-term paper demonstrated engaged readings that made bold statements but often lacked much needed textual support and references. Her final essay, entitled, "THIS is not about repetition…," explored the writings of Denise Levertov and Robert Creeley. The paper had a clear thesis and was well argued, but could have used some more development on the use of repetition as a frame of analysis. The essay was an improvement on the last paper in terms of using support and included numerous good close readings, though it was needed better proofreading. Overall, Jamie did well in the class, improving her writing through the quarter.

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Today was yesterday is tomorrow forever - Mood:Good
Saturday July 21 20076:08:41 AM |
Today wasn't too bad. I didn't do that much but I did have an opportunity to hang out with a lot of people.

I woke up around 2PM (I know, I was out late the night before..) and ordered some pizza and f*cked around online. Did a workout tape and then..

my friend came over right after she got back from the ER. She got some spider bites on her lip and she had some vicodin so she gave me one (which I'm saving for a more uh..appropriate date) then we got stoned on my balcony and ate pizza while talking about random life stuff.

Then I met up with a friend I haven't hung out with in about a year, got some food and hung out with her boyfriend for a little bit. Then we bought more bud and smoked on this trail, then another friend called and we met up with him and got stoned on this other random trail which led to a jungle gym & swings and stuff...

so we played on those for about an hour, went to safeway and ate some fruit...left at about midnight.

Then, at midnight my other friend

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Spicy Thai Food - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 18 20075:24:12 AM |
+good company
+red stripe
+air hockey
+chocolate chip cookie
+drunken mexican giving away hotdogs
+bong loads
A Good Night

What made your night good/bad tonight?

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I`m depressed. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 15 20077:20:42 PM |
save-d me.
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I meet freaks. - Mood:Good
Friday July 13 20073:57:33 AM |
The weirdos. Something is in my destiny, I've met WAY too many f*cking oddballs for this to be coincidence.

Weird people are attracted to me. They'll just stop me on the road and talk with me, feel some weird compulsion to tell me their life stories.

I don't mind though- somebody has to listen!

but anyways, what spurred this thought was a discussion my friends and i were holding. We were comparing the different types of guys we all attract.

My gay buddy attracts squares, and he's so not square.
My girl buddy attracts losers. guys who just get high and not have any plans with their lives. So not her either.
And I attract the freaks.

I swear I don't try.

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So I had a blind date tonight - Mood:Good
Thursday July 12 20073:28:43 AM |
...and...I don't know.

It ended up being a 9 hour date. So I guess that is a plus, but it's because we went out of town. But I guess that's for the better because I get to see him more, and figure out whether or not I want him.

And I don't know.

He's very cool and very very f*cking smart, as well as a great writer..and we had a lot in common, and he was VERY nice to me & others.. but physically I'm not-so-attracted (he has a..uh..deformation?)..

and I think he might be schizophrenic. He was overly paranoid. When we were smoking he was crazy paranoid. And a green blob came out of the road while we were driving. And he's obsessed with conspiracy's, the government, and aliens. And he told me he heard voices. Then he told me he doesn't hear voices. Then he told me that the voices come out of a bunny or something...but then he told me that was a joke. Then he said he just tunes them out.

And he talks. A lot. I didn't say anything for like 20 minutes and he went on, and on...

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My Trip To Colorado - Mood:Good
Monday July 09 20077:31:31 PM |
Sorry, no pictures.

Amtrak: Met tweaker, hung out, got caught smoking on train- threatened to be kicked off by conductor.

Met cowboy going to Utah.

Met old people. Lots of old people.

Apparently the media is controlled by violence.
Apparently goldfish turn white when left in the dark.
Apparently tigers have striped skin.

Met a woman who taught at an international university in Saigon. Left the states in 2004 because Bush was re-elected.
Smoked me out.
Met a girl, who would ultimately be my good friend throughout the trip. Great time.

Through her- met Dan.
Through Dan- met Pedophile. Open about his sexuality. Long drunken discussion.

Saw many writers. Talked to many writers. Anne Waldman intimidates but amazes me.

I met Robert Creeley's ex-wife, Bobbie Hawkins.
Hettie Jones is cute.
Bernadette Mayer smells bad.
Marjorie Welsh is a b*tch who doesn't like squirrels.

Most of them probably do drugs.

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I took you home, set you on the glass... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 08 20076:52:23 PM |
I pulled off your wings
and i laughed..
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healthy eating - Mood:Good
Saturday July 07 20071:27:16 AM |
so, lately I've been eating rather healthily. Well, not on my trip to colorado (though i tried to keep a vegetarian diet while on the road) but today I've eaten SO F*CKING MUCH and I'm still hungry.
I've had an artichoke
half an avacado
green/red/yellow bell peppers
berry tea/water
chocolate mochi

and I'm stillll hungry. someone give me something healthy to eat that will fill me up! I'm ocntemplating making pasta, but it's a little late for pasta...

I'm also thinking I should have like guacamole and chips, but the avocados are still a little hard. BLAH.

i think i should just get stoned, lol. Ironically, getting high has an adverse effect to munchies w/me!

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Lewish Warsh inspired Poetry - Mood:Good
Thursday July 05 200712:53:40 AM |
Critiques por favor! (it was an imitation poem I had to do for sesshu)

title: hostel

He traveled 600 miles
on the back of
a refrigerator freight,
with only the clothes on his back
and a stale loaf of sourdough bread.

She left the states
to work in Vietnam
because Bush was re-elected
in 2004.

The couple left the party early
in a bicker regarding her parents.

The mockingbird
works as an alarm clock
for hungover college students.
The RA pays him
in crickets and grasshoppers.

He f*cked her too hard last night;
she showed him the sheets
while he showered.

The old man
was hit by a bus
in Quezon City
in search of
a plate of pansit with long noodles;
he didn't die.

The bus driver
ran over him again
because it was company policy
to not get sued.

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Pulling an all nighter in boulder, co. - Mood:Good
Monday July 02 20076:33:47 AM |
Went to a jack kerouac festival.
Ended at midnight.
went to dinner.
Finished @ 1:30
Gave left over spaghetti to a bum.
Got stoned with said bum next to a creek.
Watched a shack burn down.

Now I'm at the hostel. I have a bus to catch at 6:01 AM, so I figured I'd start walking over there around 5:15...and by the time I got back to the hostel it was too late to even bother going to bed.

I need to figure out how to kill more time...

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I`m in Colorado. Critique my prose poem. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 27 20078:58:34 PM |
Please. I be @ narapo bz's! I've seen anne waldman (she handed me TP!),Robert Creeley's Ex Bobbie Hawkins & their son, hettie jones, etc..

Title: Hook Line & Sinker

"Goldfish turn white when left in the dark," you said matter-of-factly into my ear on our second date when I wanted to see the kittens at the pet store on Front Street. Looking at you across from me, lips parted puffed & undulating reminded me of that moment. You always chew your tongue when you're thinking. "I think we should see other people." The sun was sinking into the sea as a red oak leaf landed next to my downturned left palm. It would've been 3 years this fall. Months of scavenging the pieces of me that were not part of you scorned me with a dream. A goldfish in a fishbowl
/I was/
watching the world spiral around me. "Wish You Were Here" reverberated through the water; it was the first song we had made love to. Though the room lacked light I saw stills of us linin

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blah, random photo skanking - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 20079:17:42 PM |
my friend and i before a anti-war protest

my friends being uber hot

and my cat

oh and coachella

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hmm correlation? - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 20074:32:04 AM |
Ok, so quick survey question:

were you spanked? If so or not, do you think you are a rule/authority/law abiding adult/person today?

I was spanked.
I rarely follow laws. Actually, I hate the law.

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Poetry Revisions - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 19 20075:44:36 AM |
in case you were curious. That poem thread keeps on reminding me to post my sh*t. This isn't the first time that same thread influenced me...

And thank you all for the help! This is what came out of those that I posted last time. I definitely appreciated it, and if you can't tell I used and needed your advice!

title: unearthed rotten fruit
Tender music licks our ears
as the radio vibrates
the turned-on lava lamp,
positioned on the cherry wood desk,
in unison with our fusing screams.

January winds
gyrate the paper windmill
revealed through the window
next to quivering,
pear-flavored sheets.

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To shave or not to shave, that is the question. - Mood:Good
Monday June 18 20075:13:52 PM |
So. I have had my dreadlocks for about a year now.

They still look kinda sh*tty, but not that bad.

What would you guys think of a bald chick? I'm thinking of shaving and then getting the crimson ghost tattooed on my skull.

Or maybe just getting a mohawk.

Any ideas? Recommendations? I don't have much of a choice, I guess I COULD keep my hair, but I plan to rid of it by september.

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I`m a f*cking lunatic - Mood:Good
Friday June 15 200712:27:27 PM |
So....I had one of the most interesting nights of my life last night.

I got really drunk, went to a club where I ended up making out with a couple guys and um..did some other stuff...heh, but that was all in good fun. It was 80's night, and I found some beautiful NY dolls wannabes...

after that I my neighbors co-worker showed up, and I convinced him to f*ck me in the back of his truck. Anyways, long story short, I was gonna get in a special position and the tailgate broke, and I ended up falling out, landing on my face, busting my lip and grinding the bottom of my left tooth off.

I got pissed off, bounced on this dude and smoked pot with like 5 bums on the street while I waited for my friend to get me.

We walked back to our place, I caught a cab to ER (which i didn't NEED) and then ended up walking 5 miles home @ about 4 in the morning.

Yes, interesting night indeed. Now I need to figure out what I"m gonna do about my tooth!

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accuracy?!? - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 06 20075:10:18 PM |

It's fairly accurate for me, but I don't know how true this is.

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Poetry critiques, por favor! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 05 200712:18:50 AM |
Ok, my portfolio is due on Thursday and I've workshopped/revised these a couple times, and they both don't seem quite right. I would appreciate any/all insight.

Title: unearthed rotten fruit

Lennon licks our ears as the
radio vibrates in cacophony
with our fusing screams
while January winds
gyrate the paper windmill
revealed through the window next to
quivering, pear flavored sheets.

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somebody tell me this is wrong.. - Mood:Good
Monday June 04 20076:14:00 PM |
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I`m so f*cking socially awkward. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 03 20076:37:11 AM |
too f*cking socially awkward even for myself.

i make things awkward. it's what i do.

someone, save me from my stupid awkward self.

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I really want my vagina to bleed. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 31 20073:40:15 AM |
So I can get over feeling like this.

RAWR. Every little f*cking thing is irritating me lately. It's driving me bonkers.

shoooooot me.

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I`m such a loser - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 29 20074:33:15 AM |
hopefully all this U f*cking C education will pay off and make me less loser-eque.

Only time will tell.

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Coachella this weekend! - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 01 20074:20:44 AM |
It was f*cking a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Notable performances:
Rage Against the Machine (of course)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Decemberists
The New Pornographers
Willie Nelson & Family
The Roots
Of Montreal
Chuck Dukowski Sextet

others that aren't as notable:
Manu Chao
The Noisettes
Tokyo Police Club
Nickel Creek
Arctic Monkeys

...and a bunch of others that I can't pull off the top of my head.

F*cking insane/great/amazing weekend.

My friends and I all have different tastes in music so we all were seperated for the most part, but I really didn't mind. the show was great.

Im sore as sh*t though. I have bruises all over my chest and up and down my arms mosh.

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Advice to the living. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 25 20073:01:52 AM |
And those who want to live. I've collaborated some things that I feel can equate a happy and well-lived life. This is just my opinion- and most of them are cliche because..well..they're true.

Not everyone will like you.
You will not like everyone.
Rejection is a part of life.
Don't take things too personally.
Don't be afraid to speak your mind, but try to remain considerate.
If you want something, say so.
Don't be afraid to ask.
Meeting people takes effort.
Fear isn't worth running from, it's easier to just face it. Plus it helps you grow.
Know yourself.
Respect yourself. Respect others.
Love yourself.
Listen closely to what people aren't saying.
Try everything once.
Appreciate the people you love.
Love the people you appreciate.
Be happy.
Be healthy. Exercise.
Spend time in the sun.
Always try to spend at least an hour alone everyday.
Also try to learn something new everyday.
If you feel like doing

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